Reinvention and acceleration – the travel technology market is ready!

travel technology

The travel technology market is ready for reinvention and acceleration!

The travel technology, the entire travel industry will reinvent and accelerate: any OTA Software, any Property management system, everything will change.

Everybody in tech knows that the best time to update, change, improve any application of any kind is when the users are at low numbers. The travel and hospitality tech industry is on the verge of a large reinvention and acceleration, because the game changed and we look at a period of time with many changes ahead of us.

This blog post is the second part of the article Claudiu Mailat, business group manager in the Software Services Division @AROBS, published earlier on his Linkedin profile. Please read it beforehand. 

The facts as of today in Travel & Hospitality


The pessimistic data are coming from the World Tourism Organisation, IATA and many others. IATA declares that no longer expects a “V-shaped” recovery for the airline industry as the effect of COVID-19 pandemics continue to spread. Brian Pearce, the chief economist of the industry group IATA, estimates the carriers will lose about $252 billion in revenues this year and that without government help, several “might not be able to last” until next year.

In the USA, by April, the airlines had already drastically cut their fleets and airlines will tread with extreme caution in putting planes back in service, unless they are sure passengers will fill them. Most analysts believe the industry’s recovery could take at least until 2022. 

European governments have rushed to rescue flagship airlines, with Germany offering loans to Lufthansa, and Italy’s government taking control of Alitalia. Even the most glittering heavy hitters will not escape the pain. “We will be permanently affected, with questions about changes in travellers’ behaviour,” Air France CEO Anne Rigail said recently.

What about ­corporate travel? So long as there is some risk to travellers, companies might hesitate to dispatch their employees, especially while trying to cut costs in a recession. 

European Union Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton has claimed that the pandemic is costing Europe 1bn every month, while the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) estimates that worldwide tourist arrivals could fall by as much as 30% in 2020. 

Some important information sources, like The Economist, are talking about deglobalization.  

Travel industry without globalization sounds kind of restrictive.

Is there any hope at all for the travel technology? Will we travel and vacationing again? Will we just be staycationing?

Jeremy Gutsche, of, published on Forbes a very interesting opinion: Post COVID-19 people will want to live their bucket lists as much as possible, supercharged tourism (Exoticism in travel that ensures more through escape from reality) will boom. We may even mix in a sense of gratitude and add volunteerism on these vacations. 

Another optimistic view, by Jennifer Leigh Parker, also published by Forbes, says that private vacation rental companies stand to benefit in a post-COVID world, compared to large chain hotels with hundreds of rooms and shared communal spaces built to encourage large gatherings. Of course, consumers will re-enter the travel market with lots of caution and social distancing habits. At least, this is the argument Airbnb is making to investors. Coronavirus might be the best thing (or the worst thing, depending on your perspective) that ever happened to the cruise business, which has, for decades, skirted the labour laws and environmental regulations that typically apply to income tax-paying industries. The cruise business will not sink.

The time for acceleration and reinvention in travel technology – any OTA software, any type of property management system,  – is right now. Our teams, at AROBS, will work on any solutions, we have the talent, the expertise, and the resilience to create improved versions of any travel technology app,  you name it, from OTA software to property management system apps, ready to be used in the era of the new normal.  

We love to read the travel industry, travel & hospitality technology related news they publish, and we found information for this article in:

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Technology books

Technology books that marked me

Technology books, especially the great ones, have a huge effect on our software development careers. Even though there are so many tech books written in this domain, there are only a few that really mark us.

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RentYourCrane : We truly recommend them


RentYourCrane - We truly recommend them

RentyourCrane: exciting project of front-end and back-end development. RentYourCrane allows you to order heavy-duty machinery for constructions

RentYourCrane is an innovative project that uses technology to upgrade a more than hundred years old industry.

“AROBS is an easy-going but hard-working company with the capacity to deliver. We really appreciate the way they share their ideas and help you through the whole process. The communication was good and Claudiu, the Business Manager, is a great guy who understands the business.

We wanted a new booking platform – front-end development and back-end development – so, from all the potential suppliers, we chose AROBS. They gave us the confidence we were looking for, through their experience and energy.

Everything was casual and simple, so we truly recommend them.”

Niels Wouters, Finance manager,

Study case

Lifting jobs are no easy jobs. Finding your best lifting solution is no easy job either, but RentYourCrane will assist you through the process. 

If you are looking for a lifting solution, RentYourCrane allows you to order easy and quick; determine the location, date range and product. 

