AROBS at WTM London

WTM London

Meet AROBS at WTM London

WTM London is celebrating its 40th year and preparing a powerful event. Our AROBS Travel and Hospitality division representants will be among the companies from around the world that activate in the travel industry. We all reunite between 4 and the 6th of November in the place all the #IdeasArrive.

Regional hubs

Over 30,000 visitors will be present at World Travel Market London to network and negotiate with exhibiting companies and show attendees. Visitors can register for different badge types considering their industry or reason for attending the trade. You can find us under the yellow badge, smiling and opened to discussion.

A regional center point in the form of hubs will allow each region to debate its specific opportunities and challenges in all sectors. Furthermore, the inspiration zones will be used for specific regionally-focused networking opportunities

Responsible Tourism

WTM Responsible Tourism is a programme of interviews, panels and debates now at the four trade shows in the World Travel Market (WTM) Portfolio – WTM London, Arabian Travel Market, WTM Latin America and WTM Africa.

Moreover, WTM Responsible Tourism is an important part of the trade, which aims to unite travel companies, organizations and individuals interested in spreading sustainable practices and ethical methods within the travel industry. This website provides year-round content highlighting the work communities take part in around the world, to help build a solid, sustainable future for travel and tourism.

WTM acts as an international forum to drive the responsible tourism agenda forward and working with responsible tourism experts to provide insight through the WTM blog.

WTM London has started strong with 40 countries, 221 exhibitors and 9,000 trade back at the first-ever WTM at London Olympia in 1980. Today, 40 years later, WTM London has around 5,000 exhibitors from 182 countries and regions and more than 51,000 participants.

AROBS will meet you there.

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EVs — challenges of a new age


EVs — challenges of a new age

EVs – Electric vehicles-  are getting more popular with consumers at an accelerated pace. Thus, automotive security is gaining more attention.

Learn “why”, “what” and “what would be the challenges and vulnerabilities” of the automotive sector together with the dawn of electrical vehicles.

Read a synopsis on EVs and the rising rate of the industry in the first part of this article, here.

One of the main topics, when it comes to the automotive industry is electric vehicles. The rise of electric vehicles comes as the threat of global warming is getting more awareness.

But this rise of changing engine technology brings new challenges.

Read the second part of this article to find out more about vulnerabilities, risks, and challenges.

If your vision is aligned to the new wave of automotive engineering, find out more about us. About our more than 10 years of experience in the automotive industry.

Our people from AROBS Tg.Mureș

AROBS Tg.Mureș

Our people from AROBS Tg. Mureș

AROBS Tg.Mureș is clear proof that in the heart of small cities lies an important potential for the IT niche, which awaits to be discovered. Our team’s growth and the valuable work it brings inside our company proves that AROBS Tg.Mureș, in its 5 years of activity has transformed into a powerful core in the local IT ecosystem. We’ve developed high expertise working on important projects like travel software, enterprise solutions and automotive.

‘Beginnings are hard. I remember us being only four people and now we are so many. I’m glad we’re here today, together.” – Voicu Oprean, Founder&CEO AROBS

More than that, we gathered experienced specialists, that bring a remarkable input in top tech industry projects. In the automotive industry, we’re working on components and software for car models that haven’t seen yet the market daylight but are building the future. For travel, we optimize and maintain Big Data platforms and create the best enterprise solutions.

We wanted to go back in time with our colleagues and ask them about their history with AROBS. We found out some pretty good stories to tell considering their 5 anniversaries celebrated with AROBS.

Read them below and get to know them a little better.

Bogdan, PM, and product owner - “I feel like it’s the company that gives the most care to its employees.”​

“I ended up at AROBS after doing architecture software for 12 years. A co-worker knew someone from AROBS and that’s how I made it here. After all this time I stayed for the people in AROBS. For my team and the growing opportunities, I chose to remain. Now I’m a project manager with a team of 40 people divided between Mures and Arad. It’s important that you never stop learning and have patience with yourself and others.

AROBS is the fourth company I work with and above all, the most important thing for me remains the fact that I feel like this is the company that offers the most to its people.”

Bogdan, Branch manager – “I have a sense of accomplishment with my work that I didn’t use to have at my other jobs.

