Corporate Hotel Booking Solution

Travelport Hotelzon is a leading corporate hotel booking company offering booking services and hotel distribution technology to corporate clients, hotels and agency partners. Travelport Hotelzon has an extensive customer base – over 500,000 corporate customers all around the world, and the world’s biggest travel agencies.  It serves the entire business travel industry, having a unique business model merging both travelers’ and companies’ wishes. The company is  headquartered is in Langley, UK, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Travelport.

Travelport Hotelzon’s hotel booking solution provides efficient tools for simplifying the booking process, implementing company travel policy, and control functions with real time reporting. For hotels and agency partners, it offers a suite of hotel distribution technology and services ranging from direct sales tools such as an online booking engine through to GDS distribution.

The platform fulfills and is certified according to the highest PCI level. Compliance with PCI standards helps to alleviate vulnerabilities in the card-processing ecosystem, including mobile devices, computers and servers, and protect cardholder data.

The Travelport Hotelzon International Group has twelve subsidiaries – UK, Finland, Sweden, Romania, France, Poland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Germany.

Business Challenge

Business travelers are increasingly adopting a leisure travel mindset when booking their corporate travel and want to be able to book via consumer-grade apps while on the move. The development of a new generation version of Travelport Hotelzon app came as a need to fill the gap between corporate and leisure booking experience. The new generation architecture and design was decided in correlation with continuous delivery principles. It’s more intuitive, responsive and user-oriented, making it easier to search and book a hotel directly from their mobile.

Another challenge is to completely migrate the current generation functionalities to a new generation platform. Furthermore, the migration of both current generation and next generation servers to Amazon represented a challenge.


Dynamic hotel search was a major release, involving new technical solutions and technologies for reducing UI response time  to half and a better user experience. Static hotel contents are directly displayed and prices are dynamically updated based on suppliers’ responses.

Hotelzon API (hAPI) is an interface through which 3rd party service providers can utilize Hotelzon content and booking capabilities within their own system’s user interface. The latest version allows the sending of a PNR record locator during booking flow, offering the possibility for our clients to link the same reservation with their air and car reservations in Travelport GDS.


  •       JavaScript
  •       Java
  •       Elastic Search
  •       Spring Boot
  •       Spring MVC
  •       Spring Data
  •       Hazelcast
  •       OAuth2
  •       Angular JS
  •       HTML 5
  •       Foundation
  •       Node.js


  •       Postman
  •       SoapUI
  •       Karma
  •       Protractor
  •       Selenium
  •       Zaproxy


  •       Jenkins
  •       Maven
  •       Gradle
  •       Sonar
  •       Ant


  •       Azure
  •       Couchbase
  •       Docker
  •       Git
  •       Rabbitmq
  •       Putty

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