AROBS X-Man Romania – the 10th anniversary edition

AROBS X-Man Romania

AROBS X-Man Romania - the 10th anniversary edition

AROBS X-Man Romania is the oficial sponsor of this year’s most complex sports competition. The contest will take place in Oradea on the 1st of June and reunites sportsmen, passionate amateurs and also children.

A complex competition

AROBS X-Man Romania is one of the most strongest competition that challenges the sports passionates. It’s organised by Sports Club Xterra Sport Bihor in partnership with the Romanian Thrialton Federation. Furthermore, the Oradea City Hall offers support and AROBS Transilvania Software is naming partner.

The contest has various categories, dedicated to individuals, company teams and even to families. In other words, anyone who wants to test their personal limits regarding body endurance and mental focus can try their luck. Most importantly to mention, the categories include long distance races of 42 and 21 km for swimming, cycling and running.

You can read more about them here:

Going international

This year the organizers expect participants from countries like Hungary, The Republic of Moldova, Slovenia, Croatia, France and even Australia. The competition takes place in close locations in Oradea. For instance, the swimming part will be on a artificial lake outside the city, the bycicle ride on the near hills and the run in the historic centre (main square and streets).

Above all, AROBS is proud to announce that two of our colleagues, Trella Tamas and Ferenc Kiss represent us in the competition. They are active participants in this kind of competitions, therefore we hope for a place on the podium.

Furthermore, as the main sponsor we offer a special prize in the competition. The contest will also have a live transmision during the day, so that you can follow the participants results.

Our company culture supports communities and sports, as well as a balanced work-personal life, encouraging our employees to have an active lifestyle.

Shakira – the electric car

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electric car
electric car prototype

Shakira - the electric car with the moves

No, Shakira hasn’t released a new song, it’s just the nickname of our Embedded C interns latest prototype of an electric car. Did we mention that she really has the moves?

The challenge

On the 18th of March, 6 Embedded C interns were having their first official tour on their first day in AROBS. Our Automotive department, represented by the SMART team, took them under its protective wing.

Their challenge: create a mobile device (a small robot very similar to a toy car) that actually moves and detects obstacles manually or autonomous. In other words, a kind of electric car on a small scale, built with the help of Embedded C technology.

Challenge accepted!

“We used this theme before for a similar project. But the difference is on the implementation part. We want them to see how we plan activities just like real developers do, in real projects. Furthermore, they use Jira for tasks so they get used to this planning tool, AGILE methodology and SCRUM framework. In addition to that they get familiarized with the recruiting process. We help them update their CV after the internship and get valuable advice about how to presents themselves at an interview.”, tells us Casiana Baciu, one of the mentors

The product release

8 weeks of AROBS office life, two beer nights, one charity marathon and a lot of work later, the moment to release the electric car came. Both teams did a great job and made an impressive and captivating presentation of their projects. As a result, the AROBS robots collections has now two new stars: a 2.0 Tesla and “Shakira”- the new Dacia electric car that not only moves, but has THE moves!

“The AROBS internship was the best professional experience for me, so far. I had so much support from the coordinating team, I was welcomed by such a friendly atmosphere which actually makes you want to go to office with a good vibe every day. If you read this and you think of applying for a internship, just do it! There are so many cool people to meet, so many stories to find out and most importantly, so much to learn. Take the chance!”, told us Călin Tacea, one of our Embedded C interns.

The release of the electric cars prototypes was accompanied by the whole team of mentors, a lot of emotions and laughter. Especially, because the interns took us by surprise with a video that briefly describes their experience with the AROBS internship.

You can watch the video on our Youtube channel here.

“We are impressed by the maturity, responsibility, inventivity and implication they show.”, sais Rupi Sarolta, one of the mentors, former intern herself at one point.


Wanna live the AROBS internship experience? Look for an opportunity here:

Autonomous Driving Vehicles trends discussed at ISEF Chișinău

Autonomous Driving Vehicles trends discussed at ISEF Chișinău

Autonomous driving vehicle

Autonomous driving vehicles trends discussed @ISEF Chișinău

Mihai Gorgos and Andrei Bragarenco, from AROBS Software Chișinău, spoke about autonomous driving vehicles trends, at ISEF 2019, on 15-16th of May, in Tekwill.  Furthermore, the panel gathered specialists from the engineering industry. Most importantly, the topics present in the discussions nowadays are new ways of developing products adapted to the trends and the rising need for a qualified workforce.

The event unfolds for two days and brings together powerful local companies in the automotive and engineering niche. They have the chance to meet talented people with the potential of developing a career in the industry.

