My grandparents are now paying their bills online

AROBS Digital Seniors

How many of us had to explain to our parents or grandparents what do we do at the office? Do you remember they’re surprised faces when they heard of Enterprise solutions? Or that they can pay their bills online?

In a period of digitalization and the continuous evolution of technology, in a city that speaks software development more than any other area of the country, we have to keep up with the new trends, regardless of age.

Therefore, over 150 seniors from Cluj-Napoca were the pioneers of the first digitalization program for the elderly. The Digital Seniors program. On Wednesday, November 20, they successfully graduated.

These courses were possible because of the involvement of many kind people. They realized the importance of learning some basic information on how to work with a computer. Therefore, the project brought together companies from the private sector such as AROBS Transilvania Software, Transilvania IT Cluster, Simplon, as well as from the public sector such as the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca, the Social Assistance Directorates and the Elderly Centers no. 1 and 2 from the city.

How was it?

This wonderful project took place over several months, during which the seniors learned from scratch how to use a computer. With a lot of involvement from trainers and volunteers, they started by learning the basic components of a computer, following the lessons on how to search for information on the Internet, accessing a page, creating an e-mail address and using it for correspondence, and even making payments online.

We have to keep our mind young and occupied. How can we do this? By learning. Now that our seniors are digitalized, they can train their mind by learning something new everyday with the help of the internet. Luckily, the internet has so much information and it changed the way we learn today. Broadband Search tells us how. Find out more about it here.

AROBS has been a part of this project from the beginning. Involvement in the Digital Seniors project is a first for the company but a great success. AROBS has provided the necessary infrastructure for conducting the courses by providing computers and trainers.


Both senior citizens attended the event, digital now and organizers. Smiles and mirth were the main elements of the evening. The room was filled with loud applause and the excitement of receiving the graduation diploma made us look back at the days when school was ending, and we were eagerly waiting for our name to be called out in front of the class.

At the same time, representatives of the entities involved in the organization and implementation of the project spoke, recognizing the need for such a program, acquiring knowledge in the field of technology by the elderly and the ease with which they can subsequently carry out various activities that do not involve too much physical activity (online payments, online shopping, mailing).

After receiving positive feedback from the participants, the unanimous opinion of the organizers was that this project must continue. In this regard, AROBS together with all those involved has committed to continue to support the program in the coming years, with everything that this project requires.

AROBS Distribution becomes the official distributor, in Romania, of SONY products


AROBS Distribution becomes the official distributor, in Romania, of SONY products

AROBS Transilvania Software takes over the official distribution of SONY products in Romania, through the AROBS Distribution Division.
With over 11 years of experience in electronic product distribution, AROBS Distribution had sales of approximately 3 million euros in 2018.

Voicu Oprean, Founder & CEO of AROBS Transilvania Software, believes that “with the logistical capacity, experience and an extended and stable network of collaborators, at present, our strategy is to access partnerships with the best-known brands worldwide.”

AROBS Distribution benefits from a system of stock management of the highest accuracy for traceability of products in real-time, in a logistics space of over 3000 m2 near Bucharest.

AROBS division has partnerships with the most important retailers at the national level, International Key Accounts and online stores in Romania and makes continuous efforts to identify new partners, to market a wide range of electronic products in the car, audio-video, personal care, and appliances.

The main brands traded are Sharp, Motorola, Garmin, Mio, Carrera, Frank Provost, Silk’n, Jean-Louis David, Valera, in addition to its own Smailo brand (which includes products from the electronic and auto categories).

For more details on this line of business of AROBS Transilvania Software, visit

AROBS partners with UBB to open first IoT Lab

IoT Lab

AROBS partners with UBB to open the first IoT Lab

The new IoT Lab (Internet of Things Lab) opens its doors at the UBB Mathematics and Informatics Faculty today at FSEGA. AROBS, with an entire business line dedicated to IoT software development and other companies from the Transylvania IT Cluster, became partners for the benefit of young students. They will have now the possibility to put their ideas into practice in a proper space adequately equipped. This initiative encourages research and innovation among youngsters who will eventually also become employees in the local IT ecosystem.

