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Online hotel booking. Custom Java outsourcing to Romania
Online Hotel Booking

A turn-key online reservation system for corporations and travel industry professionals, such as travel agencies, reservation companies and travel related portals. Hotelzon is interfaced with most of the really important systems, such as Pegasus (UltraDirect and UltraSwitch), Netbook, Hilton, Premier Inn, Opera, eGate, Airplus, NTC (Nordic Travel Clearing), Microsoft NAV, Elite CRM, Maporama, MyFidelio, MBM, Sonet, SBOUK, Netrans, Interfax, Clickatell, DIBS, HOPS, Opera (ADS and OWS), Travelodge, Carlson, Trust International, Supranational, Hotusa, vPayment, Google Maps, iSOS, RateTiger, WorldTraveler. For additional details on this project please check the case study.

  • Customer, Country: Hotelzon, Finland

  • Application Type: Web

  • Industries: Travel

  • Technologies: Java

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development, Data Migration, Quality Assurance, Software Testing is a highly intuitive, user friendly, multi-language mobile online reservation platform with content in 15 languages and prices in 12 currencies, based on user preferences. We developed a location based solution that provides relevant answers and results to the userwith regard to the selected location. By this we understand that based on user location, different help-desk phone numbers and different payment processors are used to minimise phone call costs and payment processing fees. The design was made and implemented with the variety of handheld devices, resolution types and screen sizes in mind. We have used the native browser localisation capabilities, and Google maps API to identify the hotels that are nearest to the user location. The search starts on the homepage. The location search field is intuitive, giving hints of popular destinations that match the user input as soon as the first 3 letters of the search term are typed. Upon selecting the check-in date, number of days or checkout date, the user is taken to the search results page, where he can redo the search, see the results on map, filter the results, or sort them by price, distance, etc. The hotel details page is comprehensive, and yet fully optimized for mobile devices, including photo Gallery, room type list and prices for the selected period, possibility to modify the stay period on page, to get the different prices, nearby touristic destination, map view, hotel rating and reviews. If the user selects the room type, (s)he is taken to the secure reservation & payment pages. The user also has the ability to manage his reservations (check dates, cancel reservations), view his recently viewed hotels, or make a wishlist with his favorite hotels.

  • Customer, Country: Confidential, Netherlands

  • Application Type: Mobile

  • Industries: Travel

  • Technologies: PHP5, HTML5, Javascript, Jquery

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development, Data Migration, Quality Assurance, Software Testing

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Webcar website. Typo3 outsourcing project in Romania. Custom PHP development
The Webcar website. Custom Typo3 solution developed in Cluj-Napoca. PHP outsourcing
Webcar dashboard. Software outsourcing in Cluj-Napoca.
Add vehicles page in Webcar. Custom development in Cluj-Napoca

Like, is also the result of a big Typo3 development project. Here, users can buy and sell different types of vehicles. Individuals and companies (dealers) have access to different pages and tools. Different package types are available for dealer accounts, offering monthly subscription to powerful selling tools, personal web page inside the platform, a wide range of print templates in PDF format, financial status, a buy credit section, .zip, .xml or .csv backup of all dealers’ vehicles, etc. The users’ inventory can be updated in the import page through HTTP, FTP or synchronizing companies, in two of the following formats: and Zip archives can be inserted (containing .jpg images of users’ vehicles and .csv or .xml files with the complete description of the ads) updating the inventory with possibly hundreds of vehicles in just a few seconds. All users are provided with a dashboard (with short description of all activities and account status) and a stock section where they can manage their entire inventory and perform actions like reserve, activate, view, modify, delete, duplicate, print (pdf), add/change pictures for any vehicle. Options like new, top and colored can be attached to each vehicle. A complex emailing system is build to offer the users up to date information on all operations performed on their accounts.

  • Customer, Country: Webcar, Romania

  • Application Type: Mobile

  • Industries: Travel

  • Technologies: Typo3, PHP

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development, Quality Assurance, Software Testing

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • Keywords: online market, web platform, typo3, buying, selling, cars

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