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GPS Fleet Management Solution

TrackGPS is one of the SE European leading fleet management platforms, providing a wide range of solutions for vehicle tracking and management. A platform through which you will receive automated reports, generate data for complex situations and analyze the daily or monthly activity of the monitored vehicles.

The TrackGPS application provides complete access to information about your fleet and custom developed solutions for all industries such as Driving Behavior, Driver Communication, Fuel Consumption, Route Optimization or Electronic Toll Collection system.

Already Romania’s #1 fleet management solution, TrackGPS is successfully implemented to over 4,000 customers, monitoring over 48,000 vehicles daily.


  • 20% lower costs
  • 25% less fuel consumption
  • 40% increase in productivity
  • 70% improvement on driving style
  • 100% return on investment
     in less than 6 months after implementation

What do we offer?

  • Real time data of Location and Status
  • Real time alerts and notifications
  • Complete view of your Fleet Operations and associated costs
  • Complete environment for Safe, Secure and Efficient Fleet
  • Flexible system and more control

Why TrackGPS by AROBS Transilvania Software?

  • 10+ years expertise in vehicle telematics
  • Experience in wireless communication, embedded systems, web and internet technologies
  • End-to-end customized telematic solutions
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Mobile apps
  • In-house software design and development
  • Flexible license model

TrackGPS Fleet Management platform is a highly scalable solution available in 6 different languages: English, Romanian, Russian, Indonesian, Hungarian and French. It comes in a SaaS version and supports different GPS hardware trackers, open for integration with other systems through dedicated API.

The flexible design covers all type of businesses, from various areas like public services, banking, courier services, emergency services, logistic and transportation, constructions and many more, that want to optimize their activity and reduce costs.

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