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Professional Solutions for the Logistics Industry

As a provider of IT solutions to over 500 customers all over Romania, most of them from the wholesale sector, AROBS has "stolen" the secrets of their trade and become familiar with a wide variety of business software solutions. This expertise proved really useful when developing a complex warehouse management application. 

The solution targets companies that operate one or multiple warehouses and is web-enabled, has been designed to enhance business management and planning, holds the data in a single place, on a main server (Windows NT/2000, AS/400), offers any employee with the proper permissions access to the data from any computer connected to the Internet, through a web browser. 

The application stores data on business partners (customers, suppliers), warehouses (products, inventory, stocks), sales orders, purchase orders, taxes for sales orders, and management documents (invoices, reception, pick, ship notes), processes payment data (moves the paid amounts to Journals and Accounts Payable), invoice data (moves the invoice amount to Journals and Accounts Receivable), posts the Journals to the General Ledger, and generates reports automatically (General Ledger account notes, account balances, Inventory, Payments and cash receipts, sales and purchase orders).

Among the future enhancements planned for the solution is the adjustment of the query and reporting modules to give access to a registered business partner (customer or supplier) information on order status, payments and dues status, product prices and availability in the warehouse inventory.