Big Data Music Publishing Management System

Unquestionably, music has a huge impact on people’s lives. Influencing the industry that affects the daily lives of the global population was as challenging, as it was a great source of pride.

Our work consisted in creating a global publishing system – together with our partner – that brings improved business functionality and efficiency to the music industry. It also facilitates business transformation and further centralization of some core business functions, such as songs management, contract briefing, copyright, registration, portal, royalty processing and tracking/reporting.

Business challenge

The challenge was to replace an old and obsolete publishing system that was suffering of decentralized and low-quality data. Thus we decreased the processing time and increased efficiency while working with multi-terabyte of data.

Also, on the people level, the biggest challenge was to harmonize the work of developers from different continents and physically gather them for the intense research phase of this project.

The output was a cutting edge, truly singular system that revolutionized music publishing.

AROBS Approach

We approached the challenge with incredible focus on research,  since the music industry was a domain where AROBS did not have previous experience. Together with our partner, we held intense meetings to analyze flows and the specificity of the industry. We were searching for blind spots where huge improvements were possible.

This approach allowed the team to transform the software developers into experts of the industry. Hence, they were able to increase overall efficiency and achieve an  18-fold improvement time-to-production.


Since users are spread all around the world, it was important to have a robust system that is highly available and easily accessible. Therefore, the team used leading approaches like cloud-native solutions on AWS.

To ensure the persistence of the system, we used Cassandra – a distributed and fault-tolerant technology.

Other technologies used include: Cloud Foundry, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Angular, Node.JS, HTML5, CSS3, responsive design.

Benefits and impact

The revolutionary system

  • reduced time-to-production for new functionalities from 3 months to 5 days;
  • generates data that feeds over 2 million pages of PDFs each quarter;
  • can deal with a data increase of 1+ TB/year;
  • centralized data for a faster and more accurate reporting;
  • optimized data structures and modification tracking to simplify future audits;
  • decreased response time to user actions and needs;
  • operates with multi-terabyte of data in ways never seen before in the music industry.

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