“I used to work at a bank in the IT department. But I felt that the technical part wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to try people management. I took into consideration relocating to Cluj. So, I applied for a job at AROBS and had an interview. In the second interview, I was told about the possibility of opening an office here in Mures. Soon after, I had a discussion with Voicu about how we could implement the idea which gave me the trust I needed to accept the job. At first, I had various attributions: from sending packages, people management, interviews, and even client discussions. When we managed to grow as a team, I took over the business development part and people management. In a small community knowing everyone in person gives you a more familiar feeling. I have a sense of accomplishment for my work, I feel no pressure and I come to work happy.”

Peto, Technical Lead – “The success of this office came as a result of all these people‘s efforts who considered it’s worth creating opportunities even in a small community.”​

“I’m passionate about IT since I was little. My first contact with a computer was when my dad brought one home from work. The rest came very naturally on the same path, school, high school, and university. I had several jobs, including in Timisoara and Budapest at one point, which gave me the opportunity of growth. But I always said that if I ever get the chance of doing what I like here, in my hometown, I will take the chance. And at one point this opportunity came up. I was contacted by someone from the management team and asked me to contribute to opening a new AROBS office here. Considering that we were talking about automotive and Embedded technology, I said yes. 5 years later, we all put in the effort and contributed in bringing good people to build the team. “

Mihai, Software PM – „On the automotive branch, we barely have local competition.”

 „I thought of moving in Cluj at first, but then I heard good things about AROBS, which at that moment had just entered the local market. So, I came in on the PM position, but on a totally different domain that before – automotive. I studied and adapted. It’s important to remain open and be able to compare a field to another. I previously worked in web, where things should happen „yesterday”, in automotive they go on a slower, but safer path. There’s important documentation and analysis at the roots of every project. I feel I’ve grown a lot professionally and I really appreciate the fact that the team here has grown continuously. This reflects the fact that things are on a good direction. „

Without a doubt, the small communities are lurking valuable IT human resources. This can be preserved inside the community by creating the appropriate contexts and initiatives, like #AROBSMures.

The contribution in developing an ecosystem that sustains this industry with an exponential growth, will attract by default the community’s development in every important aspect: economically, socially, culturally.

AROBS positions itself as a strong pillar in the local community, by supporting programs dedicated to the young generation, specifically internships and events for students that wish to enter the IT field. Furthermore, we create constant job opportunities for the senior IT specialists.

If you wanna join our AROBS Tg.Mures team, see our open positions HERE.

You can also follow us on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

UCMS Group Romania by AROBS at HR Summit 2019​

UCMS Group Romania by AROBS

UCMS Group Romania by AROBS at HR Summit 2019

UCMS Group Romania will attend the 2019 HR Summit event, which will take place at the Golden Tulip Ana Dome Hotel in Cluj-Napoca, in 24th of October.

Over 200 managers, HR, CEOs, trainers, and human resources specialists will attend this already well-known event. The buzzwords and topics of the event will be the profile of the Romanian leader, recruitment, culture & internal communication development, continuous and online learning.  Ionuț Gherle, CEO of UCMS Grup Romania, will pitch the True HR and dp-Payroll, the two HR solutions developed by UCMS, in front of the participants at the HR Summit.

True HR is a specialized solution for human resources administration and a enrolment application that covers the management of all the procedures in this field: the recruitment, administration, evaluation, and training of staffs, as well as the management of timesheets or other processes, intended to sustain the activity of the HR division.

dp-Payroll is a specific solution for payroll administration that offers the comprehensive and well-organized supervision of personal and contractual data about the staffs. At the same time, it competently manages the administrative structure of the corporation, it gathers, and it analyse the attending information.

UCMS Grup Romania is part of the AROBS group, since 2019. The acquisition is an significant step in AROBS Transilvania Software’s growing strategy, adding UCMS Romania’s two well-known HR applications to its offer -True HR and dp-Payroll. 

One key goal for UCMS by AROBS is developing the client experience for operators of the products and to shorten response times during implementation and improving the apps through the newest technologies. 

Read more about True HR and dpPayroll

Let us talk more about our HR solutions, we will be waiting for you at our UCMS by AROBS booth, to have a talk in the front of a special designed coffee.

See you there!

We see a forest of 15.344 trees – a new AROBS Forest

AROBS Forest

Strong principles

AROBS Transilvania Software, one of the leading IT companies in Romania, is proud to support the half marathon in 2019. You may ask yourself, what does software services like IoT software development or Cloud Applications development have to do with running or with the AROBS Forest?

First, the phrase “Mens sana in corpore sano” is one of our strong principles. We believe that a healthy body is essential to a healthy mind. A healthy mind keeps us focused and dedicated to our work.

