What’s your testing strategy?

Testing strategy

What’s your testing strategy?

By Ionela Puțura, PM&Head of QA

No freedom, close deadline, lack of tools, restricted communication, zero support, low quality of resources… sounds familiar?
No, I’m not talking about escaping from prison, I’m simply describing a regular testing project.
Furthermore, if you continue to have the power to be functional each day (or at least half the time :)), you wish to improve your performance, grow, set and accomplish higher goals… then it may be the time to review your strategy.

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved. – Sun Tzu

What’s your testing strategy?

In the past five years I had the chance to meet dozens of candidates with great skills, stunning minds and fantastic attitude. In contrast to that thought, in more than 90% of cases, their answer to my question is: “my strategy would be to ask for requirements”. 

Inside my brain two of my neurons stop, one says – “wait!”, the other one – “what?”.
How will a collection of requirements lead you to victory (whatever would be the stored value for variable “victory”)?

Certainly, having no strategy is the worst strategy ever. It’s like eating overcooked broccoli daily (they have no taste and you get the same results). On the other side, having a bad strategy on the long run is like chasing many rabbits with empty hands and at in the end you get frustrated for obtaining carrots. Therefore, working hard is great, but how about working smart?

Hence, what would I recommend from my experience? Instead of asking for requirements, I would zoom out a bit, and I would search for an answer to the following 3 questions.

1. WHY am I testing this product/service?

Keywords: mission, objectives

Starting from my working definition for software testing*, I would define my mission as a tester, by obtaining information about objectives (finding bugs, minimizing security risks, helping them make release decisions, assessing conformance with specifications, etc.)

Questions to be considered:

  • What brings value to my stakeholders?
  • Which are the needs of the stakeholders on short and long term?
  • What objectives do I have based on the current context?

Consequently, different contexts come with different objectives, and different objectives require different strategies that may result in different test results.

2. HOW am I testing it?

Keywords: strategy

Even more, now that I know my mission, I need to collect ideas regarding the ways to accomplish it and plan specific action points (that’s my strategy).

Questions to be considered:

  • Which methodology is my team using?
  • What resources (time, tools, specs, etc.) do I need?
  • Do I (and/or my team members) have knowledge and skills to successfully complete this mission? 
  • If not, what’s the training program? 
  • Which are the roles and responsibilities? 
  • What’s the communication plan? 
  • Are there any standards? 
  • How will I handle changes?
  • What are the required deliverables? 
  • Are there any risks and what’s the mitigation plan for them?

Most importantly, the testing strategy will be the foundation for deciding the best combination of tools and techniques to use in order to accomplish the mission.

3. WHAT am I doing?

Keywords: results

In other words, I know my purpose and the processes I have to follow, therefore the only issue left is to take a look at the results and refine the plan.

Questions to be considered:

  • What are the results achieved?
  • Do I have the same objectives as in the beginning?
  • What’s the proof of what I’m doing? 
  • Which are my deliverables? 
  • And my activities?  
  • Is this strategy working? 
  • Isn’t there any way to improve my performance, grow, set and accomplish higher goals?

As a result, the testing skills become stronger as long as “you avoid what is strong and strike at what is weak.” (Sun Tzu).

1. Courses: BBST testing courses
2. Book: The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Photo credits: Frits Ahlefeldt

*Software testing: an empirical, technical investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test (BBST Foundations of Software Testing by Cem Kaner and Rebecca L. Fiedler).

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AROBS attends GBTA Convention

GBTA Convention

AROBS attends GBTA Convention

The GBTA Convention, the most important travel event of 2019 is taking place between 3 – 7 August in Chicago, USA. Therefore, our experts and consultants in Travel&Hospitality software development are there to discuss future trends and connect with you.

The portrait of the modern travel buyer

In the context of the modern corporate travel buyer, how can we make the travel experience more complete? Also easier in the same time? What we know for certain is that the role of the travel buyer is evolving. Even more, this happens in parallel with the exponential development of technologies.  Above all, this directly influences every aspect of the industry.

Every day, new roles and responsibilities are created for travel buyers—to include procurement, human resources, security/risk mitigation and meetings management. New security risks have altered the very identity of the travel professional, who must now factor current geopolitical issues into consideration.”, as the GBTA Convention organizers say.

Trends and social responsibility

The next generation of travel professionals, world-class education and networking with industry-leading suppliers will all be at  the GBTA Convention 2019. 

