Life sciences

Since 2008, this area of expertise has become a key business vertical in AROBS. Our expertise in this area is demonstrated by our practical knowledge acquired during the test processes of new medicines, implying clinical aspects, and certain IT components used in the process, moreover the legislation regulating such trials imply.

Areas of application:

  • Clinical trial data management

  • Interactive Voice Response Systems

  • Interactive Web Response Systems

  • Treatment Management


With more than 17 years of experience in travel industry, AROBS has full exposure on a wide range of services and areas in travel sector.

Areas of application:

  • IT Business consultancy

  • Technical expertise

  • Corporate booking automation

  • Sales and Support

  • PCI Compliance & Security Expertise

  • 24h customer support & server support


We help create the next big thing in the automotive industry. We're working on customized hardware and software solutions for a wide range of automotive products. Our teams are developing the whole range of products from basic software layer, device drivers, middleware components to applications for the most diverse vehicle architectures and OEM strategies.

Areas of application:

  • Body Control Modules

  • Gateway ECUs

  • DOOR Control ECUs

  • Car Keys

  • Instrument Clusters

  • Head-up Displays

  • Secondary Displays

  • Infotainment Systems

  • Telematics Units

  • ADAS


AROBS has been implementing home and office automation solutions since 2008, delivering to our customers complex intelligent building monitoring and security systems. With an experience of over a decade in writing code for PLC (Programable Logic Controllers) and custom software development for intelligent building monitoring systems, we can help software houses and hardware manufacturers alike in their endeavors to design and implement effective solutions for automation.


Taking advantage of its 18 years of experience in custom software development and of its extensive involvement in the design and implementation of enterprise solutions, AROBS can provide you the right solution to gain or maintain the competitive edge in today's digital business environment.


Track GPS

TrackGPS is a tracking and fleet management solution designed for companies that want to improve their activity by reducing the costs of their fleet, regardless of their field of activity.


The application offers a 360-degree view of the vehicleís fleet based on more than 80 reports: vehicle tracking reporting, localization, route, speed, dweel-time, road map, daily trip report, route deviation, schedule deviation, speeding, top speeds, hot-spot report, device diagnosis, sensor report, fuel level, fuel supply, driving behavior report, engine status, summary reports, and many others.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries: constructions, logistics & distribution, agriculture, manufacturing, banking & insurance, healthcare, IT & telecommunications, security, as well as local authorities and public sector.

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Ratewizz is a cloud based white label solution that can be integrated with any property management software allowing the hotelier to manage from a central point all channels.


Key features

  • Upload the number of available rooms

  • Upload the price for each room

  • Upload any restrictions that should be applied to reservations

  • Download the reservations created for their hotel in each channel

  • Manage the reservations, rates, availabilities and restrictions from a SINGLE application

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Optimall enterprise mobility solutions enables increased efficiency in the daily operations of the customers and real time access to updated business information.


Key features

  • Optimall SFA - the sales force automation & merchandising solution

  • OptimallMOBInv - the warehouse management solution

  • OptimallBI - Business Intelligence Solution that identifies business potential and turns it into value

  • Optimall Location - a localization solution for Android devices

  • Optimall Delivery - the delivery management solution

  • Optimall Routing - an innovative application for optimizing the sales agentís daily routes and deliveries

Easy Parking

Easy parking is an advanced automatic access control system for parking lots.
Our module uses the latest image recognition AI to endure hassle free and secure parking, granting the access with the scan of the car's license plate.


The systemcan be easily integrated with the existing parking systems and provides modern mobile and web based remote control administration tools.

Key features

  • Automatic registration plate recognition system

  • Exterior parking information panel

  • Integrated web management system

IOTB-ASM - Ambient Sensor Map

IOTB-ASM is a hardware development board integrating a mix of wireless network interfaces suitable for rapid IoT application prototyping.
The solution provides an ambient sensor map application for collection and displaying sensor date in real time.


A typical list of environment parameters includes: temperature, light, humidity, human presence and CO2. A built-in web server enables easy and convenient access to the main board and the raw data.

Key features

  • ZigBee and Bluetooth module

  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet for Internet connectivity

  • LCD, Button, LED

  • Interfaces for PIR, CO2, Gas, humidity, temperature

  • Onboard web server

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