Autonomous Driving Race

Due to the high demand of the industry regarding qualified engineers, the event also hosts a competition for young talents. The Engineering Club Micro Lab is the official organizer. Furthermore, the challenge for the participants is to execute the proposed tasks while applying „Autonomous Driving (ADAS)” principles.

AROBS Software Chișinău is one of the sponsors that awarded the young students for their performance. Most importantly, the winners get the chance to be involved in a further research project on Autonomous Driving and EV systems for a real size prototype.  In other words, the Engineering Forum focuses on promoting automotive engineering among youngsters. Certaintly, this is an emerging sector in Moldova and at a global scale opening large career opportunities.

Engineering Career Fair

The AROBS Chișinău team was also present at the Engineering Career Fair in collaboration with the Technical University of Moldova. Therefore, we never miss a chance to meet the students and young potential and talk about our job offers and our autonomous driving projects. If you are interested to join our team in Chișinău, see more details about the opportunities here.

Above all, the Engineering Career Fair completes a  vocational guidance campaign for high school graduates in choosing a professional career. The initiative of the event is part of Moldova Automotive Days, hosted by the Technical University of Moldova. Organizers’ target is to highlight local industry players and promote local engineering capabilities as autonomous driving vehicles projects.

The “Industrial Suppliers & Engineering Forum” has every year representatives of domestic SMEs, international companies, business support organizations and academia aimed at the promotion of industrial development in Moldova.

Find our more about AROBS Chișinău here:

AROBS Software Chișinău, specialised in automotive, is one of ACEM founders

arobs chisinau

AROBS Chișinău, specialised in automotive software, is one of the founders of ACEM Moldova

14th of May marks the day that AROBS Chișinău, specialised in automotive, becomes one of the founding members of the Electronic Industry Companies Association of Moldavia- ACEM. Our colleague and director of AROBS Chișinău, Mihail Gorgos, represented our company among other important stakeholders and oficials in the industry.

ACEM has the purpose of raising competitivity in the electronics sector and to find and implement reliable and longterm solutions. Therefore, this common objective brings together important companies, authorities, national and international organizations in the electronics business.

The starting point

The founders signed the agreement at a round table where representants of the industry discussed achievements, challenges and perspectives for the future. The Investments Agency with the support of the Moldavian Government’s Advisory Project on Economic Policies hosted the event.

Vitalie Tarlev, Secretary of State in the Economy and Infrastructure Ministry of Moldova, Caroline Tissot, Director of the Cooperation Bureau of Switzerland, Ion Tighineanu, President of the Science Academy, Viorel Bostan, Rector of the Technical University of Moldavia, Victor Șontea, Head of Biomedical and Microelectronic department were also present.

10 years experience in automotive engineering

AROBS Chişinău is part of AROBS and has over 10 years of experience in developing software for the automotive industry. Our collaboration with leading companies in the market recommends us as a strategic partner in creating and developing solutions for mobility, telematics systems, parking, electric and hybrid cars. Our future plans include developing software for autonomous driving vehicles.

The company has more than 800 employees and collaborators in 7 AROBS offices in Romania and furthermore, other 5 international subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Holland and Belgium.

We are highly specialized in delivering outsourcing solutions for Automotive industry as well as Travel & Hospitality, Life Sciences, Enterprise Applications.

Interested in working with us, in Chișinău? Click here

prezentare arobs chisinau

1 year of #AROBSArad Software Services

AROBS Arad Software Services

1 year of #AROBSArad

AROBS Arad Software Services celebrated on the 7th of May, one year since we opened the doors of our new office.  We started with small steps and today we are glad to say that our team there has now 11 members. They put passion every day in our projects developing the best automotive software and hardware solutions. Our mission is to provide the best automotive engineering services and contribute to the development of the local community.

AROBS Arad arrives in the community with the will to create a gate to the IT ecosystem for those who wish to have a job in the heart of the city. And of course, who work with dedication in automotive engineering.

“I’m glad to see that our colleagues from Cluj-Napoca and the business group manager. They came and surprised us with caricatures. It was really fun and I can’t believe how fast this year has passed. But that’s easy when you have such a great team and you feel like home”, sais Diana, one of our software developers from AROBS Arad.

Nevertheless, one of our biggest clients on automotive paid the team a visit. That lead to a talk about future projects we can collaborate on.

Plans for 2019: more than automotive engineering

Since 2018 was such a good year, we have big plans for 2019. We already took the first steps and we’re planning to open the second office in our actual location, Arad Plaza. The new office is dedicated to the growing team and to new projects on automotive engineering, IoT, Life Sciences and Enterprise Solution.

As a result, we have four positions for software developers and an administrative support position that are open and waiting to be filled.

Want to be part of the AROBS team in Arad? Find your career path here: or send us an e-mail at

You can also read more details about #AROBSArad here: