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Custom Microsoft Solutons from Cluj, Romania. ASP.Net, C#, C++

World class Microsoft.Net, ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, C++, Silverlight, applications and developers.

The excerpt from our portfolio of software projects done on Microsoft platforms illustrates a wide range of application types, industries, and technical know-how. These applications can be found in systems used by companies ranging from small to multinational corporations from the Fortune 500 list.

Building automation, vehicle fleet management, clinical trial management, online hotel booking are only a few of the areas of application for our Microsoft solutions. 


Brief presentations of relevant solutions developed by AROBS in software outsourcing arrangements, using Microsoft technologies.

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Intelligent Building Monitoring

This solution enables remote maintenance and monitoring of building processes (e.g. heating or ventilation) via a rich web interface. Real time information, communication and control on the state and functioning parameters of the devices is possible from virtually any computer with Internet access. The system allows its users to time complex processes precisely (e.g. the air replaced every hour), grant rights to control the processes remotely to maintenance companies, set complex access rights, schedule team members. SMS access to the system has also been implemented, meaning that users can get instant notifications on their mobile phones in case of emergencies, etc

  • Customer, Country: Confidential

  • Application Type: Web

  • Technologies: Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5, WCF Services, Linq, MS SQL Server 2008, Silverlight 3.0

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development, Quality Assurance

  • Keywords: building automation, intelligent building monitoring, processes, real time, heating, ventilation, doors, air, remote, control, schedule, scheduling, sms, mobile, phones

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Web grocery solution. Custom ASP.Net development. Software outsourcing in Romania
Web Grocery Solution

This comprehensive e-commerce solution includes a shop site, and admin site, and system tools for a B2C store that aggregates products from over 100 grocery retailers. Among the main features of the system are site configuration, detail management for products and recipes, an API that provides content to a mobile application (recipe, product, and user information) and enables the management of the same items on both the mobile and web applications. The shopping list on the web versions of the solution is permanently synchronized (identical) with the one on the mobile version. A Web application displays the weekly special offers, coupons, and recipes from member groceries, and allows the users to managing their shopping lists.

  • Customer, Country: Confidential

  • Application Type: Web

  • Technologies: C#, SQL Server 2005 and 2008, Microsoft.Net (3.5), NUnit test, AJAX, JQuery, Moq, MVC

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development, Quality Assurance

  • Keywords: e-Commerce, shop, grocery, site, sysadmin, B2C, tools, recipe, product management, shopping listoffers

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Mobile workforce management. ASP.Net outsourcing project in Cluj-Napoca
Mobile Workforce Management

The solution enables companies to plan critical business processes involving mobile workforce with great efficiency. Such processes may include sending delivery orders to the drivers automatically for fleet management, reporting and order acceptance for field services. The application is perfectly suited for many other business areas such as sales force management, facility management, survey management, cleaning services, time reporting, etc.

  • Customer, Country: Celesta, Finland

  • Application Type: Web

  • Technologies: ASP .NET, C#, Silverlight, Telerik, MS SQL Server, Azure

  • Main Activities: Custom Software Development

  • Keywords: management, mobile, workforce, facility, fleet, acceptance, order, sales force, reporting, cleaning, time reporting, surveys

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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