Integrator for Online Travel Agencies

Channel Manager is a software solution that actively manages hotel exposure to online travel agencies, such as, Expedia, SynXis, Best Western and any other similar platforms. It offers the capability to control rates and availability from a single real-time source. It also provides integration with property management systems so that the bookings, regardless of the sources, are sent directly to them.

The Channel Manager distributes the hotels live inventory to a wide range of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Global Distribution System (GDS) with minimum effort and cost.

It streamlines the channel management process by allowing you to control rates and availability from a single real-time source, removing the requirement for room allotments and manual adjustments on an individual channel basis.

Business Challenge

The large range of products that cover PMS, online bookings, CRS, channel distribution, digital marketing, PCI compliance and POS systems leads to different challenges. During the development process, we started using Agile, moved to cloud and implemented continuous integration, continuous delivery, while constantly using the latest technologies.

Through several technical, as well as mindset changes, we came to the performance of managing various channels, hotels, RMSes and more than 15,000 reservations a day.


Our collaboration with the client has been active for more than 18 years now, so we can say that the results of our work can identify with their success. Nevertheless, our technical and business expertise has contributed to the increased value of the company on the market, which was acquired a fiew years ago by a large market stakeholder and evaluated at more than 70 million euros.


  •       Junit
  •       Mockito
  •       Powermock
  •       Struts2
  •       AzureDevOps
  •       Octopus
  •       Java8
  •       Wildfly14
  •       SQLServer
  •       REST
  •       Insights

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