Education first

Voicu Oprean, our Founder&CEO, encourages the future students that will step into the new IoT Lab  – “AROBS supports this initiative along with other ones like Project management in IT, which reaches 3rd edition this year. Considering that an important division of our outsourcing business lines has high specialization on IoT and works on global projects, we are more than eager to see about future projects of the students that will be born in the Lab. I advise, my probably future colleagues, to make the most of this learning opportunity, to play with ideas, and take them beyond the simple execution. It will be a technical exercise, research that will open real perspectives and a very valuable understanding regarding technology and the industries of the future.”

Education has become essential in developing new capacities adapted to the actual needs of the industry. The exponential growth accelerated by the technology and its applicability in almost anything surrounding us, asks for a dramatical change and upgrade in the educational system. It is more than helpful that the private sector takes a step forward and gets directly involved in speeding up this process.

IoT opportunities

Besides giving support to education initiatives from high school projects to university, AROBS is constantly offering chances for students that reach their final study years to enter the IT sector. A variety of internships teach them more than technicalities. In IT teamwork is very important, often crossing cultural barriers and they receive advice and preparation not only in matters of using new technologies, but also on becoming a good team mate, of sharing knowledge and being cooperative when working on a common goal. Hopefully, the IoT Lab will create a similar environment for them to grow ideas.

Moreover, they get to taste projects that develop home automation and building monitoring systems, as well as other IoT projects.

If you want to find out more about them, check out our page dedicated to IoT.

IoT for U x AROBS

AROBS x IoT for U Targu Mures

IoT for U x AROBS


IoT for U Hackathon – on the 23rd of November young engineering talents of Targu Mures gather for a special hackathon – IoT for U.  UMFST G. E. Palade University organizes the event in collaboration with AROBS.

The teams will have a maximum of 3 members. They will find out the topic of their creative software development on the day of the Hackathon.

Prepare for long hours (9am – 8pm) of coffee sessions.

Embedded in Targu Mures

The almost 90 embedded engineers of #AROBSMures are an important part of the team. The team of over 850 AROBS professionals worldwide. They make up a great part of the automotive business line. Since embedded is at the core of IoT, IoT for U is the event the city needs.

IoT and the local community

Targu Mures has a long tradition in engineering. Hence, this hackathon is an important event for the local community. It is building a bridge between the academic and private sectors. At the same time, it energizes the community. Therefore it creates a win-win situation for everybody engaged.

AROBS is proud to support IoT for U in Targu Mures.

Find out more about the event, here.

AROBS, partner in IT Days 2019

AROBS at IT Days

AROBS, partner in IT Days 2019

It’s November, so it’s time for a new event in the IT industry in Cluj! Dozens of speeches and presentations on the most interesting topics in the industry: artificial intelligence, IoT Systems or automation.

IT Days debuts tomorrow, November 12, at Casa de Cultura a Studentilor in Cluj-Napoca. For two days it becomes the point of interest for the over 1000 people registered for the event. It is a very important event for everyone involved in Software Development. The partnership between AROBS Transilvania Software and the organizers of IT Days continues successfully in 2019.

What to expect?

On the 4 stages existent at the event will speak over 70 speakers from 18 fields of activity. The topics addressed will bring to the public the latest information, approaches, and technologies.  Therefore, fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Testing, Software Architecture and more will be approached.

That is to say, AROBS representatives will also take the stage. On the second day of the event, in the Conference Hall, Mr. Voicu Oprean, Founder & CEO of AROBS Transilvania Software, will speak at the Technology Today presentation to share with us the vast knowledge accumulated in over 20 years since he founded AROBS Transilvania Software and about the new trends in technology.

Răzvan Vușcan, Senior QA Automation Engineer at AROBS, we will be able to follow him on the second day of the event at the Studio Room, where he will present “The hard to swallow pills of Test Automation”. He will discuss the procedural and technological difficulties encountered throughout his career, but he also comes up with solutions to overcome them, designed to surprise the audience.

