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The website. Typo3 project with Romanian developers. Offshore PHP outsourcing in Cluj.
The web site.  Nearshore Typo3 development project in Cluj-Napoca. Offshore PHP software outsourcing in Romania.
The website. Typo3 outsourcing project in Romania. Custom PHP solution

This is a dynamic and complex corporate web site, which requires frequent updates and a menu structure with a continuously expanding number of levels. Multiple landing pages with editable content have been designed and implemented for the company's main areas of expertise. Most of the site content can be effortlessly maintained by employees with little or no understanding of Web design and Typo3 development.

  • Customer, Country: AROBS Project

  • Application Type: Web

  • Technologies: PHP, Typo3

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development, Quality Assurance

  • Keywords: content management system, corporate web site, landing pages, editable content, uploaded, uploads, downloaded, downloads

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Job application tool. CodeIgniter project. Romanian developers. Offshore outsourcing in Cluj.
Job application tool project. Nearshore CodeIgniter development in Cluj-Napoca. Offshore software outsourcing in Romania.
Job application tool project. CodeIgniter outsourcing in Romania. Custom solution
Job Application Tool for Facebook

Eksis is an online platform that takes advantage of Facebook to improve the job application process and the user's ability to find the perfect job. This solution puts resume and professional network building at the user's fingetips, who can also control access to the information (s)he posts on the site. Data from the Facebook account is imported directly in the appropriate section of the resume created on the platform and can then be used to apply to jobs posted on the site. Friends from the user's Facebook list can be added to his/her professional network on the platform and invited to register as platform users.Both jobseekers and employees can use the tool to find the most the best person to speak with when looking for a job or for a good job candidate.

  • Customer, Country: HBS, United States

  • Application Type: Web

  • Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, Facebook API, jQuery

  • Main Activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development, Data Migration, Quality Assurance, Software Testing

  • Keywords: Facebook, CodeIgniter, job application tool

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Plumber-management. CodeIgniter project. Offshore PHP outsourcing in Romania.
Plumber-management.  Nearshore CodeIgniter development in Cluj-Napoca. PHP outsourcing in Romania.
Plumber management

Web application used for plumber and location management by civil engineering companies.

  • Customer, Country: Confidential, Finland

  • Application Type: Web

  • Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter

  • Main Activities: Custom Software Development, Software Testing

  • Keywords: plumber, location, management, Web, application

  • Development Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania