Free tracking for state-own ambulances during the national emergency

We notice an incredible solidarity between the private and public sector, amid the circumstances created by the spread of COVID-19.

TrackGPS by AROBS is offering its tracking services to all state-own ambulances in its portfolio, for free. This solidarity move is planned for the entire period of the national emergency.

Why do ambulances need tracking?

Every time a person requests the services of an ambulance; the most critical factors are the reaction time and the route length. Therefore, with the right tracking services, you can assure not just the most efficient route to the destination, but also the closest vehicle available.

On the other hand, let’s not forget about the importance of organizing. Organizing is vital in every domain where reaction time links to the survival of a person. By centralizing information about ambulances, every decision is made based on data.  Also, this increases the success rate of an intervention considerably.

This is how free tracking directly impacts the work and budget of many medical professionals.

Free tracking for how many ambulances

These services are available to over 1400 state ambulances, grossly meaning that these help the work of over 3000 medical professionals. Hence, for the entire national emergency, Track specialists will complete these teams, contributing with technical know-how.

Medical institutions now need to concentrate every resource to fight this pandemic.

We are with them.


About TrackGPS and public services

TrackGPS is Romania’s number 1 fleet management solution. It operates for private and public fleets as well.

When it comes to public services, they are the basic mechanisms that make our society function. Hence, their importance is indisputable. These services imply the management of many vehicles, whether we are talking about electricity services, sanitation, snow cleaning services or other emergency services. For this, it is essential to have centralized data and fast decision making. 

These require fleet management solutions, like real-time access to a vehicle’s exact location.

TrackGPS is an AROBS solution. In conclusion, it is ready to give a helping hand in times of need, for our society.

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