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Embedded Software Solutions for Automotive Industry

What we do

What we do:

We provide customized hardware and software solutions for a wide range of products in automotive field including Body Control Modules, Gateway ECUs, Door Control ECUs, Car Keys, Instrument Clusters, Head-Up Displays, Secondary Displays, Infotainment Systems and telematics units.

Our SW teams are responsible for basic software layer and device driver development, middleware components and applications development for the most diverse vehicle architectures and OEM strategies.

How we do it

How we do it:

We follow the V-model development process for project management, requirement engineering, SW architecture, code construction, software Integration, software and system Testing, quality management.

Our technical capabilities include: experience with latest Renesas and NXP automotive micro-controllers, experience with a large range of compilers including Green Hills and IAR, applications development in "C" language, experience with Renesas / iSystem emulators and debugging tools, experience with Vector CAN / LIN tools, configuration and integration of OSEK based RTOS, manual / automated software and system testing using IBM RTR/ NI Teststand or custom tools.

We attended various A-SPICE assessments from customers or 3rd party authorities proving a good level of quality.

Our software is compliant with the following industry standards: ISO26262, AUTOSAR, ISO/IEC 15504 and Automotive SPICE.

Our products:

TrackGPS – Fleet management solution

TrackGPS is a tracking and fleet management solution designed for companies that want to improve their activity by reducing the costs of their fleet, regardless of their field of activity. The application collects real-time data from trucks, machinery or small cars on the ground through GPS and generates reports which allow data analysis and comparison in accordance with certain parameters, such as: period, vehicle, division, route, location, speed, fuel consumption, schedule, deviation, car history,etc.

The solution is implemented at over 3,500 customers in Romania, Hungary, Moldova and Indonesia with approximate 50,000 vehicles.

Key features

  • Reducing operational costs of the fleet by 15-25%;

  • Extending vehicles’ lifespan and reducing the wear of fleet through efficient management;

  • Improving driving profile by reducing cases of excessive speed;

  • Reducing fuel costs by detecting and preventing fuel theft/

Advanced Driving Assistant - ADA

ADA is a fully featured real time image recognition software package providing advanced critical traffic event recognition including lane assist, obstacles and road signs detection. The solution is fully customizable and runs on a wide range of hardware platforms.

Key features

  • Road marking detection: lane detection, pedestrian crossing, bicycle track crossing obstacle detection: object identification, object tracking, road signs.

Modular Intelligent Test Bench (MITB)

MITB is our latest test box model designed to perform real-time, scalable, accurate and flexible functional testing of ECUs. It provides a fast signal generation and acquisition capability and a fully integrated test automation framework. MITB aims to significantly simplify the process of testing the ECUs functionalities (in automotive or other industry).

Key features

  • Modular design, up to 31 extensions;

  • Customizable hardware layout, capable of all types of functional testing of automotive ECUs;

  • Automatic Testing framework;

  • Manual-testing using rich GUI application providing various widgets (customizable and extendable);

  • Real-time latency down to 1ms;

  • Vector CANoe integration;

  • Remote accessibility;

  • Self-diagnostic capability;

IOTB-ASM - Ambient Sensor Map

IOTB-ASM is a hardware development board integrating a mix of wireless network interfaces suitable for rapid IoT application prototyping. The solution provides an ambient sensor map application for collecting and displaying sensor data in real time. A typical list of environment parameters includes: temperature, light, humidity, human presence and CO2. A built-in web server enables easy and convenient access to the main board and the raw data.

Key features

  • ZigBee and Bluetooth module;

  • WiFi and Ethernet for Internet connectivity;

  • LCD, Button, LED ;

  • Interfaces for PIR, CO2 Gas, humidity, temperature;

  • Onboard web server .


Simplify your way of parking

Easy Parking is an advanced automatic access control system for parking lots. Our module uses the latest image recognition AI to ensure hassle free and secure parking access. The system can be easily integrated with existing parking system and provides modern mobile and web based remote control administration tools.

Key features

  • Automatic registration plate recognition system;

  • Exterior parking information panel;

  • Integrated web management system;

DPD - Driver Panel Display

DPD is an advanced graphics software solution for high-resolution, high frame-rate and photorealistic vehicle applications. The system uses an advanced partitioning architecture providing high reliability, increased security, and optimum deterministic real-time response.

Key features

  • Driving information;

  • Multi-media information;

  • Communication;

  • Navigation.


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