Emerging Europe – where does Romania stand?

Emerging Europe is a complex project that brings focus to key individuals and organizations to a region on the rise – Eastern Europe. Technology and software development-oriented it offers a platform of intelligence and collaboration to the stakeholders of all the 23 countries. Even though Romania has much to improve, being one of the top countries of the region, is a real-time barometer for the rise of these countries. Companies of this country offer a wide range of IT services and products for complex enterprise solutions for different industries.

Recently our Voicu Oprean participated in an open panel about the evolution of Eastern European countries that are set to rise in the future. These countries have had an incredible evolution in the last three decades making them the main outsourcing destination, especially when it comes to IT or Business Processes.

Why are these countries emerging?

The short answer is talent. Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, Kosovo, and other Eastern European countries of the Emerging Europe project have a highly educated young demographic that makes them incredibly attractive for western investors. However, all this potential is not only used by foreign business owners but by local entrepreneurs as well.

The way local entrepreneurs differentiate themselves is innovation. The companies in these countries no longer just cater to Western Europe but establish partnerships based on solutions and innovative products.

This is how there are certain local companies that are thriving, as is the case of AROBS, being a 100% Romanian-owned business.

The recipe for the rise

Therefore, the recipe for a whole business sector to thrive is a combination of the talent pool, visionary local entrepreneurs, value creation, and cultural compatibility. Indeed, the geopolitical position of these countries shaped their past as well as it is shaping their future. Shifting to the highly competitive market economy only less than three decades ago, these countries managed to be in the shortest time partners to companies in developed countries.

Emerging Europe – Romania – a success story

Romania had a similar rise to other Eastern European countries. However, given that it is the third-largest country in the region when it comes to ICT students and graduates, it used this feature to its advantage. Today the country is second, after Poland, in terms of added-value created in the ICT sector and ICT service export, as stated in Emerging Europe’s 2021 IT Landscape report. Also, Romania ranks 5th within the ICT Competitiveness Index.

Home to a decacorn

The country is also the birthplace of UiPath, the first unicorn that since made it to a decacorn. Its impressive rise was acknowledged by many developed countries, making it first on the FT America’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2020 and the greatest growth of a technology company by Deloitte’s 2019 Technology Fast 500.

Major software companies

On the greatest software companies of Romania list, we find Roweb Development, Atta Systems, Modus Create, Macadamian, and AROBS Transilvania Software, ranked by Clutch.

AROBS rising with Romania

AROBS is one of a few Romanian-owned companies on the IT landscape. Born in the major academic city of Cluj-Napoca more than 20 years ago, today it provides services and solutions to over 8000 clients in 14 countries. Reaching almost 1000 employees worldwide AROBS is part of and fuel for Romania’s IT success.

Image source: Emerging Europe

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