Given the impact of the event and the impressive human presence, an important global cause will be highlighted: the fight against child trafficking.  Hence, a 5 km run/walk will take place on Sunday, 4th of August. Certainly, you can spot our colleagues by looking after the message on their T-shirts: “Let’s keep our children free and safe”. 

Furthermore, we couldn’t miss the chance to talk about trends and technologies that will shape our common future regarding the Travel industry and its services. This impacts millions of people and niche companies.

So, let’s meet in Chicago from August 3 – 7 at the GBTA Convention. Other 400+ exhibiting companies, 175+ education & professional development sessions and nearly 7000 attendees will be there to represent over 50 countries. 

You can easily get in touch with us through our business experts who will be there:

Claudiu Mailat – Linkedin profile

Felix Plopeanu – Linkedin profile

Learn more about our software development projects in the Travel&Hospitality here.

iXperiment meets AROBS


iXperiment meets AROBS

iXperiment – the platform for high school students to connect with the entrepreneurial sector. This week AROBS welcomed the winning team of the 5th edition.

How young is too young to be an entrepreneur?

Arguably, entrepreneurs are the ones who have the biggest effect on society, and the young generation is not kidding about their involvement.

This is how iXperiment was born – the first start-up accelerator for high-school students in Romania.

Since education is one of the core values of AROBS, we welcomed the winning team at our CBC office.

The winners of iXperiment 

Dragos, Horia, and Vlad are only 16-17-year-old youngsters but their young age should not mislead you. They are independent, do sports and know a lot about what happens at an entrepreneurial level in Cluj. We had lunch together and discussed the recent acquisition of a huge office building by one of the wealthiest siblings of Romania.

The entrepreneurial idea

They are the winning team with their start-up idea Ecoglass. They plan to recycle glass in an eco-friendly way. The idea started when they observed the real trend.  In the future society will ban plastic, hence people will rely on glass. Then since is harder and more expensive to produce glass than plastic, the glass that is already out there will have to be recycled.

The competition

The competition is already at its 5th edition. 30 of the most talented high school students of Cluj competed, mostly with themselves. They gave birth to 7 business ideas covering wide areas of awareness, like education, health care, technology, etc).

Throughout the competition, the mentors polished the highschooler’s projects and guided them with their experience. Since they are representatives of the entrepreneurial hub of Cluj the kids were in great hands. Calin Sahlean represented AROBS as a mentor and a member of the jury.

iXperiment meets AROBS Transilvania Software

We didn’t spend much time together, but the kids got to meet the economic, innovative hub and marketing of AROBS. Each department offered them an overview of the main activities. More so, what they really gained is an overall view of how it is to work in an international company and how that offers a very different mental space than schools do.

Reverse Peter Pan effect

The Peter Pan effect (syndrome) describes adult people who refuse or are unable to grow up. These young high schoolers proved the reverse of this. They are responsible, innovative and at the same time, they have fun along the way. They proved that innovation is not conditioned by age, neither is entrepreneurship.

Even if they plan to be doctors and architects, they have an interest in automotive engineering as well.

We are looking forward to their generation creating a network that will be the backbone of this society.

And #WeWontStop supporting education.

If you are a young student and you want to be aware of your future opportunities, follow us on social media. This way you’ll never miss an internship or a student event.

Photo by iXperiment.

Find out more about iXperiment, here.

Humans of #automotive

Humans of #automotive

Humans of #automotive

Automotive engineering – it surprises even then-students that are now part of it. Looking back there are some things they wish they would’ve known, before they started creating software for top global automotive brands.

It is always exciting to give a piece of advice to your younger self. It sediments knowledge and ignites gratitude.

The questions

So, we asked our automotive engineers two apparently simple questions:

  • One thing that you’d wish you’d known when you got into the automotive industry
  • One thing that you have learned here


Here is what the humans of #automotive said

embedded tester

Florin, aka Fefe, embedded tester, 3 years in AROBS

“What I wish I`d known when I got into this industry is how a car works. And I don’t mean from the driver’s point of view, but from an engineering point of view, especially how the inside network works. To answer the second question, what was really surprising for me is how well I get along with my team. With them, I learned what a team means.”

embedded software

Mihaela, embedded software developer, 4 years in AROBS

“I wish I`d known that one day I’ll get into a car as a driver and say, this part was implemented by me. It is an amazing feeling. Also, one thing that I've learned here is that no matter how hard it gets, I am surrounded by people with whom I can really collaborate.”

embedded software

Zsuzsanna, product owner, 5 years in AROBS

“When I started it would’ve been useful to know that the whole coding process is based on a set of specific rules, it`s about the process. And relating to my first answer - development is not just coding. It`s a lot of research, requirement analysis, compliance, documentation, etc.”

embedded software

Mihai, embedded software developer, 3 years in AROBS

“I wish I`d known more about the troublesome work that processes mean. I have worked on support, then as a freelancer before AROBS. The most important thing I have learned is to work in a team. It's very different from working individually.”

