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Integration Testing Guaranteed to Make Processes Run Smoothly

Integration testing follows unit testing and precedes system testing in the software testing process. At this stage, the individual modules that have undergone unit testing are integrated into groups and tested to make sure the errors or bugs caused by the integration are eliminated. Integration testing deals with the integration of processes in the system and not with the system as a whole and delivers as its output the integrated system. 

Integration testing verifies functional, reliability, and performance requirements placed on major groups of units. This is basically a black box testing done through the interfaces of these groups. 

The three prerequisites to a successful integration testing - the test plan, test cases and test data - are created at AROBS by professionals with extensive experience and a proven track record spanning years of experience and diverse areas of application. 

We make our integration test plans effective by including in them at least the following components: 

  • The strategy to be used for testing the integrated modules;
  • A clear guide that explains how to run the tests;
  • The components to be tested (e.g. software features);
  • Roles and responsibilities in the testing time;
  • The project timeline and time management strategies;
  • Testing pass and fail conditions;
  • The risks involved;
  • The approval schedule.

 Many more elements can be included in the plan, depending on the peculiarities of the testing project under consideration. We prepare these plans together with the customers and make them as comprehensive as possible but even so changes are often required to address unforeseen issues. Test cases are created to make sure the integrated modules are producing the expected output and are working according to the functional specifications. These cases check all inputs and outputs in the integrated modules, covering all the aspects agreed upon by the client and AROBS. If written and run correctly, the test cases will detect all the errors introduced in the integration phase. Large software applications require various test cases to test their separate sections. The Integration Test Data is data used in test cases to test the integrated modules. The AROBS specialists have been applied extensively different types of integration testing, such as big bang, top-down, bottom-up, collaboration integration, backbone integration, layer integration, and client-server integration.

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