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Customers Speak About AROBS

Jani Kaskinen

CEO, Hotelzon, Finland

"Our collaboration started at the end of 2005 with two AROBS programmers and we currently have over 30 AROBS employees working on our projects. The professionalism and commitment delivered by the AROBS' developers and project management have convinced us to steadily scale up the co-operation.

Despite the sometimes very complex requirements AROBS has always delivered high-quality solutions meeting our standards. AROBS' skilled software developers assigned to our projects are fluent in English and communicate seamlessly with our staff based in Helsinki. On time delivery, clean code, flexibility and geographical proximity are other advantages of the partnership with AROBS.

Given the fruitful co-operation with AROBS over the past couple of years we strongly believe in a long-term co-operation with them and thus decided to invest in AROBS and became a minor shareholder in June 2006. We have no doubts the money has been well invested.

I am happy to give Mr. Voicu Oprean and the entire AROBS team my highest recommendation."

Heidi Hintikka

Quality Assurance Manager, Hotelzon, Finland

“During the past few years, the AROBS testing team has helped us to improve the quality of our application and testing processes considerably due to their professional attitude and skills. Although the requirements are often very complex the team is able to plan and execute the testing based on given documentation and guidelines.

The physical distance adds challenges to our cooperation but still the communication works extremely well both ways. The team is very eager also to share their views and give feedback on the system functions, and in general, which helps us all to improve the overall quality.

We are very happy to have the opportunity to work with such a team of testing professionals!”


Dr. Fredrik Sjöberg

CEO, Omena Hotels, Finland

“AROBS is providing maintenance, technical support and development services for the Omena Hotels reservation system, a fully automated hotel operation software. Omena Hotels has hotels in Finland, Denmark, and Sweden. The reservation system was originally implemented by another service provider in late 2010. AROBS took over the development and maintenance in the beginning of 2012.

The AROBS team has shown an good level of commitment to their work. We will be working closely with AROBS also in the future.”


Burak Sitrava


"Our collaboration with AROBS started in April 2012 with the development of the demo version of our solution for digital learning. A team of 4 to 6 gifted and creative AROBS specialists has been permanently allocated to our project and provided us with software development, QA, testing, and management services. 

This team is expected to grow until the end of 2013 when the development will be accelerated with funds secured as a direct consequence of the quality services we got from AROBS. The thing that impressed us most about these guys was the effort they put into optimizing the system for big numbers of concurrent users and the elegant solution they found to this issue. Availability for phone and video conferences from AROBS has been excellent throughout the project, helping us communicate efficiently and spot issues early in the process. 

I strongly recommend AROBS to anyone seeking quality software development and testing services. The quality/price ratio at AROBS is really high."

Willen Adries Snel

CEO, Lingewoud

"Your work has helped us a great deal in achieving our goals. You help us provide the best possible services to our clients. Without your commitment, creativity, and high standards, we would not be the thriving company we are.” 

Vidar Solli 

Managing Director, Tend AS, Norway

"Back in June 2012 AROBS allocated two developers to our house automation project. The team size was occasionally increased to three people, when we needed a bit of mobile development. By September 2013 the solution reached the Proof of Concept stage and its final release is expected to take place in the near future. The AROBS guys handled project management, software architecture, development, and testing task with utmost professionalism, throughout the entire lifecycle of the project, standing out trough creativity, communication abilities, availability on an as needed basis, the quality of the deliverables, and on-time deliveries. We are really impressed by the way our cooperation with AROBS went and firmly believe we made an excellent choice. I give my highest recommendations for the AROBS team to any company looking for quality software development services."

Sean Lucey

Owner, LM Global Inc.

We started the collaboration with AROBS in early 2012, when we needed additional members to the team of mobile developers allocated to one of our major clients. That first collaboration went extremely well both technically and administratively. The AROBS Team impressed us both with their programming prowess and communication skills, making me confident they would do a really good job on our corporate web site, which they did. I strongly recommend AROBS to anyone in need of a highly committed team of programmers and designers who deliver top quality work on time and on budget. Having worked with Eastern European teams since 1998, I can easily say that AROBS is the best of the best. I would be delighted to receive reference calls from companies evaluating the abilities of the AROBS Teams.

Holger Schuppan

CTO, EFI, US company with a German Subsidiary

"Our 2 year successful collaboration with AROBS Transilvania Software has turned into a highly rewarding ongoing partnership in custom software development.

By making a habit from exceeding our expectations with their professionalism, responsiveness, programming and communication skills, linguistic abilities and cost saving approach, AROBS has definitely provided us with excellent service.

With AROBS as a partner, most of our ideas, regardless of how complex they might have seemed initially, turned into reality. AROBS has been able to implement almost all of our ideas and even to suggest improvements in certain areas.

We highly recommend AROBS Transilvania Software to any company seeking a partner in software development that guarantees the highest level of professionalism, consistency and reliability."

John Richmond

President Randr, Inc, USA

"Randr, Inc. is an IBM Business Partner providing applications to mid-range customers primarily in the US market focused in California. We design, develop, and install application solutions to the distribution, manufacturing, and commercial rental industries.

We currently employ 3 full time AROBS programmers, and often as many as 7 over the last four years.  And, our experience has been excellent to outstanding which is where it currently is...
Most of our AROBS team has been with us for three years and are truly outstanding. Two are among the best I have ever seen. I have excellent designers and business consultants who lay out the designs, which are forwarded to Arobs. We use a weekly conference call to discuss design points and open issues.  Communication is done in English via email, phone, ICQ, and Webx, and is excellent. We have nothing lost in translation: technical or verbal.
I highly recommend Voicu Oprean, and his AROBS team." 

Lucia Morariu

 Executive Director, Eximtur, Romania
"By implementing the solutions developed together with AROBS we succeeded in managing the available offers and offered our resellers an efficient system for making online reservations. But the most important outcome of this collaboration is the doubling in yearly sales it generated in the year of its launch."

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