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SMSGun - Professional SMS Sender vis Bluetooth or Infrared

SMSGun is an IT solution used to send SMS messages (Short Message Service) via infrared or bluetooth with a phone connected to the computer through a data cable. 

The solution addresses the need of companies that wish to rely on SMS, one of the most effective means of communication, to provide their customers and prospects with valuable and up to date information.

SMSGun is an effective choice for SMS based marketing programs consisting of brief messages sent periodically to inform customers and prospects on promotional offers, new products, events, and other issues of interest to them.

Features and Benefits:

  • replacing costly traditional marketing campaigns, that proved less effective in reaching a potential customer than an SMS message;
  • speeding up marketing campaigns;
  • easy to use by any experienced computer user;
  • automatic data import from MS Excel tables or CSV files;
  • automatic report generation upon SMS sending;
  • the possibility to resume the SMS sending process in case of undesired interruptions occur;
  • compatibility with a wide array of phone brands and models.





Hardwarea & Software Requirements

  • a mobile GSM phone compatible with SMSGun
  • a data cable (USB / serial) compatible with your phone
  • a personal computer with the following recommended minimum configuration:
  • Pentium II processor (500 Mhz)
  • a USB port available for the application
  • Windows98/NT/2000/ME/XP operating system
  • 50 MB of free space on the hard drive

All  phones that meet ETSI standards are compatible with SMSGun:

  • GSM ETSI 7.05 - Use of Data Terminal Equipment - Data Circuit terminating; Equipment (DTE - DCE) interface for Short Message Service (SMS) and Cell Broadcast Service (CBS)
  • GSM ETSI 7.07 - AT command set for GSM Mobile Equipment (ME).

SMSGun has a demo version and a licensed version.

The only limitation of the demo version is that it can only send 10 SMS messages in one session. To get the licensed version one has to purchase a USB SMSGun stick which includes an installation kit or send an email to marketing at arobs dott  com. Upon installing the application, one can run it as long as the stick is introduced in one of the available USD ports of the computer.

To send SMS messages:

  • connect the phone to the computer and initiating the search for the phone just connected;
  • upload a list of contacts (e.g. a list saved in an Excel file);
  • prepare the content of the template message, based on the existing information, and then generating the custom SMS messages;
  • send the custom SMS to a list uploaded in step 2 or previously saved in the SMSGun application.