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Automatic Systems for Building Control and Security, Ticket Collection

The successful implementation of complex intelligent building monitoring and security systems depends largely on the quality of the software that controls their networked electronic devices.

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With an experience of over a decade in writing code for programmable logic controllers (PLC) and custom software development for intelligent building monitoring systems, AROBS can help software houses and hardware manufacturers alike in their endeavors to design and implement effective solutions for automation.

While working on a complex and resource intensive building automation system (BAS), our specialists become fully accustomed with the business logic and components of the typical distributed control system used in modern buildings. They can now easily program the BAS core functionality, which monitors and controls the building's mechanical and lighting systems.

Keeping the building climate within precise limits, adjusting lighting and heating according to the occupancy schedule, monitoring system behavior, detecting device failures, and providing email and/or SMS notifications to building engineering staff can be easily accomplished with the quality custom software solutions provided by our specialists.

An indirect benefit of fitting a building with a well designed and programmed BAS is the significant reduction in carbon emissions versus those of a building without such a system. 

We started implementing solutions for home and office automation in 2008, with the intelligent building monitoring project, which enables remote maintenance and monitoring of building processes (e.g. heating or ventilation) via a rich web interface and continued with the house automation solution, which includes hardware and software that supervise and control systems and devices that are likely to cause damages to properties. Another illustrative house automation project includes a Web client used to control the automation systems in the house (e.g. lights, entrance and garage doors, electric switches, video surveillance system, heating system, air conditioning system, alarm system).

The Main Challenges

We frequently faced a low acceptance rate of home automation solutions due to their price tag, the difficult installation, the unfriendly interfaces, and the difficult customization. Using QR Codes and RFID readers to identify different external devices on the main root device, relying on simple wireless modules with low power consumption, on intelligent design and a common language to interact with the clients, and on predefined programs and templates that can be used by each individual client for monitoring different situations alleviated the problems.

Industry Expertise Required

A deep understanding of real customer needs, of the information flow within the system, of how to design them for maximum efficiency and how to apply artificial intelligence in home automation so that devices do not become too difficult to use are the main benefits we drew.

Technologies and Team

Technologies: ZigBee (ZCL), GPIO, UART, I2C, ThreadX, ASP MVC 4, ASP MVC Web API, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server,  WPF, WCF, .NET, Silverlight, Visual Studio, PHP, C++

Project sizes: man years

Team size: over 20 specialists

Types of Customers

Our projects for house and office automation have been done either for software houses or for end customers ranging from startups to multinationals.

Choosing an experienced company like ours as your software development partner for a BAS project can make a real difference if developing a foolproof monitoring system, going green, and undoing the damage inflicted on the Earth by the last generations are on your agenda.