Business Challenge: front-end and back-end development

Our client, with 120 years of expertise in this business, needed an innovative solution for this industry, in terms of implementing an online renting platform and build a back-office application that allows them to easier manage their products and get in touch with their customers and being able to advise them. 

If at first the platform was dedicated to manage only our client’s cranes inventory, now the challenge is to extend this platform to help as well other suppliers from this industry to rent their cranes through this rental system, making customers life easier by having a single point of searching for the most suitable crane for every lifting job, whether this involves the lifting of an enormous work of art, moving to a location that is difficult to access or the logistical organization of a construction project. 

A mobile renting solution has also been designed and is currently under implementation with the challenge to cover all functionalities that the website RentYourCrane offers, but also keep the renting process as light and fast as possible.

AROBS Approach on RentYourCrane

To make sure we understand our client business and to be able to propose the best solutions, we have started our collaboration by involving a Business Analyst.  Our team member helped us transpose the client’s needs into mockups  and created use cases that gave us a more complex view on the application workflows, both front-end and back-end development specifications kept in mind. 

Based on these requirements, an UX Designer built an attractive design for both the website and the mobile apps, keeping ease of use in mind.

Having all these established, the development team started the actual implementation, following a SCRUM Agile approach, offering the flexibility to improve the initially described requirements and proposed design, up as the project goes along.

Technologies & Tools use for front-end development and back-end development

• JavaScript, React Native

• Laravel – PHP

• MySQL, Redis

• HTML 5 / CSS 3, Bootstrap

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Curious about other projects we’ve worked on? Read about them here.

Looking for specialists in front-end and back-end development?

back-end development

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Technology books

Technology books that marked me

Technology books, especially the great ones, have a huge effect on our software development careers. Even though there are so many tech books written in this domain, there are only a few that really mark us.

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GIATA – We appreciated the “hands-on and always looking forward” approach


GIATA - We appreciated the “hands-on and always looking forward” approach: travel industry software project

GIATA, our partner, is a major player on the Travel solutions, Hospitality software and Travel industry software market.

We chose to work with the AROBS team because you proved to be the qualified developers that we were looking for. We highly appreciated the “hands-on and always looking forward” approach.

The quality of delivery during the initial preparations and the ongoing cooperation was, and remained, high. We gained great speed in the development process as soon as our collaboration started.

The communication process has always been lean.

What can I say: great company, great guys.

Andreas Posmeck, Managing Director – GIATA Gmbh, Berlin, Germany

Project overview

Travel solutions, Hospitality software and Travel industry software market is a very competitive and sophisticated industry.

For AROBS, GIATA project is one of the biggest collaborations that we’ve put our expertise and resources into. We’re glad to say we involved our technical contribution and our industry expertise in this multi-year and complex project.

More on our travel solutions & hospitality solutions expertise here

Technology challenges of this travel industry software project

By its nature, the project attracted a series of challenges. One of these is to work on many layers and components as front-end, back-end, databases and infrastructure. Having to work with a wide range of new technologies such as Typescript, ReactJs, Kafka, and more, we have proven that our team was eager to learn and to perfect these concepts.

This project and its challenges expanded our experience tool-belt a great deal.

We are doing our best to put in place all the processes, as a good development team should have. AROBS team respected all the agile/scrum ceremonies and applied the best practices in coding, by continuously deploying and testing the new features and changes. Tools like Jenkins and Sonarqube were configured in order to ensure that all processes are in place and automated. The development of travel solutions and hospitality solutions require a great deal of knowledge and skills.

The results

After AROBS collaboration, the platform is more powerful, it supports and works better with larger amounts of data used for travel solutions.  The new version will support any number of custom hotel facts, it will be more reliable, and the customers will find the UI more dynamic and much easier to use.

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We are experts in Travel solutions, Hospitality software and Travel industry software

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Technology books

Technology books that marked me

Technology books, especially the great ones, have a huge effect on our software development careers. Even though there are so many tech books written in this domain, there are only a few that really mark us.

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Channel Manager – A 18 Years Business Partnership

Channel manager

Channel manager - Integrator for Online Travel Agencies

Channel Manager is a software solution that actively manages hotel exposure to online travel agencies, such as, Expedia, SynXis, Best Western and any other similar platforms

It offers the capability to control rates and availability from a single real-time source. It also provides integration with property management systems so that the bookings, regardless of the sources, are sent directly to them.

The Channel Manager distributes the hotels live inventory to a wide range of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Global Distribution System (GDS) with minimum effort and cost.

It streamlines the channel management process by allowing you to control rates and availability from a single real-time source, removing the requirement for room allotments and manual adjustments on an individual channel basis.

