The travel agent software – the best tool for reaching masses (Part I)

Travel agent software

The travel agent software – the best tool for reaching masses (Part I)

Those days when people stepped into travel agencies to talk about their holiday plans are long gone. The connection between a client user and the service provider is now established by a travel agent software. A search engine that is at a fingertip away from their smartphones or iPads.

Due to these new customer behaviors, an OTA (online travel agent) has become the spine of every travel-related business nowadays. The booking engines enable the travel services providers to reach the masses much quicker and easier.

As a result of these changes, a travel agent software is a must investment for any company that wants to break the ice in this dynamic and multi-billion dollar market.

Tech and travel go hand in hand

Facial recognition through AI and biometrics are already raising the standards in terms of hotel and other connected services. Hence, travel technology companies are proactive and up to date with consumer needs, always prepared to transfer all your services and processes online.

A travel agent software is basically your process aggregator, integrator as well as the propellent of your services. The platform on which relies the flow of your activity. It can manage the bookings, suppliers, commissions, transactions, reports and much more. It reduces the human implication, the time spent on processes, thus increases the success rate and of course, the profit. Not to mention it takes your business to a global level and reach.

Also, as we pointed out in a previous article about this years’ trends, that our Travel& Hospitality team encountered last fall at WTM London, the digital transformation brings the rise of the super apps which leads to an even more increase of mobile use. Considering more than 30% of the online bookings are made through the mobile devices’ browsers, the travel agent software needs to be well connected to the end user’s gadgets and smartphones.

Advantages and “must-have” features

Travel agent software has many undeniable advantages. The most obvious is the 24-hour availability and access to information on your website, on the go, from home or office. The real-time booking that enables them to see the exact details of available rooms. The transparency of features and prices is always important, specifically the possibility of on-spot payment. It gives you the opportunity to customize it on your own requirements. And most of the time it might not need too much maintenance. Though, the travel software development companies usually offer support in case of need.

Nevertheless, you should make sure your travel agent software checks a few basic traits:

  • it follows the flow of your business processes
  • it works on every device and platform that your end-user accesses
  • it’s user-experience oriented and speaks his language
  • it’s intuitive and easy to work with for your employees
  • it respects all the cybersecurity and data protection standards required

The best investment you can make is to find a software development team that will be able to scan your business clearly and create a travel agent software that will compliment your services. Even more, make them reachable and accessible from any corner of the world, easy, fast and secure.

At least, that’s what we can share as a conclusion of our 18 years experience and know-how in the travel software development industry. Our Travel&Hospitality DevOps division has built strong partnerships with clients from the USA, France, Spain, Germany, and The Netherlands over the years. We work on projects that imply property management software, hotel channel manager, corporate booking automation, cybersecurity, OTAs and much more.

If you want to know more about how we can help you built your own travel agent software, send us a message on our web page.

Furthermore, stay close to a future article about the most popular travel agent software tools out there.

Voicu Oprean won the award for the Entrepreneur who created the best software development services company in Romania

best software development services company in Romania

Voicu Oprean won the award for the Entrepreneur who created the best software development services company in Romania

AROBS is very honoured by the award recently received by Voicu Oprean, CEO & Founder of the company, as the entrepreneur who created the best software development services company with 100% Romanian ownership.
It is an award that shows the appreciation of the business ecosystem for AROBS Transilvania Software, a company established in 1998 in Cluj. As it started almost 22 years ago offering IT Outsourcing activities, today AROBS has over 8000 customers in 14 countries on 4 continents, customers in the line of software development services and of our software products developed over the years.
The award was presented at the Romanian Entrepreneurship Gala, organized by and Business Review. Of course, we were looking forward to the publication of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs magazine. As stated by the editorial of the publication, this project started as a form expressing the appreciation for the entrepreneurs: “So, we have today examples of companies started in the 1990s or even after 2000 which are currently running businesses of hundreds of millions and have thousands of employees. (…) They can be real models for young people who want to develop their entrepreneurial skill. Only this way, our economy can prosper and become a force, at least in the region. “
AROBS identifies itself as European by birth, International by culture, because the Romanian company is well anchored in the business environment of Europe and North America, having internationally renowned clients. Our team of over 900 people is very well prepared and can take on any challenge and integrate innovations, technologies, on different areas of expertise, for very difficult industries. AROBS also has market-leading products in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe, on telematics, business optimization, CRM, HR management.

Currently, AROBS has 7 offices in Romania and 7 international offices, where over 900 people work. The main AROBS software products are TrackGPS,, OptimallSFA, TrueHR and SoftManager CRM +.

