Online Jobs Platform – JobCloud

Jobs platform for Switzerland

Online jobs platform for Switzerland’s employment market


Jobs platforms are the new recruiters. JobCloud’s – Switzerland’s biggest online jobs platform – collaboration with AROBS resulted in new functionalities. The output transformed the platform’s B2B and B2C parts.

One of the biggest business challenges of today’s market is recruiting. Finding the right talent for the right workplace. Statistics say, about every 250 resumes turn into one employment. Hence, there is a surge in job platforms, created to efficiently handle great amounts of data.

Switzerland’s top player in this market is JobCloud.

Jobcloud reaches over 6 million visits/month.

Partnering with AROBS helped add new functionalities to this leading Swiss portal.

Business challenge


As for every niche business, the challenge was to find the right talent. And when it comes to challenges here is JobCloud’s Product Owner perspective:

“Being in a niche market, with companies looking for similar profiles, recruiting the right talent to help us grow was a challenge. We were not agile enough to scale our teams when we had new projects.
JobCloud needed a reliable partner, able to provide resources skilled in different technologies, with a strong sense of communication and organization.
AROBS delivered all that and more.”

- Product Owner, JobCloud​

Online jobs platform – AROBS approach


Our biggest strength lies in our Agile teams. And, since 2017, AROBS’ productive collaboration contributed significantly to the project’s success – for both JobCloud B2B and B2C divisions.

Collaborative teams were distributed across 5 locations in 2 countries, a communicational challenge that we turned into success. AROBS’ teams of curious and highly skilled professionals, with expertise in a diverse palette of technologies, ensured high adaptability and problem-solving.

More so, when it comes to enterprise application development, we bring essential know-how gained in over 20 years on the market, collaborating with clients in more than 14 countries.


The AROBS team was instrumental in implementing the first version of the JobCloud marketplace.
Spring Web
Spring Cloud
Spring Boot
AmazonWS S3


The Acting as a team extension to the JobCloud team, we developed new, added-value features such as Salary, Reviews, Companies, JobAlert, JobMail, Dynamic Search.
Symfony 4
Elastic Search
Apache Kafka

Online jobs platform infographic

Jobs platform – Benefits and impact


The enhanced multi-platform solution for recruiters and applicants facilitated and simplified both creation and job posting/advertising, resulting* in:

  • Up to 83% higher conversion rate in B2B Onboarding
  • Thousands of additional app users ( +98% growth, +11% growth)
  • +27% increase in job Views from Jobmail

*Data compared to the previous year.

We begun with a team extension and consolidated into a long-term partnership; the combination of daily calls, backlog grooming, planning, demos, and retrospectives ensured an efficient and fruitful communication between JobCloud and AROBS.

“We started with an initial team and a Scrum organization and the first few weeks validated our decision for a long-term collaboration with AROBS. They proved highly adaptable to our context, which meant both standalone and mixed teams.

As an agile partner, with an appetite for constant improvement, they were instrumental in the project’s success.” – Product Owner, JobCloud

The Swiss online jobs platform leader’s collaboration with AROBS is a success story.

Read more about similar projects and discover AROBS’s cloud application expertise, here.

Image source: Pixabay

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Reinvention and acceleration – the travel technology market is ready!

travel technology

The travel technology market is ready for reinvention and acceleration!

The travel technology, the entire travel industry will reinvent and accelerate: any OTA Software, any Property management system, everything will change.

Everybody in tech knows that the best time to update, change, improve any application of any kind is when the users are at low numbers. The travel and hospitality tech industry is on the verge of a large reinvention and acceleration, because the game changed and we look at a period of time with many changes ahead of us.

This blog post is the second part of the article Claudiu Mailat, business group manager in the Software Services Division @AROBS, published earlier on his Linkedin profile. Please read it beforehand. 

The facts as of today in Travel & Hospitality


The pessimistic data are coming from the World Tourism Organisation, IATA and many others. IATA declares that no longer expects a “V-shaped” recovery for the airline industry as the effect of COVID-19 pandemics continue to spread. Brian Pearce, the chief economist of the industry group IATA, estimates the carriers will lose about $252 billion in revenues this year and that without government help, several “might not be able to last” until next year.

