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High Visibility Across Sales Websites for Hoteliers

Promoting their offers through a few additional sales channels can make the difference between bankruptcy and hefty profits for hotel owners. With this idea in mind, AROBS has been proposing its solutions to both software houses and hotels in search of effective channel management software.

One illustrative example from this category of applications is a product we have developed with a partner software house, which lets its users display room rates and availability information on the sales websites of their choice. Thus, customers can manage the exposure of their hotels to Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and travel agencies. Our channel management solution automatically aggregates and updates room availability, rates, and bookings in real time, making separate adjustments on individual channels unnecessary.

All this up to date information is also fed directly into the hotel Property Management System (PMS) from all the sales channels the customer subscribed to, eliminating the need for manual data entry. 

The channel management solution offers full control on room availability through certain channels at certain moments of time. This enables the customers to sell as much as they can on the most profitable channels first and only then move on to the next groups of channels. This entire process can be programmed to run automatically, based on the algorithm provided by the customer.

The channel manager is interfaced with, Expedia,, Hotelzon, Tripadvisor, SynXis, Venere.