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Smart meter solution. Nearshore outsourcing project done in Romania. Custom software solution.
Smart meter solution. Custom software project in Romania. Offshore outsourcing to Cluj-Napoca
Smart meter solution. Offshore outsourcing project done in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Smart Meter System

The goal for this project was to develop a software for the GSM modem that reads telemetry data from energy and gas meters and integrates it in a useful web-based user interface that shows exact statistics about power usage on a daily basis as well as the temperatures produced by the heating system. At the center of this architecture is a GSM modem that reads information from a data concentrator device which is connected to multiple meters. The modem then sends the received data to the server, which stores the information in a database and notifies the user of the changes that have occurred via the web portal. Any potential blockage in the modem software can be remedied via SMS commands, which can be sent to the device for resetting it or to set specific data.

  • Customer, Country: Confidential, Romania

  • Application Type: Web

  • Technologies: M-Bus Protocol, Embedded C, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, WCF Services, Silverlight 4.0, ASP.NET

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Automated Fare Collection for Public Transportation

The Automated Fare Collection (AFC) is a turn key solution for public transportation companies that allows the travelers to buy tickets using cash or credit cards. The system also works as an information point and can run various advertising campaigns. AROBS provided both the hardware and the software for this solution. We implemented all the controls and communication components (driver implementation) for the printing machine, bill acceptor, coins acceptor, card reader, AC system, touch screen, web cam. The back office part of the solution includes servers and software (back office services) and enable the full control over and oversight of the AFC system: fare management, media management, reporting.

  • Customer, Country: Iasi City Hall, Romania

  • Application Type: Embedded

  • Technologies: .NET, WPF, WCF

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • Keywords: automated fare collection

House Automation System

The concept we designed and developed with and for our customer includes both hardware and software.Its goal is to protect and secure personal properties by supervising and controlling systems and devices that are likely to cause damage to properties. At the heart of our solution lie a set of sensors, dampers, and a hub that links the controlled systems and devices with the outer world via the Internet or the GSM network. Any danger can thus be detected and triggers an alarm at the appropriate intervention service.

  • Customer, Country: Tend AS, Norway

  • Application Type: Embedded

  • Technologies: ZigBee (ZCL), GPIO, UART, I2C, ThreadX, ASP MVC 4, ASP MVC Web API, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development, Quality Assurance, Software Testing

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • Keywords: house automation, sensors, hub