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About: 5 pages
1: Home 81%
  ... Message*: Software Outsourcing AROBS is a Romanian provider of software outsourcing and custom software development to any... Find more Cloud Services Cloud Computing, A Must For Successful Enterprises Find more QA & Testing High End Quality Assurance and Testing Services Find more AUTOMOTIVE ...
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3: Fashion Innovation Week -Institutional Outreach Da... 69%
  ...   Lucian was invited by our customer Davide Villa, CPO, iCTO & Head of Company Dev, JobCloud , to speak to those who attended the event about how they managed to build up a fruitful ... for the success of the project.    "There followed a discussion with Davide Villa of JobCloud and Lucian Mihai Ciot of SC AROBS Transilvania Software SA, who have provided outsourced software development for Job
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4: IoT, an ecosystem waiting for explorers 60%
  ... , V irtual Assistants & Chatbots .   Among exhibitors, we mention T-Systems , Actility , Pentaho , A Hitachi Group Company , AAEON Europe , Cloudera and so many others. You can see the entire list with over 200 exhibitors here .     AROBS interests are Machine Learning , bots , Deep ... Germany Sigfox .   IoT & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) made a point on how to protect sensitive data saying that data in an IoT
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6: Security is the new black 59%
  ... May Event will cover several Information Security Topics such as: Application Security - Attacks, Penetration Testing; Access Management; Cloud Security and others. Schedule 17:00-17:30 Welcome participants & coffee break 17:30-18:00 Say hi - who's who - 1-2 mins self presentation (or ...
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7: About 55%
  ... as travel, automotive, home automation , and life scienes, IoT, enterprise application , with advanced and effective web, mobile, embedded, and cloud solutions, fully featured IT systems , and IT products .     Since our inception in 1998, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, we have been combining ...
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Careers: 1 page
2: Vacancies 72%
  ... experience in Java Familiar with Spring framework Able to work with a non-multitenant application architecture Previous experience in cloud programming for one of the cloud service providers like Amazon or Blue Box is a plus, accompanied by know-how on application clustering and horizontal scaling techniques ...
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Portfolio: 1 page
5: Web 60%
  ... Portfolio Projects Case Studies Customers Products > Projects By Industry By Business Area By Technology By Type > By Type Web Mobile Embedded Cloud Open Source Machine to Machine > Web Request info First name:* Last name:* Email:* Phone: Subject: Message*: Projects Projects Platform for ...
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