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Optimall SFA - Proven Productivity Increasing System

Optimall SFA is an IT system that enables distribution or manufacturing companies to improve the effectiveness of their sales agent network. The system is fitted with PDAs (Palm, PocketPC, HTC, Android) and centered around real time data transmission between the field agent to the company’s ERP. When used properly, Optimall can significantly improve the company's bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Download the product presentation:


application/pdf OptimallSFA-product-presentation.pdf

Key Benefits:

  • Increases bottom line;
  • Reduces operating costs;
  • Induces efficiency;
  • Curbs cheating by agents;
  • Provides full control over the sales force.

Versions of Optimall SFA:

  • Optimall Pre-Sales, used by sales agents to take orders in the field;
  • Optimall Van-Sales, useful for companies that are delivering the merchandise on the spot;
  • Optimall Merchandising, useful when collecting information regarding competition and positioning of merchandise on shelves is necessary.

On top of the standard solution, various modules can be added and customized.

Key Facts

  • Fully integrated with over 40 ERP systems such as WinMentor (TH Invest), DistribNet (Junior Soft), ASIS (Alfa Software), Classoft (Classoft), hMarfa (Hamor Soft), WinCiel (Ciel), X5 (Expert), Socrate (BitSoftware), Clarvision (EBS), Navision (Microsoft), etc.;
  • Easily customizable for ERPs currently not on the list;
  • Compatible with Android, iPhone OS and Windows Phone;
  • Over 300 satisfied customers in Romania alone and their list is rapidly expanding.

You can use Optimall SFA to:

  • Optimize of the daily activities for the entire distribution chain;
  • Coordinate the sales/merchandising workforce;
  • Increase sales and merchandising agent efficiency;
  • Automate data transfer processes, thus reducing human errors;
  • Gather information about competitors' products;
  • Enable mobile agents to exchange data in real time with the company's ERP;
  • Generate various types of sales reports.