Humans of #automotive

Tudor, embedded software developer, 2 years in AROBS

“I’ve been working for 2 years in this industry, which is not a really long time, but what I wish I’d learn at the uni is how complex the projects get. Also, it would’ve done me a favor to know more about automotive standards and how important they are. On a personal level, I learned how to handle huge and complex projects that can last for years.”

embedded software

Liviu, team lead, embedded software development, 4 years in AROBS

"When I started, I wish I’d known that automotive is more than writing code. You should have good testing qualities, but also communicational ones, because the teams are spread over the world. The most important thing that I've learned is that big success only comes when working together. If the people within the project or team are not supportive towards each other and the other team players, the failure is certain. "

So, dear student and future-engineer of the automotive industry, turn these personal experiences into pieces of advice for yourself.

If you are just starting your career in this industry here are the tips


  • Do research about the industry and its most important standards like AUTOSAR, Automotive SPICE, etc.
  • Be resilient – know that it is not just about coding, documenting what you do along the way is essential
  • Do your research or talk to people who work in the industry about the basics of how a car works from the engineering point of view


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Only curious? Feel like joining the humans of #automotive?

Find out more, here.

RentYourCrane : We truly recommend them


RentYourCrane - We truly recommend them

RentyourCrane: exciting project of front-end and back-end development. RentYourCrane allows you to order heavy-duty machinery for constructions

RentYourCrane is an innovative project that uses technology to upgrade a more than hundred years old industry.

“AROBS is an easy-going but hard-working company with the capacity to deliver. We really appreciate the way they share their ideas and help you through the whole process. The communication was good and Claudiu, the Business Manager, is a great guy who understands the business.

We wanted a new booking platform – front-end development and back-end development – so, from all the potential suppliers, we chose AROBS. They gave us the confidence we were looking for, through their experience and energy.

Everything was casual and simple, so we truly recommend them.”

Niels Wouters, Finance manager, Rentyourcrane.nl

Study case

Lifting jobs are no easy jobs. Finding your best lifting solution is no easy job either, but RentYourCrane will assist you through the process. 

If you are looking for a lifting solution, RentYourCrane allows you to order easy and quick; determine the location, date range and product. 

Business Challenge: front-end and back-end development

Our client, with 120 years of expertise in this business, needed an innovative solution for this industry, in terms of implementing an online renting platform and build a back-office application that allows them to easier manage their products and get in touch with their customers and being able to advise them. 

If at first the platform was dedicated to manage only our client’s cranes inventory, now the challenge is to extend this platform to help as well other suppliers from this industry to rent their cranes through this rental system, making customers life easier by having a single point of searching for the most suitable crane for every lifting job, whether this involves the lifting of an enormous work of art, moving to a location that is difficult to access or the logistical organization of a construction project. 

A mobile renting solution has also been designed and is currently under implementation with the challenge to cover all functionalities that the website RentYourCrane offers, but also keep the renting process as light and fast as possible.

AROBS Approach on RentYourCrane

To make sure we understand our client business and to be able to propose the best solutions, we have started our collaboration by involving a Business Analyst.  Our team member helped us transpose the client’s needs into mockups  and created use cases that gave us a more complex view on the application workflows, both front-end and back-end development specifications kept in mind. 

Based on these requirements, an UX Designer built an attractive design for both the website and the mobile apps, keeping ease of use in mind.

Having all these established, the development team started the actual implementation, following a SCRUM Agile approach, offering the flexibility to improve the initially described requirements and proposed design, up as the project goes along.

Technologies & Tools use for front-end development and back-end development

• JavaScript, React Native

• Laravel – PHP

• MySQL, Redis

• HTML 5 / CSS 3, Bootstrap

    Thinking about creating your own project in this field or related fields? Be sure we can help you with that. 
Just send an email at: arobs.sales@arobs.com

Curious about other projects we’ve worked on? Read about them here.

Looking for specialists in front-end and back-end development?

back-end development

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Technology books that marked me

Technology books, especially the great ones, have a huge effect on our software development careers. Even though there are so many tech books written in this domain, there are only a few that really mark us.