Second, we also believe in a healthy planet. From the begging AROBS committed to the purpose of this event. Which is to plant a forest. This is not our first encounter with this kind of action. In April this year, a few hundreds of our colleagues with their families planted the first AROBS Forest in Floresti, Cluj.

We will do it again. Because after the competition the results were stunning. 15.344 kilometers were run. This means that next spring 15.344 trees will be planted, and we will indeed have a new AROBS Forest.

A glimpse of AROBS Transilvania Half Marathon 2019 edition

It all started with the children’s race, which took place on Saturday, October 5th, at Cluj Arena. It was a sunny and warm day. Dozens of children signed up for the race. The AROBS children were there too. The emotions were high, and we could see the excitement in the restless feet of the little ones while waiting for the whistle which announced the start. It finally came. And the children started running. They embraced every minute of the race and in the end, they were all rewarded with a medal. The effort, the sweat and the kilometers they run will be transformed in their little AROBS Forest.

The next day, on October 6th, the adults took the central stage at AROBS Transilvania Half Marathon, in Piata Unirii. Hundreds of them dedicated to one ideal. To run as much as they can. To transform every kilometer in a tree. Unlike the previous day, Sunday was cold and rainy. The athletes kept the sun in their hearts and ran with the utmost enthusiasm.

The competition was divided into 4 categories. So, each athlete who wanted to support the good cause had the chance to run at any desired category. They could choose from the 21 km Half Marathon, 10 km Race, 3×7 km Half Marathon Relay or the 7 km Race.

Words are not enough to describe the general vibe of the entire event. People were running, they were taking photographs with their medals, called the loved ones to tell them that they won, drinking the coffee offered by AROBS or eating some goodies to regain their strength.

Leading through the power of example

In AROBS, we believe in leading through the power of example. We want to contribute to the general effort of building a healthy and brave world for every one of us.

This means to get involved in sports competitions, like Mr. Voicu Oprean, CEO & Founder of AROBS Transilvania Software who runs at every edition of AROBS Transilvania Half Marathon or to get your hands dirty while planting a tree that gives 14% of your oxygen.

Many of our colleagues represent AROBS in sports competitions in the country, winning medals and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Also, a lot of AROBS colleagues like to take part in these competitions. At AROBS Transilvania Half Marathon we had a team dressed like clowns running for the good of our planet.

For this reason, AROBS will never stop supporting sports. AROBS will never stop supporting healthy living.

Romania keeps its ascending pace in the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking

it outsourcing romania

Romania keeps its ascending pace in the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking

Romania ranked the 46th in the study recently released by IMD Switzerland. The study is in its third year, it is named IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking and measures the capacity and readiness of 63 countries to assume and discover digital know-how as the main force for economic change in business, government, and the community.

At the first release of the study, in 2017, Romania ranked 54, then, in 2018, it ascended to 47. 

The top three, in 2019, are the USA, Singapore, and Sweden. In Europe, the most digitally competitive countries are Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

The best ranking Eastern Europe country is Poland, followed by the Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania.  

As evaluation criteria, WDCR looks out for three features:

  •            Knowledge– the ability to comprehend and absorb the new technologies
  •            Technology– the ability to grow new digital innovations
  •            Future readiness– the awareness for the approaching advances

This year, two new variables linked to robotics were announced in the evaluation of the WDCR: “industrial robot” and “robots in education and R&D”. 

The IMD World Competitiveness Center (WCC) is a research center at IMD in Switzerland with 30 years of research expertise in competitiveness.

Since the 1990s, Romania is one of the main outsourcing destinations in Europe, being the home of top outsourcing software development companies. No worldwide company should ignore the profits linked to outsourcing in Romania.

Europe is not a low-priced zone for software services, as compared with some Asian nations. The worldwide businesses searching for partners for long term solid IT ventures must take into reflection the excellence of Romanian IT.

When selecting a strategic partner for software services, analyze the fact that IT outsourcing in Romania is on a continuous upward path, with tremendously well-organized experts.

AROBS started a series of articles that compare the most attractive IT outsourcing countries in Eastern and Northern Europe. Please read the articles here 

Education, innovation, language and internationalization – pure gold for IT outsourcing: read our second article on IT Outsourcing 


The rise of the AI automated testing era

automated testing

The rise of the AI automated testing era

AI automated testing revolution? Big data, metrics, the end of old testing frameworks?