Work with AROBS, the best software development services company in Romania

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Remote work benefits

Remote work benefits

Remote work

Remote work is here to stay – it is the conclusion of most of the studies made on this subject. As the daily hustle of commuting and late nights at the office becomes a burden to employees – they ask for a different solution. Hence, remote work seems like the ideal answer.

The employee side – remote work benefits

It is not hard to imagine that most of the people will choose remote work over, work at the office. The main reasons are concerning flexibility, mobility, time efficiency and more time with the loved ones.

When asked if one would prefer remote work at least some of the time – a spectacular 99% of the workforce says yes.

“One of the greatest advantages it gives me is psychological freedom. Even if I work more and I am more focused when working at home, paradoxically I feel freer. If I want to wash my hair at 2 pm, I can. If I need to do my laundry while on a break, I can. If I want to sit in a certain way I can – I am at home. Also, staying at home, for example, helps me save money and in the long run, I am sure that I build up less frustration because I have this opportunity of remote work.”

Ana, QA engineer

However, it is also not perfect. One of the biggest challenges people working remotely face is unplugging and loneliness. And we already live in times of social isolation and emotional and mental health issues. Also, surprisingly enough remote workers take only a few vacations. Most of the time not more than the ones working a 9 to 5.

Recognizing this we can observe a surge of “stay focused” applications.

The employer side – remote work benefits

Remote work has lots of benefits when it comes to the employer too. It cuts the cost of an office, utilities, and support personnel. However, there is a reticence in management to support remote work. It has a lot to do with the classical mindset and with control. Even though if there are great processes and clear task management there should be no worries concerning results. Many companies have already implemented optional remote work in their benefits packages. There are key employees that will choose a job that offers remote work over a job that pays more.

“I see no negative part in remote work influencing my work as a manager. I believe it is a question of trust. So, as long as, the tasks are done, why not? I have worked with people located very far from me and we were both satisfied with the collaboration. However, I can imagine some managers not trusting that their employees do their work as well as when at the office. But you will always know if someone is doing their job as expected or not.”

Horatiu, business group manager

Tools that help

Nonetheless, there are great tools to reinsure management and give employees what they need. All this while keeping business under control and offering flexibility that boosts efficiency and productivity.

Some of the tools are great for project management and/or time management. Some even facilitate invoicing. These tools are mostly very generic and satisfy a large variety of users. However, this comes with negative parts as well. When a tool is for everyone, it is most surely not for exactly what your company’s needs. Taking this into account, they are a great help when it comes to monitoring progress.

When it comes to software companies, the best is to turn to software companies.

A great tool is Nabu because it is created based on the needs of a global software company. AROBS, the developer of Nabu is an experienced software developer, that employs over 1000 professionals internationally. Based on the over 20 years of experience in outsourcing for cloud application development, automotive, IoT, travel & hospitality software.

As a collateral effect of this huge shift from classic to remote is the reinvention of the meaning of a workplace. Hence, the apparition of involvement spaces.


Regardless of your position on remote work, be aware that remote work is a reality that needs adaptability from both sides. But the best part is that there are lots of tools that can help you, whether you are the employee or the manager.

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What outsourcing companies do in the tech business?

what outsourcing companies do

What outsourcing companies do? What to look for when researching technology partners

Do you wonder what outsourcing companies do?  Are they just an outsourcing service provider or something more? These are some important questions to ask when planning to develop a new software product.

Before we start to dig into the subject, we have to see what  outsourcing in IT means. It is the use of external service providers for IT-related business processes, infrastructure solutions for businesses or application service. With this in mind, if a company needs an application or even a website, it may subcontract the services provided by this type of  companies to get it done.

The differences between the types of outsourcing

outsourcing service provider

But, in fact, what outsourcing companies do that makes them different? 

Domestic outsourcing – this implies working with a local (from the same country) service provider for the IT-related work needed

Nearshore outsourcing – to enhance travel and communication, companies choose to work with IT outsourcing companies located in countries that share a border with their own

Offshore outsourcing – this means working with companies located in politically, economically stable countries, preferably with lower costs and tax savings.

Typically, companies choose to outsource services like application, software and web development, application or technical support, telecommunication, hardware or software infrastructure, data management, data storage and a few more.

But why companies choose to outsource these services?  Of course, the reasons are countless but the most important can be related to enhancing the company’s focus, controlling the operational costs, increasing the efficiency for time-consuming tasks or sharing the risk with the partnered company. This leads us to the next question.

Why should you outsource?

