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Testing the Entire System

At this stage we test the software system or application as a whole to assess its compliance with all the indicated business, functional, and non-functional requirements. Software design and behavior and client expectations are taken into account to identify bugs and non-compliance within interfaces and the entire software system. The software application architecture is also checked and approved at this stage. 
The AROBS specialists perform system testing on a staging environment that is very similar to the production environment where the final software will be installed, based on Functional Specification(s) and/or System Specification(s), using a combination of the following types of testing:

  • Usability testing;
  • User interface testing;
  • Compatibility testing;
  • Software performance testing;
  • Volume testing;
  • Load testing;
  • Stress testing;
  • Exception handling;
  • Scalability testing;
  • Security testing;
  • Smoke testing;
  • Exploratory testing;
  • Sanity testing;
  • Ad hoc testing;
  • Regression testing;
  • Installation testing;
  • Recovery testing and fail-over testing;
  • Accessibility testing.

System testing is performed when all the components of the developed software are completed, integrated, and individually tested, and uses as input all these components. 

  • System testing can be started when all the following prerequisites are met:
  • A fully developed software system;
  • Completed unit testing;
  • Completed integration testing;
  • The presence of a software testing environment that simulates the production environment accurately (the staging environment).

 Stages of system testing: 

  1. Development of the system test plan;
  2. Writing the system test cases;
  3. Putting together the test data;
  4. Preparing automated test cases (if necessary);
  5. Running the test cases;
  6. Bug repair and regression testing;
  7. Repeating the software test cycle if necessary, in a different environment.


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