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Broad Range of First Class Financial Software

With the Internet becoming the true hub for financial transactions and information searches, AROBS has acquired valuable expertise as a custom developer of software solutions for online banking and financial information management on mobile devices. 

Insurance claim management and application programming interfaces between ERP and accounting systems are other types of financial software we have extensive experience with.

The most complex and labor intensive financial solution we have been working on is an e-banking portal for corporate customers which features a comprehensive list of e-banking features, such as domestic and international payment transactions, balance and transaction reporting (BTR), cash management, securities management. 

The solution is geared towards major banks, which offer comprehensive portfolios of services to their corporate customers. By combining disparate systems in a single, coherent application, the e-Banking portal brings significant cost cuts for system operation, maintenance and support to its users. This is one of the few e-banking systems designed with the international business in mind, supporting many domestic and international e-banking standards for security and transmission procedures and formats.

A second example of a complex financial solution developed by our specialists is a scalable software product for claim management in all life insurance product lines. Listed next are a few of the application's most significant features:
parameterized claim handling rules and taxation tools, which enable fast adaptation to changes in the operational environment;

  • management of all types of life insurance claims - from pension pay-outs to lump sum compensations with several beneficiaries and multiple payees;
    best practices and proven methods lists, compiled from various markets and multiple organizations;
  • seamless connections to all policy management processes;
  • automated processes for handling pension, death and maturity claims, which reduce the need for manual claim handling; 
  • flexible as far as reactions to changes in tax legislation are concerned;
    easy insertion of country specific tax rules when entering into a new market area;
  • ready-made country packages, which ensure fast localization;
  • support for a full audit trail. Users may view version history, policy level history and claim action logs.