Healthcare management software – the key change in the medical industry

Healthcare Management Software

Healthcare management software - the key change in medical industry

Healthcare management software is vital for health,  and health has always been a priority. Patient-care, in particular, has developed a wider spectrum over time and requires a constant upgrade from the medical system regarding the value of services provided. Moreover, the main engine for improved quality and innovation is technology. And healthcare management software is the most efficient form of an upgrade in this direction. Actually, the global digital health market is estimated to reach close to 200 billion dollars by this year according to So, healthcare management software can be the best thing to invest in the near future.

Be in the arena

People are tech-savvy now and it’s ordinary for them to control their health via wearable apps. As an outcome, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and clinical trial companies, as well as other stakeholders of the medical niche, are always looking for the next best healthcare management software. Technology is key to help them keep up with the new healthy habits and deliver better patient care and experience. A good healthcare software solution makes a big difference in the whole process – from employee efficiency, better data management, and services, to a smoother experience for the patient when he interacts with the system. Using technology in the operational part is vital for the end consumer and also for keeping your competitive advantages.

The paper era has ended

If you’re in the healthcare business for some time now, you already know that paperwork in such a complex system is outdated. Transferring all the data from EHR (electronic health records), EMR (electronic medical records), HIS (hospital information system), healthcare CRM, dental practice management software (DPMS), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), radiology information systems (RIS) and other medical procedures, into a protected digital form is vital. The workflow is more fluid and the focus is narrowed down to patient care rather than completing and searching for information in piles of collected data. Not to mention that these online platforms enable the use of portals where patients interact more directly and easier with your medical unit. They can schedule appointments and have records of their medical history. Also, the massive amount of big data is put in good use. Problems like inefficient treatments and processes are identified and replaced with better alternatives. Even more, clinical, financial and operational data can lead to a reduction of costs.

Must have in healthcare software management

Technology nowadays is easy to adopt, though, in particular fields like healthcare business, you need to give a closer look at certain matters of standards and confidentiality regulated by the institutions that manage the industry. But not least, look at your implementation plan.

  1. HIPAA-compliancehealthcare software solutions work with a great volume of data that are processed and stored. But is this data in safekeeping from digital breaches? To make sure of that, always make your software HIPAA-compliant.
  2. FDA-compliant – the FDA is responsible for promoting the development and production of high-quality devices by medical manufacturers in the US. That includes the integrated software that the devices use. Being FDA-compliant means reaching and keeping all these standards.
  3. Coherent strategy – Big systems can’t change overnight. So you have to put everything into a strategic plan to replace the old system with the new approach. Nevertheless, with a good communication plan, the transition is more bearable.

Healthcare management software providers create room for constant improvement in the medical system. And the trend is obviously only growing and developing more and more innovative solutions.

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Forestry Management Software for the green lungs of Northern Europe

Forestry software solution

Forestry Management Software for the green lungs of the Northern Europe

The Forestry Management Software: a platform for improved efficiency, visibility and control at each stage of the forest. Smart farming, but for trees

The forestry management of many companies in Finland needed a platform to provide improved efficiency, better visibility and control at each stage of the forest life-cycle. After the implementation of this forestry software, another type of a smart farming solution, but for trees, the cycle is more efficient: from forest to mill and from land acquisition to product delivery in order to support responsible forestry. The forestry management solution offers cloud-based data, collaboration and workflow automation services to forestry professionals and forest planning experts.

Small and medium-sized forestry companies in Finland use the solution. It has a centralized management environment for the various functions of forest planning in a modern user interface. It facilitates the update of the customer forest plans and forest stand data.

The project was implemented with the support of our colleagues from IoT business line of AROBS.

The Forestry Software functions imply:

  •       maintaining user accounts and customer data
  •       planning forestry work and cuttings
  •       managing harvesting service logistics
  •       update customer forest plans and forest stand data
  •       allows for geographic information-based forest plan and work site maps through     integrated map system
  •       laser scanning for forest asset data collection
  •       forest growth calculation models to help determine the need for cuttings.

Business Challenge of this smart farming niche product

One of the objectives of the project was and is to integrate as many as  possible of the older applications that were in use by some of the clients of our partner. An important focus was the improvement of the user experience, in particular by reducing response time, improving filters and guidance messages or alerts. A great emphasis was also put on the customization of customer-specific functionalities, the improvement of the support process and on the development of integration. This would allow better integration between the various companies’ products that help carry out the client’s activities. The forestry management at its best!

Technologies used in the forestry management project

We also made technical changes that place us in a better position in terms of market requirements, added new functionalities and support for the entire forestry management solution.
The main technologies used in the development of the project were:

  • AngularJs
  • Typescript
  • RxJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Lodash
  • ag-Gri

Benefits and impact of the Forestry Software Solution

The web-based platform created has become a valuable instrument for responsible and controlled forestry management. It’s increased responsiveness. The user experience improved the workflow that helps for a better time management. The development of new functionalities continued and the project currently has a number of tools that allow a better approach to the market.

The Forestry Software Solution is a complete niche smart farming product that integrates the entire activity process of any forestry company. As a web-based service, it can be scaled anywhere in the world, in any related industry, that desires to apply a smart farming approach.

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In clinical trials, time is money and time is life

clinical trial phases

The clinical trial phases: time is money and time is life

 The clinical trail phases last a lot and cost even more. AROBS Life Sciences Solutions collaborated on the project that succedeed to drop the amount  by 75%.
3 years of clinical trials cost up to 450 million dollars.

Saving time means saving money and when talking about the pharmaceutical industry, time is also a matter of saving lives.  
By implementing the solution with our collaborator, the entire process of clinical trial phases of the research for a new product became optimized in terms of time and money.
The necessary amount of time drops from 3 years to 3 months and, taking into consideration that one day of clinical trials research might cost up to 1.8 million dollars, the total cost of the process is reduced by 75%.

What is our input on this project?

The AROBS Life Sciences Solutions Department has helped to build expertise around specific software that simplifies the clinical trial phases and the entire process the drugs go through, from the research point to the approval, before reaching the consumer. Practically, we help the business entities analyze the features of the drugs faster, so they can send them for approval in a shorter period of time.

Our proven successes in the Life Sciences solution for our international partners, together with our high flexibility to adopt and integrate with the customer’s specific processes and standards, give us the competitive edge to meet the continuous optimization needed on the clinical trial phases research market.

Expertise - AROBS Life Sciences Solutions

We focus on clinical randomization and trial supply management activities with professional Interactive Response Technology (IRT) solutions. This app is built using an innovative Web-based technology for both web and mobile.

Our customers’ needs required a solution that helps them manage patient’s screening and enrollment in clinical trials phases, randomization and drug supply management.

Our solution was to integrate the interactive Web response services (IWRS), which was developed via an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). The Web-integrated service built by our developers offers strong reporting capabilities and other practical features.

If you’re interested in simplifying your clinical trial process, maximize the productivity of your manufacturers and work efficiently, get in touch with us!

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