Automobile engineering – 3 short TED talks

automobile engineering

Automobile engineering – 3 short TED talks to inspire you


Automobile engineering is a field for the future. However natural it seems to us to drive and have cars around these vehicles represent freedom. But what about people who cannot see? And what about the traffic jams that seem to slow us down, no matter the performance of our cars? Furthermore, how about cars that avoid accidents?

Engineers and dreamers have long been creating the future for us. In automobile engineering, however, they step up the game. They change not only the vehicles but the whole traffic. Hence, our whole society.

So, here are 3 TED talks that will inspire you about the future. Especially in times like these, where imagining the future seems hard to do.

Automobile engineering – imagining the future

A driverless world – by Wanis Kabbaj

Automobiles are engineered to be faster, more efficient, and more attractive. But what is the use of them being faster if the speed that we are driving them is the equivalent for a horse carriage, due to heavy traffic? This is one o the questions that Wanis Kabbaj is asking and answering in this talk.


The problem is that, unlike the blood vessels in our body, our traffic is designed mostly for the surface of the ground. Therefore, there is very limited space for expansion. So, how about we think more about vertical traffic?

Also, did you know that about 30% of urban traffic is generated by drivers looking for a parking spot? No matter which urban area you live in, you have been a part of this 30%. So, you know exactly how it feels.

But with efficient use of the space, say a modular driverless vehicle a lot of our problems would disappear.

How do self-driving vehicles see – by Sajan Saini

But how would self-driving cars see? Does it seem too complicated? Watch this 5-minute video that will make everything clear. Automobile engineering is fascinating.

Automobile engineering - self-driving cars

Well, it needs “eyes” which means smart sensors that will detect everything in the environment to guide the vehicle. However, the challenge is that it needs to react to input data in a split second. Otherwise, the reaction time’s length might cause accidents. But integrated photonics come to the rescue.

Automobile engineering for the blind – by Dennis Hong

Making a car for blind drivers didn’t seem like a real challenge for automobile engineers like Dennis Hong and his teams. Well, only at first glance. But why? Because it wasn’t about driverless cars, it was about the blind driver making decisions in real-time.


For this, there is a need for something different. A need for non-visual user interface technology. Some high-tech automobile engineering, starting with three-dimensional pinging sound systems, vibrating vests, click-wheel, and voice commands to special shoes that apply pressure to the foot.

The output is revolutionary. The satisfaction is incredible. Watching the first blind driver experience finishing an obstacle-filled route that brings him to tears.

Automobile engineering expertise

The incredible potential of technology is all around us. Besides comfort, it adds value to our lives. It makes ideals like freedom and independence available to the ones who couldn’t have even imagined it before.

Especially due to automobile engineering, which had an incredibly fast evolution, these are attainable to everyone.

At AROBS there are special teams designated to automotive engineering with over 20 years of experience in this field. Enthusiastic people who believe in the positive power of technology. Their expertise on Light Control Units, BCMs, software driver systems, powertrains, infotainment systems, advanced driver assistance has helped top automotive brands enable innovation.

Do you have a dream for the automobile industry?

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Precision farming and sustainability

Precision farming expertise sustainability

Precision farming and sustainability


Precision farming is not a new concept. It boosts the efficiency of agriculture with the use of technology. However, the output is something even more important, sustainability.

With the use of customized software development that now leans into the field of IoT agriculture becomes more manageable than ever before. Therefore, with precise forecast, real-time, and near-real-time monitoring, accurate measurement, has three main benefits.

It maximizes output, increases workplace safety, and facilitates sustainability.

Maximized output

Until then use of IoT technology for agricultural purposes this sector was characterized by intense labor, volatility, and high vulnerability to climatic factors. Furthermore, there are two definitory changes: the exponential increase in demand due to the growth of the global population and global warming. These create circumstances that require to speed-up precision farming.

According to the UN, currently, the world’s population is 7.6 billion. By 2050 we will reach 9.7 billion and 11.2 billion by 2100. At the same time, the average number of calories needed to sustain the body at rest is around 2000/day/person. This is the main reason for the need for maximized output.

Increased work safety

Agricultural labor is one of the most exposed to injuries. These accidents take up to almost 20% of all workplace injuries. Given the repetitive tasks, workers are less aware of the dangers of their job. With automation, the worker doesn’t need to have direct contact with dangerous machinery.

Furthermore, these are more exposed to respiratory risks, heath stress, chemical hazards, and noise pollution.

Among the most relevant technologies to be used are agricultural robots, satellite imagery, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, according to the EU. These are stipulated in the declaration of cooperation for a sustainable digital future for European Agriculture.