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Software testing – a gateway to product quality

software services Romania

Software testing – a gateway to product quality

Software testing to software services is like a Yin to a Yang. You can’t have one without the other. From Automotive to Travel Software or IoT, you need to have testing teams, in order to deliver the best products to your clients.

For a lot of people, a definition of the actual term is not a priority. Well, if we want to start talking, or in this case, writing about testing here is one – software testing is the process of analyzing software to detect the differences between existing and required conditions (bugs) and the evaluation of the features of the software. Sounds fastidious? It kind of is, but let me tell you more.

If you are curious to find out more precious information about testing, read below. 😊

Types of testing

We can divide software testing into two major groups:

Manual testing

The first type of testing involves testing the software manually, in order to find its defects. The people who do this are called QA or in common language, testers. They execute test cases and generate the bug reports manually. Developing the test cases implies preparing the test scenarios in advance. So basically, what testers do is follow a set of executable steps to verify whether the features of an application are working as intended or not.

In the end, the testers must have the perspective of an end user and they must make sure that all the features are working as requested by the client.

Automation testing

The second type of testing is automation. This test method implies a process of testing the software using test scripts that are written in advance and generate the bug reports automatically. A machine performs the test. Therefore, in this stage, the most important aspect is related to how well the test cases are written, their quality. Testers use different kind of tools to perform automated tests, the most famous being Selenium, Protractor, Appium or Robotium.

Methods used in testing

The two methods used by a tester in his/her work are:

Static testing or Verification in Software Testing and involves checking documents and files to ensure that the product is built correctly and it meets the requirements.  In fact, the main objective of this testing is finding errors in the early stages of the development in order to improve the quality of the product.

The undertaken activities in this method are:

  • Informal review – under this technique, the tester reviews the document and gives informal comments on it
  • Technical review – this technique checks if the product is suitable for the project
  • Walkthrough – the presentation of the product to the team, by the product owner
  • Inspection – involves a formal type of review, in which the reviewers record the bugs and inform the participant to rectify the errors.
  • Static code review – review of the software source code without executing the code

Dynamic testing also known as Validation in Software Testing implies testing the real product. It is a process in which the testers check the functionality of the product and its overall performance.

  • Unit Testing – It involves testing of source code by developers, individual units or modules
  • Integration testing – implies the grouping together of the individual modules and testing them, to determine if they are working as expected.
  • System testing – is performed on the whole system by checking whether the system or application meets the requirement specification document.

To get to a result, the testers run various types of tests such as integration, functional, end-to-end, acceptance, performance or smoke, each with its own characteristics.

by Alexandru Tudor Sârbu, QA Lead, Manual & Automated Testing

We also run tests in AROBS

Here, at AROBS we have an entire team of testers, divided on many different projects. Among our colleagues you can find junior, mid and senior testers, ready to test any kind of application or product, manually or automatically.

In over 20 years of activity in software services, AROBS managed to gather more than 800 colleagues in 7 offices in Romania and 6 others abroad. All this time we were able to meet the demands of over 7000 clients.

Feeling like running to join our team? AROBS is ready to take you in!

AROBS football team wins the Corporations Cup

AROBS football team

AROBS football team wins the Corporations Cup

AROBS’ football team wins the Corporations Cup with an incredible score of 7 goals and proves once again that #WeWontStop supporting sports. It is well known that our company’s culture is deeply anchored in the belief that nurturing our employees’ passions can lead to performance not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. Winning this year’s cup is just another peak in our team’s timeline that goes 10 years back since its first match.

Champions with a big heart

2019 seems to be a good year for our football team that had fought its way up to the finals. They won 7 difficult matches to get in front of the other 31 companies that participated in the local competition. And though being first place was all about their effort on the football field, the prize was all about a good cause. 

The team members decided to donate the prize money to a noble cause. A family in need from the Humanitarian Association in Huedin – “Dreptul la viață” will be the one to receive the gift.

Above all, although they made it together to the top, each member brings great value to the result and also as an individual player. The goal-getter of the competition is no other than Andrei Ghiurutan, one of ours.


IT and football - a great match

Horațiu Pop, our team’s captain, was the one to gather all the football passionates in the AROBS team. Since 2009 when the first matches took place, they’ve brought home many titles and cups from several local sports competitions. “Since the beginning, things changed a bit in team’s structure and we’re just a few veterans now. But the good thing is that we are open to new passionate colleagues that wish to join us and have talent to show on the field. In AROBS you can find many other opportunities than just a job in IT.”, says Horațiu, Life Sciences&IoT Business Group Manager and the team’s captain.

