Forestry Software Solution (Finland) – The “green lung” of Northern Europe

The Forestry Software Solution means the creation of a platform provides improved efficiency, better visibility and control at each stage of the forest lifecycle. The cicle is more efficient: from forest to mill and from land acquisition to product delivery in order to support responsible forestry. The forestry management solution offers cloud-based data, collaboration and workflow automation services to forestry professionals and forest planning experts.

Small and medium-sized forestry companies in Finland use the solution. It has a centralized management environment for the various functions of forest planning in a modern user interface. It facilitate the update of the customer forest plans and forest stand data.

The software's functions imply:

  •       maintaining user accounts and customer data
  •       planning forestry work and cuttings
  •       managing harvesting service logistics
  •       update customer forest plans and forest stand data
  •       allows for geographic information-based forest plan and work site maps through     integrated map system
  •       laser scanning for forest asset data collection
  •       forest growth calculation models to help determine the need for cuttings.

Business Challenge

One of the objectives of the project was and is to integrate as many as  possible of the older applications that were in use by some of the clients of our partner. An important focus was the improvement of user experience, in particular by reducing response time, improving filters and guidance messages or alerts. A great emphasis was also put on the customization of customer-specific functionalities, the improvement of the support process and on the development of integration. This would allow better integration between the various companies’ products that help carry out the client’s activities.


We also made technical changes that place us in a better position in terms of market requirements, added new functionalities and support for the entire forestry management solution.
The main technologies used in the development of the project were:

  • AngularJs
  • Typescript
  • RxJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Lodash
  • ag-Gri

Benefits and impact

The created web-based platform created has become a valuable instrument for responsible and controled forestry. It’s increased responsiveness. The user experience improved the workflow that helps for a better time management. The development of new functionalities continued and the project currently has a number of tools that allow a better approach to the market.

The software is a complete solution that integrates the entire activity process of any forestry company. As a web-based service, it can be scaled anywhere in the world in the industry.

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