With precision agriculture these risks are minimized, hence this is the most efficient way to keep agriculture worker’s safety.


With the help of big data, the right amount of resources is being used for certain agricultural purposes. Thus, unnecessary use of these is avoided, which not only results in cost-efficiency but also sustainability. The right distribution of resources leads to an environment-friendly approach to this essential sector for humanity.

Avoiding waste is essential for sustainability. Through technology, farmers have exact data about the status of crops, fields, or animals. Hence, agricultural workers can intervene strictly where it is needed. Also, by reducing the use of toxic material like pesticides agriculture becomes less harmful to the environment. Plus, through automatic checking, the farmers reduce fuel-consumption drastically.

Hence, there are several advantages to using precision farming. Not only for the increasing profitability but for the safety of labor, and most importantly for a sustainable future.

However, studies show that there is still a reticence in adopting this technology. The main reason is the fear of the unknown and the attachment of traditional methods, outweighing all proven benefits.

Precision farming expertise

The best way of fighting it the education and self-education of the decision-makers in the agricultural industry. The first step is finding trust-worthy partners with expertise. With over 20 years of experience in software outsourcing for multiple industries, the expertise on IoT and Enterprise Solutions stands out in AROBS.

From successful projects on forestry to agriculture, industry know-how is the most valuable asset. Results like forest growth calculation models, laser scanning forest assets, integrated map systems, simultaneous management of 8000 projects, 10 times improved response time, and many more. 

Choose your partner and embrace the digital transformation of the agricultural sector.

Image source: Pixabay

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Technology events are going online

technology events

Technology events are going online


Our universe has transformed radically in a fraction of time – it seems that we have closed our eyes for just one second, and when we opened them, we were in a whole new world. However, the technology events keep up with the changes produced by the fast spread of coronavirus, through technological development. This pandemic is forcing companies to digitize and opt for IT outsourcing in a high percentage, moving a wide range of activities in the online space.

Among these activities, we find a vast series of technological development events, that instead of being cancelled, take place in the virtual space. Furthermore, all these efforts lead both to the well-being and health of people, and also forming a sense of belonging to a community, an online community. State-of-art technology is the best alternative to replace the experience of human interaction.

If you don’t go to the event, the event comes to you!


A list of technology events, scheduled for the current year, have changed their form in the online space. Among them, we find:

For these technology events were found interactive methods of organizing, including online meetings, Q&A sessions and even virtual tours.

Due to technological development the online space has become more accessible lately, people still tend to give more value to face-to-face interactions. Because it is a new situation that has required drastic change, online technology events are relatively new products, and people may be reluctant.  Therefore, an effective solution is to reorganize the time plan and content, creating an interactive virtual setting that will captivate the audience. Thereupon, the transmitted information must be compressed because people cannot sit in front of a computer as much as they would stay at an actual event.

At a distance of a … click!


Event organizers often deal with last-minute crises: either the special guest announces that cannot come anymore, or there are operational problems.  Consequently, their current challenge is to move events online. From moving office work to working from home, there have been various struggles at every step.

At AROBS, we focus on the health of our employees and customers, so we opted for the work from home option from an early stage. Founded in 1998, in Cluj-Napoca, AROBS is an outsoucing company, which offers tailor-made software services. Our software development teams continue to work in these times to offer customers the services they need, at a top quality. We also try to maintain team spirit and human connection through constant online communication.

For most businesses, this is a stressful time. However, things should not be left to chance, but rather to build a favorable atmosphere to development and transformation. Especially now, when the online technology events help you to be constantly informed about the latest trends.

The online sphere manages to sustain the normal state and the proper running of things in this difficult situation. As a result, moving events in the online lead to many advantages, such as – ease creation of media content which can be viewed by a lot of people around the globe. There is also the possibility of publishing media materials after these technology events.

Therefore, technological development is proving its importance, especially now, by providing a pleasant work environment, human interaction and by supporting businesses progress, digitalization and reinvention.

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Technology books, especially the great ones, have a huge effect on our software development careers. Even though there are so many tech books written in this domain, there are only a few that really mark us.

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Task management software expertise

task management, task management software, remote task management

Task management software expertise – how to choose the best for your business?


Task management software does three main things for a business. It makes sure teams are in sync, meet deadlines, and grow productivity. Hence, it raises profit.

Teams in sync

Most of the problems teams come across are small but with a very big impact. It all comes down to organizing and communication. Two people doing the same task, not knowing the other has already started means not only useless work is done but also disappointment at the end. And disappointment is the biggest motivation killer. Moreso, when it comes to more complex projects this can lead to even failing delivery.

