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Human Resources Management Package

This is a solution developed by AROBS for internal use that includes the following modules: time-sheet management solution, 180 degree continuous evaluation, and workforce planning and recruitment.


This component has been designed for the continuous 180 degree evaluation. Various evaluation criteria have been stored in the system and can be edited at any time by authorized users. New criteria can be added whenever necessary. The continuous evaluation can be performed at any time, one a small number of criteria. The same criteria can be repeatedly used in the continuous evaluation. A global evaluation is done at predefined time intervals (6 months at AROBS) on all the criteria assessed within the evaluation interval. The final result for each evaluation criterion taken into consideration is the weighted average of all the partial evaluations on that particular criterion.  The users of the solution are structured on levels and can belong to several different levels (e.g. developer and Team Leader). Users on a certain level can only evaluate her subordinates on all levels and the superior on the next level. A specialist’s evolution over time can be easily  monitored with the solution, as can her professional and salary levels.  Reports, notifications, quick editing, notes are all available in the solution.

Timesheet Management

This user friendly component includes a multitude of features such as task & calendar management (for task recording and planning), task export to the Jira or Redmine issue tracking system,  automatic and manual time recording, time-off management, project and task management, team management, location (branch) management, department management, advanced search feature, interactive help, and report generation (per employee, project, and time interval).  Permissions to the application are granted depending on seniority, job title, and role within the team, while the contextual help is both comprehensive and easy to follow. Each action performed by an employee in the system which requires a response from a subordinate triggers the sending of an automatic email to the subordinate.

Workforce Planning and Recruitment

This component relies on pre-programmed workflows of the highest possible complexity and handles recruitment and resource allocation. Resource requests from customers are recorded in the system and met either with local specialists or through recruitment. The status for each request is constantly updated and shown to all parties involved in the process. The workforce planning module enables editing the allocation table per projects and people and can generate various reports.