Furthermore, we encourage every colleague to connect to his passions, no matter what that is: football, running, swimming, music, dancing.  Nevertheless, at AROBS you can find not only a place to fit in, but also the place where your passions can flourish.

If you want to connect with us, you might find your place here.


AROBS vs. “U” Cluj

What can be more exciting than our team winning the Corporations Cup? Our team playing with the most beloved team in Cluj-Napoca, FC Universitatea Cluj on the 10th of July, in “Iuliu Hațieganu” park, to mark their 100 years anniversary since inception. It’s going to be a friendly match, but we still hope to take part at a spectacular game.


We are proud of every team member that wears the #AROBS t-shirt:

  •  Horațiu Pop – Captain
  • Daniel Palacian
  • Adrian Donca
  • Keszler Zsolt
  • Alexander Vass
  • Radu Dordea
  • Tudor Cipariu
  • Radu Scridon
  • Andrei Panici
  • Călin Pop
  • Andrei Ghiuruțan
  • Alexandru Pop
  • Virgil Florean
  • Florin Maluțan – goal-keeper
  • Razvan Moldovan – goal-keeper
After this year’s result, we are confident that there is more to come from our champion football team.

Involvement space – a new way of growing specialists

Space of involvement

Involvement space – a new way of growing specialists

Growing people, thus growing specialists is part of the AROBS culture. Nevertheless, until reaching that point, keeping employees in your company is a continuous challenge when you compete in a biding niche. There are still ways though, that can give employees reasons to remain faithful to your company. 

For AROBS one of them is building knowledge pipelines within the organization, between our people. A natural way to create a space of sharing, a space of involvement. This activates a sense of contribution and belonging that goes beyond other reasons that pull people out of your company. Furthermore, this engages them in a growing spiral that benefits both sides.


Starting point

We dare to say that a secret for keeping your people in the company on longterm can be achieved if you water their path closely and walk aside them. We have all year round opportunities for the young generation to enter the IT ecosystem by joining our team.

Though, most of them generically included in the Millenial or Digital Natives categories, are hard to catch. Captioning their attention is challenging but manages to catalyze new ways of looking at the matter. It forces the recruiters and the system to break the patterns and adapt. 

Hence, most of our internships programs encourage collaborative work and contribution to real projects. Involving them in the most close-to-reality work context magnetizes their attention and also infuses the end results with their innovative approach. A win-win situation. 

As a result, at the end of the day, they have a 360-degree experience within the organization: learning, inclusiveness, contribution, evolution. But this is just a glimpse of our new approach of growing specialists: an involvement space.

AROBS Meetups - growing in the core of the organization

We all know how hard it is to make employees like your company on longterm, or especially follow your values. The IT sector is in an endless race for good rates and employee retention. Moreover, this determines the ice-breaking methods of rewarding and keeping people in-house.

Beyond the usual benefits that are by default included, AROBS created an inside network between our specialists. This also activates as an open source for those who want to gain knowledge from their co-workers. A space of involvement and inclusiveness that transforms the day-by-day working space into a community inside the organization.

AROBS Meetups started from a bottom-up initiative of four of our employees. It actually brings all the micro-communities within the company together built on common interests like technologies and not only. The core of the program lies in knowledge sharing, growing specialists and actively rewarding the involvement of people. Depending on that they can even win tickets to international conferences or go on a city-break with their significant other.

Despite the amount of effort, the instability of the IT sector is yet maintained by various factors: money, management, teams, projects, technologies, proximity to home, lifestyle. Thus, you cannot predict the perfect formula that can build loyalty among your employees.

But we do spend many hours per day at the office and for that, we are all searching for a place to fit in. And that place might be within our organization.

Find yours here: https://www.arobs.com/careers/

Involvement space – the transformation of the workplace

outsourcing romania

Involvement space – the transformation of the workplace

Involvement space – the new role of a workplace.

What is a workplace?

You can ask a 5-year old to tell you what a workplace is, and he/she will tell you, quite obviously, it is the place where you do your work, as opposed to the place where you do activities you do for yourself.

This was accurate a few decades ago, but we came far from the Victorian era. With the birth of concepts like “freelancer” and “remote work”, a coffee shop or your own bed become legitimate workplaces.

Since globalization and information technology provides the perfect context for flexibility, what happens to the classical concept of a workplace?