Then there is the issue of priorities. Everybody has different priorities influenced by their skills, worldview, and personality. A team needs to work as a living organism. Whereas if the priorities at the team level are not clear, the team cannot reach its objectives. Everybody is going to be busy working but in different directions.

Therefore, it is so essential to make sure everybody is on the same page, that the energy of the team is focused and that all the team members work in the same direction. This requires very good task management.

Meeting deadlines

It comes with a lot of frustration when the deadlines are not communicated correctly, and tasks must be done at the last minute. This brings poor work quality, inefficiency, and even more frustration. Plus, it brings the morale down. Not just for that one person responsible but for the entire team. Then there is the frustration towards the coordinator who loses grip over its team. These all lead to team erosion in a word where team cohesion is one of the most important factors for a successful delivery.

Growing productivity

Meeting deadline and being in sync boosts team morale and make their work more efficient. This leads to a growth in productivity. A well-organized team with clear objectives with a few members is much more productive than a chaotic team with many members. In a smaller but well-organized team there is full use of the team members’ full potential and skills. There is no use to have a senior on your team if you do not use its know-how. It is no use to have a talented designer on your team if you do not offer him/her challenging projects. Having people use their talents and potential brings a higher retention rate, which means less money spent on training new people.

Hence, once again, it is all about good organizing. And a task management software does exactly this.

What does a task management software do?

A task management software facilitates organization so that teams work at their full potential. Also, it is one of the most important tools for coordinators at any level. They can diagnose problems in the workflow with ease, can have a clear sense of the project’s development, and can intervene in time to assure the project’s success. It also helps them in focusing their energy on strategic decisions.

Since the benefits are great, there is a lot of demand for apps for task management. Hence, there are many products companies can choose from.


One of the greatest creators in this area is Atlassian. With task management tools that are globally popular as Jira or Trello, they are one of the leaders of facilitating a new mindset over what work is.

Task management software Atlassian  

Source: Atlassian website

Adaptability is the key to survival. Hence, Atlassian, recognizing that the way we look at work has changed is embracing the freedom of team members when creating their products. The innovation is in the mindset. It is a team-first.

Unlike classical task management apps where there is a fixed product and teams using it must adapt their work to the tool, Atlassian task management tools work the other way around. The teams have the freedom to work as it is most comfortable to them, then the tool will adjust to their needs.

Find out more about these products, here.


Rinde created in collaboration with the AROBS teams. As a product, it differentiates itself from classic task management software through automation. While its design is super simple and intuitive it helps users with its automated processes.

Task management Rindle   

Source: Rindle website

With the use of boards, team members can follow multiple simultaneous projects with ease. Adding rules, coordinators can create workflows to automate processes. This enhances collaboration and at the same time, it makes sure the job is done.

Special triggers help to design the whole process of a project from the start when the management negotiates deadlines. With the help of these triggers, processes are activated, and the project goes on autopilot. All that remains to be done is the execution.

When it comes to more complex projects, a great challenge is having repetitive tasks on multiple projects. With the mirroring feature of Rindle, one can have one task on multiple projects synced in real-time. This saves a lot of time and energy because team members don’t have to copy or duplicate tasks.

Find out more about Rindle, here.


While Monday seems to be the least popular day in the Gregorian calendar, is one of the best management software out there.

Task management app Monday

Source: Monday website

It is integrative with other popular tools that are widely used at work like Slack, Zoom, calendars, or different spreadsheets. Hence, the user can keep all the work in one place. This is always an advantage, especially when the variety of tools used to get work going are so diverse that there is a real danger people spend more time managing tasks than actually doing them.

Top companies like Uber, Hulu, and eBay are using this app to make work more efficient.

Task management software expertise

All new task management software and apps are adapted to the real needs of the modern workflow. With intuitive design and simple interfaces, all these are in the competition for maximized usability.

The simpler they are to use the more work is in the background of creating them. With entire global teams working on these to adapt and constantly test them only a few of these tools become an international success.

However, in the context of this pandemic drastically changing the way we work, these tools become even more popular and eventually essential. The dawn of remote work is upon us globally and any mid or big size company needs a task management software. Furthermore, even small companies recognize the importance of these in their everyday activity.

In AROBS there are specialized teams with experience in creating task management apps. Using the company’s over 20 years of global experience in software development and mixing it with talented professionals working with the latest programming languages the apps created are of international success.


For a tool that enhances motivation, creating a career path for every member of a company while keeping track of their work, check out AROBS’s very own Nabu.

Task management, workforce management NABU
Workforce management software NABU

It is currently handling the data of almost 1000 employees.

While innovation moves towards customization, the experience of the individual becomes very important.

The future will be customized.

Choose your software developer partner wisely.

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