Romanian IT market growth, over 6% of the national GDP

Romanian IT

Romanian IT market growth, over 6% of the national GDP

In the last few years, Romanian IT has experienced a spectacular market growth. Now, along communication technology it reaches over 6% of the national GDP. All this concentrate in 10 cities in the country.

Cluj-Napoca market development in Romanian IT

Among them, Cluj-Napoca is representing the most dynamic part of the market. Initially it stayed in other cities shadow making good use of their example, and now it is a real challenge for the leader, Bucharest. It even managed to surpass it, at software development services (63,1% of Cluj companies have this type of activity).

From 2011 to 2016, the number of IT companies in Cluj had a growth of over 75% and it managed to multiplicate 4 times the turnover value. Not only that their economic status had evolved in a good manner, but this influenced the entire community by raising the economics and proving modern solutions.

Cluj also embraces the international market by outsourcing and because of that it is only natural that the subject trending is part of the worlds most demanded solutions, like: virtual reality, artificial intelligence and devices data communication.

Growth, opportunities, risks

This type of growth has also its drawbacks. For example, increasing the company size requires new skilled people to be employed, and so the staff turnover can appear. There are even people that come from other domains of activity because of the market opportunities. Only 20% of the working staff represents people at the first job. The reason behind this is that the young IT generation lacks soft-skills like communication, good teamwork, pleasant character. And the complexity of the projects requires a high set of skills.

On the other hand, the flexible working hours, the competitive salary, the company preoccupation for the employees, the available time for personal care and the career opportunities offered by companies are the main things that attracts people and motivate them to develop a business behavior.

Altogether, we can see that Cluj-Napoca is one of the most dynamic Romanian IT hub in a booming market. Cluj-Napoca is AROBS birthplace. And manages to appropriate the image attributes of a successful programmer and a solution provider.

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SwimCup by AROBS

swimCup banner

Swim Cup by AROBS

Club Sport Active Swim invites the youngest people of Cluj-Napoca to join us at SwimCup by AROBS.

We will make waves on February 16, at 10 o’clock! Also, the organisers will prepare surprises for all participants!

Active Swim and AROBS thank those who support us in organizing this contest: County School Inspectorate, Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Babes-Bolyai University.

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AROBS was the ideal software partner for a multi-year project

software partner

You have found your ideal software partner for your project

Our partner and collaborator is a global software development company headquartered in New York. For their project, AROBS was the ideal software partner.

Our client has offices in the US, Europe and South America.  INC 5000 listed them more than 7 times as one of America’s fastest growing private companies.

The Lead Software Architect of our client, about our collaboration as software partners: 

“AROBS was the ideal partner for a multi-year project. We build a legacy replacement project for a major global music publishing system. The complexity of the business domain along with the technical complexities of moving a mainframe enterprise system to a cloud-native platform required a team that could take ownership of the vision. And at the same time, to be a true partner at every level.”

Some of our industry-changing projects are proof of our quality as software partner

The complexity of the project  gave birth to problem-solving strategies. Even in this technology driven era of communication, our teams got together periodically for a better understanding of the challenges of the industry. So they developed the best possible solutions.

“We had a global team of peers working together to solve difficult problems from development to QA to DevOps, to design/architecture and project management. The success of the project is a confirmation of the skills and dedication of the entire team.”

Our collaboration continues with even more ambitious projects in the near-future.

AROBS is one of the most important Romanian IT outsourcing and software company and a reliable partner for software services for industries as competitive as Automotive, Travel & Hospitality, IoT, Life Sciences and Enterprise Solutions. AROBS grew to an extended team of 950+ colleagues and collaborators in three continents. Software services are rooted in the heart of Romania and our DNA.