Involvement space

Transformation fills the void. At the dawn of new work concepts appearing studies show that the human need to gather is even more important. In an interconnected society, feeling alone is becoming the biggest fear to which the remote workers are the most vulnerable.
We need to gather, and we need a purpose.
This is how the concept of involvement spaces is born.

It is relatively new and is born a hybrid out of the classical objective and the newfound need for meaning and purpose of the workers.

With the coming of age of millennials, for whom the number one motivation is not pecuniary gains, the major connecting force is community and involvement.

Companies that recognize and act on this are the only ones who can benefit from the energy and full potential of the “new worker”.
An involvement space is a workspace with focus on its impact on the community beyond CSR campaigns.

How do you recognize such a workspace?

  • The focus is on social involvement and human impact
  • It was a bottom-up decision-making process when it comes to involvement
  • Employee engagement is the main KPI

Fight For Your Cause

Given its resources, the IT sector is more willing to adopt this model. AROBS Transilvania Software, an international software company recently finished its pilot program for a campaign named, Fight For Your Cause. The  implemented campaign took place 100% internally with a single major objective: involvement.
It served as a platform for employees to be able to get involved in their nearest community. The company staked 3 prices to be given to NGOs only, while the employees selected an NGO to which they have become ambassadors.

This motivated long-term engagement, without any artificial incentive.

Hence, the company created the framework, but the decisions were made by the employee – bottom-up.
Even though this was just the pilot edition of the campaign, more than 30% of the total employees got engaged. For further editions, this is expected to grow with at least 20%.

Furthermore, besides the success of the campaign per se, side-initiatives started to grow wings and other groups of employees started their own fundraising projects.

Transformation won’t happen overnight, but initiatives of this sort gradually become values, then a  mindset, thus shaping the business model.
The shift from a classical workplace to an involvement space is not only the responsibility of the marketing or HR department but the whole management structure of any company that is planning to keep its business in the near future.

If you feel like you would like to get involved in projects like this, this might interest you.

TopDevelopers.co recognized AROBS as an efficient .NET Development Firm

software services 1

TopDevelopers.co recognized AROBS as an efficient .NET Development Firm!


It gives us immense pleasure to publicize that AROBS has been listed as a Top .NET app development firm by Topdevelopers.co!

In a press release about the leading .NET Development firms, TopDevelopers.co mentioned our name as a proficient team that can be relied certainly for professional .NET web development needs. They have added a list of companies that are offering a dedicated service to the industry and AROBS is one of the companies and we feel more honored about this recognition for our core service category.

.NET is a software development framework developed by Microsoft Corporation. The high level of security, versatility and cost effectiveness is what makes .NET one of the best frameworks in the web development world. Since 1998, AROBS has been into the web development. The vast experience that we have garnered in all these years gives us a leg-up on our competitors and aids us in showcasing our unique capabilities and expertise. Hence, we are among the list of top .NET development companies across the globe.

AROBS Optimall, our first product was a run-away success in Romania; it helped us in acquiring more than 350 customers across 10 industry sectors. We were the first company to introduce iPhones in Romania, and our fleet management system, AROBS TRACK GPS is a pioneering product which has revolutionized the transport sector in Romania. The multilingual app for Android and iOS works across devices to track vehicles and can be tailored for client specific needs.

We have come a long way in these 20 years opening 7 local and 6 international branches. We proudly employ more than 800 employees today and our target is to reach 1000 employees by 2020.

AROBS addresses the IT needs of a broad spectrum of industries which include travel, home automation, life sciences, IoT, cloud solutions, web applications and embedded applications. The work profile of AROBS would give you a better idea about the quality of our work.

The profile of AROBS on Topdevelopers.co is where you can get to know about us and our special services in detail. We would like to thank TopDevelopers.co for their impartial research and for this recognition. We would also like to mention that the team of TopDevelopers.co was cooperative and active in communication and helping us in improving our profile visibility. We are quite impressed with their friendly approach and unbiased listing service!

Who are TopDevelopers?

TopDevelopers.co  is a directory service provider which classifies IT service providers from all over the globe. The analysts at TopDevelopers ensure that they maintain the credibility of the platform by providing unbiased analysis of the companies on their platform. The team at TopDevelopers ensures that only the best of the companies are able to pass their stringent quality norms. This ensures that customers searching for IT service providers have a sizable list of firms to choose from. The analysts at TopDevelopers have developed a clear and hassle-free communication channel.