Participating at the SEETEST 2019 Testing Conference held at the JW Marriot Hotel in Bucharest, between the 25 – 27th of September was enlightening on every topic above. There were over 400 participants, 30 speakers and an exhibition hall with stands from top companies in Romania. The conference atmosphere was positive, gathering open-minded people from various IT sectors exchanging ideas. From testing to how to make their processes and tools more efficient in today’s dynamic environment.

Data is the new oil!

The first tutorial I attended during day 1 of the SEETEST conference was about the Basics of AI and AI in Testing, by Vipul Kocher. While the explanations about how AI evolved and where it is headed in the test area were quite comprehensive and exciting, the main idea that stuck in everyone’s mind was that Data has become the new oil in the 21st century.

Quality data for training AIs is so hard to find and even more difficult to produce, that those who invest and focus on creating data will win big in the very near future. It’s becoming difficult to train an effective AI due to a lack of comprehensive inputs that need to be fed to it. Therefore, AIs still make mistakes – i.e. in image recognition, once the background changes to a different color than the one with which most previous data inputs were given, the AI was no longer able to distinguish properly between the image of a cat and a dog. And this problem is just a simple, harmless example – just imagine what can happen in different lighting conditions for self-driving cars!

Additionally, feeding complete, quality data to an AI is just half the problem. Another challenge is choosing the right technique through which it should learn and distinguish the inputs to that it can offer an appropriate output. So, it seems that all progress made until now has merely been scratching the surface of the whole AI paradigm. Many challenges await and we must remember that data will become the new oil! Just like the industrial revolution and the cars we drive today, without oil, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Metrics and happiness

Another presentation I attended at SEETEST 2019 was called Metrics: Reach your goals faster with a Metrics Dashboard by Pablo Garcia Munos. He stressed the importance of not only adding metrics to your projects in order to track bugs, number of tests or test cases automated, but also digging a little bit deeper and finding out how these metrics are linked with each other in order to find the root cause of problems on projects.

An important idea that we were left with, was to try and add happiness metrics on projects. This means that the happiness of the team should be monitored daily so that any frustrations or demoralizing behaviors can be identified and addressed. The success and performance of a team are highly dependent on the mental wellbeing of its members. So, it comes as no surprise that the happiness index can directly influence all other metrics of a project such a number of bugs found, a number of bugs escaped to production, or the number of bugs fixed. As such, managers should really think about introducing this kind of metric in their companies or teams.

The monkey in the machine

You may have heard the expression “Deus ex Machina – the God in the Machine”, well Peter Varhol and Geri Owen talked about the notion of a monkey in the machine that’s bent on destruction. One that is weirding a figurative wrench and can crash random systems at random times. This is the concept behind Chaos Engineering, a concept that has been gaining more and more ground in recent years. The idea started with Netflix’s Chaos Monkey (now called Simian Army) and focuses on failure and disaster recovery.

Peter and Geri argued that teams should prepare for failure, plan for it, and exercise it as much as an airline pilot would for failing. For testers and developer’s system failure should just be another day at the office. This means that system failure and disaster scenarios should be introduced as regular exercises along with plans on how to mitigate and recover from them.

Open-source is the new sexy

I was surprised to see that many speakers at SEETEST touched upon the subject of licensed software versus opensource software. It seems that the general trend is for companies to adopt open-source software and that licensed tools are coming to an end. Even in new areas such as automated testing using AIs, there are several companies developing free, open-source solutions available to the wider public. It is just a matter of time until we will start to see the emergence of free software tools using AI for testing, along with the already existing and continuously extending array of free, open-source testing tools.

Times are changing, and companies are looking towards AI more and more, as well as those tools that incorporate as many functions as possible. For example, several speakers and participants from the conference have said that they’ve started using JIRA as their go-to tool for both bug reporting and test case management. Still, the process of finding a comprehensive tool able to cover all is often difficult.

Final thoughts

SEETEST 2019 was definitely food for thought. About AIs, about current trends, about the future. I have seen several presentations where the speakers would talk about their custom-built solutions over existing test frameworks such as Selenium Webdriver in order to meet the new challenges imposed by JavaScript on UI testing. Finding the right automation tool for the job is becoming more and more difficult, so many speakers have said that they resorted to the customization of their Webdrive framework. Could this too be a sign that we are starting to see the sun setting of Selenium Webdriver and Java?

Time will soon tell as new automated testing tools, especially in the area of AI testing, are starting to emerge.

About the author: Răzvan Vușcan is a Quality Assurance Automation Tester at AROBS on the Travel & Hospitality Division.

If you want to read more about automated testing, find more here.

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