Our colleagues from the Travel & Hospitality business line of AROBS are the experts working on this project.

Business Challenge of the Channel Manager project

The large range of products that cover PMS, online bookings, CRS, channel distribution, digital marketing, PCI compliance and POS systems leads to different challenges. During the development process, we started using Agile, moved to cloud and implemented continuous integration, continuous delivery, while constantly using the latest technologies.

Through several technical, as well as mindset changes, we came to the performance of managing various channels, hotels, RMSes and more than 15,000 reservations a day.

Impact of the implementation of the Channel manager project on the Online travel agencies

Our collaboration with the client has been active for more than 18 years now, so we can say that the results of our work can identify with their success. Nevertheless, our technical and business expertise has contributed to the increased value of the company on the market, which was acquired a few years ago by a large market stakeholder and evaluated at more than 70 million euros.

Technologies used for the project

  •       Junit
  •       Mockito
  •       Powermock
  •       Struts2
  •       AzureDevOps
  •       Octopus
  •       Java8
  •       Wildfly14
  •       SQLServer
  •       REST
  •       Insights

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We are experts in channel manager development for online travel agencies

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Technology books

Technology books that marked me

Technology books, especially the great ones, have a huge effect on our software development careers. Even though there are so many tech books written in this domain, there are only a few that really mark us.

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Travelport Hotelzon

Hotel booking solution

Hotel Booking Solution for corporate travel management

Corporate travel management needs strong hotel booking software. Travelport Hotelzon is the leading corporate hotel booking solution.

Travelport Hotelzon is a leading corporate hotel booking solution offering booking services and hotel distribution technology to corporate clients, hotels and agency partners. Travelport Hotelzon has an extensive customer base – over 500,000 corporate customers all around the world, and the world’s biggest travel agencies.  It serves the entire business travel industry, having a unique business model merging both travelers’ and companies’ wishes. The company is  headquartered is in Langley, UK, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Travelport.

Travelport Hotelzon’s hotel booking solution provides efficient tools for simplifying the booking process, implementing company travel policy, and control functions with real time reporting. For hotels and agency partners, it offers a suite of hotel distribution technology and services ranging from direct sales tools such as an online booking engine through to GDS distribution.

The platform fulfills and is certified according to the highest PCI level. Compliance with PCI standards helps to alleviate vulnerabilities in the card-processing ecosystem, including mobile devices, computers and servers, and protect cardholder data.

The Travelport Hotelzon International Group has twelve subsidiaries – UK, Finland, Sweden, Romania, France, Poland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Germany.

Our colleagues from the Travel & hospitality solutions business line of AROBS work on this global hotel booking software. 

Business Challenge for the new corporate travel management project

Business travelers are increasingly adopting a leisure travel mindset when booking their corporate travel and want to be able to book via consumer-grade apps while on the move. The development of a new generation of the corporate travel management  version of Travelport Hotelzon app came as a need to fill the gap between corporate and leisure booking experience. The new generation architecture and design was decided in correlation with continuous delivery principles. It’s more intuitive, responsive and user-oriented, making it easier to search and book a hotel directly from their mobile.

Another challenge is to completely migrate the current generation functionalities to a new generation platform. Furthermore, the migration of both current generation and next generation servers to Amazon represented a challenge.


Dynamic hotel search was a major release, involving new technical Hotel booking software and technologies for reducing UI response time  to half and a better user experience. Static hotel contents are directly displayed and prices are dynamically updated based on suppliers’ responses.

Hotelzon API (hAPI) is an interface through which 3rd party service providers can utilize Hotelzon content and booking capabilities within their own system’s user interface. The latest version allows the sending of a PNR record locator during booking flow, offering the possibility for our clients to link the same reservation with their air and car reservations in Travelport GDS.

Technologies used for the new hotel booking solution

  •       JavaScript
  •       Java
  •       Elastic Search
  •       Spring Boot
  •       Spring MVC
  •       Spring Data
  •       Hazelcast
  •       OAuth2
  •       Angular JS
  •       HTML 5
  •       Foundation
  •       Node.js


  •       Postman
  •       SoapUI
  •       Karma
  •       Protractor
  •       Selenium
  •       Zaproxy


  •       Jenkins
  •       Maven
  •       Gradle
  •       Sonar
  •       Ant


  •       Azure
  •       Couchbase
  •       Docker
  •       Git
  •       Rabbitmq
  •       Putty

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Technology books

Technology books that marked me

Technology books, especially the great ones, have a huge effect on our software development careers. Even though there are so many tech books written in this domain, there are only a few that really mark us.

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