The first reason that comes to mind is cost reduction. Hence, by using outsourcing services, a company can save money with equipment, it doesn’t have to buy it. Labor is another important aspect. Therefore, companies tend to choose to work with companies located in countries where the workforce is less expensive but still professional with expert-level knowledge and skills.

If the company doesn’t have the necessary employees to develop the needed software or application in house, is best to choose an outsourcing company. Consequently, the company has access to expert knowledge and experience, and it doesn’t have to pay for training. Fortunately, the software companies can provide equipment and services at lower costs than an investment would require.

As shown above, outsourcing is the best solution for one time short to medium size projects. Instead of hiring new employees for a temporary project, a company should use the services provided by software companies.

AROBS - top-notch outsourcing services provider

AROBS Transilvania Software is a software development company, born in 1998 in Cluj-Napoca. Since then, it managed to provide offshore and nearshore outsourcing services to worldwide customers. Our experts can deliver any type of software in domains such as Automotive, Life Sciences, Travel&Hospitality, IoT and Enterprise Solutions.

AROBS is listed as one of the best IT companies in Romania on Clutch.

If you want expert consultancy for your project, send us your message!

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AROBS, partner of BCR InnovX Accelerator

bcr innovx accelerator arobs_edited

AROBS, partner of BCR InnovX Accelerator, in Transylvania

The registration for the startup cohort started! Apply untill 6th of March!

BCR InnovX Accelerator was a great success, at its first edition, in 2019, with over 300 entrepreneurs registered.

In 2020, the programme is extended in Transylvania and AROBS is the proud partner of the accelerator. Voicu Oprean, Founder & CEO of AROBS, is the brand ambassador of InnovX and mentor for the tech companies to be incubated.

From young hopefuls and local startups to successful corporations, InnovX & AROBS look forward to meeting all the innovative entrepreneurs who want to expand their business. The Accelerator is the place where you can learn from some of the best tech and IT professionals in the world how to take your ideas to the next level and be a player on the international innovation scene.

The BCR InnovX accelerator will recuit in 3 cities: Cluj, Iasi, Bucharest, to get closer to great innovators in all 3 Romanian regions. 

InnovX prepared the most interesting incubation programme available for the tech Romanian startup companies:

  • A 2-week incubation phase for 20 startups in each of our 3 locations: The Office Cluj-Napoca, FabLab Iasi and Mindspace Bucharest
  • Up to 12 startups will be selected for the 6 weeks phase, you will have your office in the beautiful Mindspace Business District to meet potential clients, investors, and partners;
  • You will refine your business proposition by using proven methodologies like the Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Generation, Disciplined Entrepreneurship;
  • You will learn and be certified in high competitive courses provided through platform founded by Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
  • You will develop an application for the most competitive European Grants program: Horizon 2020, EIC Accelerator, with the possibility to attract blended finance for RDI up to EUR 2,5 million Euro in grants and EUR 7,5 million equity investment;
  • We will exercise the perfect pitch in all formats: 60 seconds elevator pitch, 5 minutes fire pitch and the 15 minutes European Horizon 2020 pitch format;
  • Our mentors will assist you to realize business plans adapted to all types of financing: banking loans, European grants, equity investments;
  • Participate in workshops with experts in finance, law, intellectual property, marketing, branding, negotiations, sales;
  • Develop your leadership skills and the ability to attract and motivate a dynamic team;
  • Top 10 startups will have the opportunity to expose its innovation at Europe – Asia Connect Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia organized by Startup Grind in partnership with Google for Startups and pitch in front of investors from Silicon Valley;
  • If you will finalize this phase you can enter for testing and validations with BCR and other big corporations and even win them as angel clients;

And much more. Browse our 2019 BCR-InnovX program on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Are you ready to face BCR-InnovX accelerator challenge? Apply on until:

21st of Feb for Iasi

6th of March for Cluj–Napoca

20th of March for Bucharest

Is my company eligible for the BCR InnovX Accelerator?

Eligibility criteria
In order to register in the program, your turnover in 2019 has to correspond to one of the following categories:
● Startups Cohort: between 100,000 Euro – 1,000,000 Euro and / or you have attracted a financing / investment with a maximum value between 100,000 Euro and 1,000,000 Euro;
● Grinders Cohort: up to 100,000 Euros and / or you have attracted a financing / investment with a maximum value of 100,000 Euros;
● Scaleup Cohort: over 1,000,000 Euros and / or you have attracted financing / investment with a maximum value of over 1,000,000 Euros.

Remember the deadlines!

The enrollment deadline for Accelerator is as follows:
● for Startups Cohort: 06.03.2020
● for Grinders Cohort: 19.06.2020
● for Scaleup Cohort: 18.09.2020