AROBS supports education

IT Days is one of the most important technology events in Cluj and is eagerly awaited every year by those who want to improve their knowledge in the field. The continuous partnership between AROBS and the organizers is not a surprise. AROBS always supports academic initiatives and it always involves in the steps related to increasing the level of performance of those who work in the IT field.

Codecamp x AROBS – penetration testing

AROBS Codecamp Penetration testing

Codecamp x AROBS – penetration testing

Codecamp is the first national IT conference in Romania. It brings IT enthusiasts from software companies, startups, and passionates, together. AROBS is proud to be a part of it.
Since education is a core value to AROBS we wouldn’t miss an event like Codecamp.

On the 30th of November come and meet us at the Cluj-Napoca edition. Be part of a platform that meets more than 1500 participants, 60 speakers, and 20 partners.

Meet Daniel Gazdac among the speakers. He is one of our cybersecurity engineers and compliant expert.
He will tell you what penetration testing is about. In addition, see for yourself how it works. Be there to find out the answer to the big question:
Is penetration testing about getting root?


AROBS is proud to partner up with Codecamp, the first nation-wide IT conference in our country. The hub that Codecamp creates is concentrated around the big tech cities of Romania. Hence, Codecamp is organized in Bucharest, Timisoara, Iasi, and even Chisinau. Started in 2008 it still stays true to its core value: by the community, for the community.

The topics of the conference are various. From Java, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Mobile, Cloud, Agile, .NET, Software Architecture, Business Analysis, Management, Product Development to Product development, there is always room for the newest technologies on the market.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is better known as pen-testing.  In other words, it is actually ethical hacking. It is the simulated cyberattack on a computer system. Its role is to test the vulnerabilities of a system. This way, ulteriorly the system can protect its vulnerabilities from unauthorized attacks.

Our cybersecurity engineer

Daniel loves fishing in every sense since he is fishing for real fish as well as for attacks. He has an experience of over 12 years in the industry and has been working on cybersecurity since 2015. On the 30th of November find him speaking about penetration testing. Also, find the answer to the question: Is penetration testing about getting root?

In conclusion, meet us at Codecamp!

AROBS Named Top Software Development Company in Romania

AROBS Top Software Development Company by Clutch

AROBS is among the top software development companies in Romania  - by Clutch!

In the fast-paced world of technology-driven startups, customer opinion is everything. Securing a strong customer base and expanding your reach is a crucial step. Especially for any company that wants to dominate their industry and triumph over competitors. The best way to achieve happy users is to implement modern, user-friendly software solutions.  In other words, to make their experience better, and your life easier. If you’re unsure where to find a reliable development partner that can drive customer satisfaction for your business, look no further than AROBS!


AROBS is an IT solutions provider that creates custom solutions, as well as turn-key technologies. This gives clients a competitive edge against their rivals.

Since 1998, we’ve been helping customers with automotive engineering, travel software, hospitality solutions, life sciences, home automation systems, IoT, and enterprise-cloud application development.
Besides our Romanian Headquarter, we have 7 international offices in Germany, Hungary, Belgium, The Netherlands, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, and Indonesia.

Top B2B Software Development Company in Romania

In light of our contributions, we’ve been named a top B2B Company in Romania, based on evaluations and reviews on Clutch!

We’d like to thank our valued customers for submitting client interviews on our behalf to gauge our impact. In a reflection of those scores, our ranking is an amazing 4.5 out of 5-stars!

Please take a look at a recent review below:

AROBS Review Clutch
AROBS Review Clutch

We are thrilled to be selected as Clutch Leader in the annual Romanian report!”- Voicu Oprean, Founder & CEO of AROBS

Clutch is a B2B market research firm that uses a unique rating methodology to compare businesses across industries.

Our profile on The Manifest, a business data platform, also performs impressively. Visual Objects – a site to view agencies’ portfolio work – also featured us.

Read more about teaming up with, here.

Thank you one and all for this honor.
Contact us to work together!