AUTOSAR compliance


The AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) standard is a worldwide development partnership that aims to establish an open and standardized software architecture of Electronic Control Units (ECUs).  It opens opportunities for innovative automotive electronic and software systems that improve performance, safety, and environmental compatibility. 

AUTOSAR Benefits

The greatest benefits of using the AUTOSAR standard are standardization, re-usability of the software components and scalability

Through these the stakeholders save important time and money. Furthermore, it brings higher performance.

The newness it brings is in its layered architecture. The impact of any change in the processes is minimal. Classically, any change in the process required changes in all interconnected areas. With the layered architecture of AUTOSAR any change impacts only the layer is directly connected with. Thus, other layers are intact.

Supposedly there is a need to add a new software component. Using the standard, the focus will only be on implementing the inside algorithm, without having to adapt to the OEM environment.

Moreover, the software is completely independent of the hardware. Consequently, the software components don’t need to be redeveloped in accordance the underlying hardware component. Hence, these can be used again.

Read a comparison of using and not using this standard here.

Certainly, our software follows the AUTOSAR standard.

AUTOSAR Capabilities:

Classic Platform

Modules: Rte, Os, Dem, Dcm, Com, Nvm, Fee, CanIF, CanTP, PDUR, GPT, LIN, drivers

Tools:  Custom AUTOSAR configuration tools, EB Tresos Studio, Vector DaVinci, AUTOSAR Builder

Project experience: Body Controllers (BCMs), Car Access ECUs, Gateways, Drivetrains, Infotainment, Automotive radar sensors, Keys, Instrument clusters

Also, AROBS internal trainings on automotive cover basic and medium know-how on this standard.

We provide customized software, hardware, mechanical design solutions and system testing for the most diverse vehicle architectures and OEM strategies.

What about Electric Vehicles? Read more here.

Find out more about what we do when it comes to automotive engineering, here.

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