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Partnerships with Companies from Europe and North America

AROBS has been developing successful partnerships with companies of different sizes and at different stages in their evolution. Both well established brands like GDF Suez, RCS & RDS, and BTicino and startups like 12Snap,, and Tehostaja found in AROBS a reliable associate, who provided them with ongoing support and technical expertise.

The following is only a brief excerpt of a long list of partners and customers that have used our custom software development services, most of them being from Western Europe and the USA. 

For those interested, here is the complete list of countries represented in our customer portfolio: Austria, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA


WindRiver is a world leader in embedded and mobile software with over 3 decades of experience in reasearch and development of embedded devices. AROBS and WindRiver work together on cutting edge embedded application development, such as infotainment systems for autovehicles.

RCS & RDS is a a provider of telecommunication solutions with over 11 years of experience in the field. Recognized as one of the leading providers of integrated telecommunication services, the company serves over 2 million subscribers for all services in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia and Serbia. Currently, there are over 750.000 telephony users for the RDS phone services, 500.000 subscribers have for its Internet services and other 510.000 customers for Digi TV in Romania alone.

For this partner we have implemented a solution that helps them manage the fleet of vehicles used in service activities for satellite dishes. 300 of their vehicles are currently fitted with our system and the number is growing.

This is another partner that requires no introductions. The projects we have developed together with specialists from Oracle Health are mainly for clinical trial management of pharmaceutical products.

Hotelzon, a leading provider of online booking solutions headquartered in Finland, has been our partner for over 8 years, during which our collaboration strengthened and diversified. We currently have over 25 specialists fully allocated to Hotelzon projects and helping them not only with custom software development for them but also with support, testing, and sales activities.

Bticino a division of the Legrand Group, ranks among the most important manufacturers of low-voltage electrical equipment for living, working and production spaces, that integrate solutions for communication (video and audio door entry systems), energy distribution, and for the control of climate and safety, sound distribution, and lighting. AROBS collaborates with Bticino in the development of embedded software for these solutions.

Ouman is a Finnish company that produces solutions for building automation. Its products range from heating regulation systems to air conditioning regulating systems. A frequent winner of distinctions for quality, Ouman was placed 1st in the INNSUOMI regional competition for year 2000 and Ouman's facility automation system was named the building product in Year 2001. AROBS collaborated with Ouman. AROBS helps Ouman development custom software for its building automation solutions.

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