In the USA, by April, the airlines had already drastically cut their fleets and airlines will tread with extreme caution in putting planes back in service, unless they are sure passengers will fill them. Most analysts believe the industry’s recovery could take at least until 2022. 

European governments have rushed to rescue flagship airlines, with Germany offering loans to Lufthansa, and Italy’s government taking control of Alitalia. Even the most glittering heavy hitters will not escape the pain. “We will be permanently affected, with questions about changes in travellers’ behaviour,” Air France CEO Anne Rigail said recently.

What about ­corporate travel? So long as there is some risk to travellers, companies might hesitate to dispatch their employees, especially while trying to cut costs in a recession. 

European Union Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton has claimed that the pandemic is costing Europe 1bn every month, while the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) estimates that worldwide tourist arrivals could fall by as much as 30% in 2020. 

Some important information sources, like The Economist, are talking about deglobalization.  

Travel industry without globalization sounds kind of restrictive.

Is there any hope at all for the travel technology? Will we travel and vacationing again? Will we just be staycationing?

Jeremy Gutsche, of, published on Forbes a very interesting opinion: Post COVID-19 people will want to live their bucket lists as much as possible, supercharged tourism (Exoticism in travel that ensures more through escape from reality) will boom. We may even mix in a sense of gratitude and add volunteerism on these vacations. 

Another optimistic view, by Jennifer Leigh Parker, also published by Forbes, says that private vacation rental companies stand to benefit in a post-COVID world, compared to large chain hotels with hundreds of rooms and shared communal spaces built to encourage large gatherings. Of course, consumers will re-enter the travel market with lots of caution and social distancing habits. At least, this is the argument Airbnb is making to investors. Coronavirus might be the best thing (or the worst thing, depending on your perspective) that ever happened to the cruise business, which has, for decades, skirted the labour laws and environmental regulations that typically apply to income tax-paying industries. The cruise business will not sink.

The time for acceleration and reinvention in travel technology – any OTA software, any type of property management system,  – is right now. Our teams, at AROBS, will work on any solutions, we have the talent, the expertise, and the resilience to create improved versions of any travel technology app,  you name it, from OTA software to property management system apps, ready to be used in the era of the new normal.  

We love to read the travel industry, travel & hospitality technology related news they publish, and we found information for this article in:

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Technology books, especially the great ones, have a huge effect on our software development careers. Even though there are so many tech books written in this domain, there are only a few that really mark us.

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AROBS – a dedicated partner

AROBS - a dedicated partner

AROBS - a dedicated partner

AROBS – a dedicated partner? Don’t believe us. Believe our collaborator!


When it comes to IT outsourcing Romania, AROBS is a confident choice for many Western countries. Given its highly skilled professionals and adaptiveness to new technology, we are delivering high-level expertise to numerous industries.

Hear our collaborator from the USA:

“It was a great experience working with the AROBS team on a large multi-year project for one of our Pharma clients.”

AROBS – a dedicated partner

“The AROBS team’s flexibility and dedication to the project, and knowledge of different aspects of technologies, as well as their ongoing support,  made our job so much easier when it came to building the portal and supporting our clients. Collaboration between our internal development team and AROBS’ team was effortless. 

Everyone was very professional and understanding of the business as well as agile at completing the job with accuracy. It was a pleasure working with AROBS and we will definitely hire them again.”

Peter Lyons, D2 Creative


Do you want to create your own success story?

Send us an e-mail at

Curious about what we do when it comes to cloud applications or other solutions for enterprises?

Read more, here.

RentYourCrane : We truly recommend them


RentYourCrane - We truly recommend them

RentyourCrane: exciting project of front-end and back-end development. RentYourCrane allows you to order heavy-duty machinery for constructions

RentYourCrane is an innovative project that uses technology to upgrade a more than hundred years old industry.

“AROBS is an easy-going but hard-working company with the capacity to deliver. We really appreciate the way they share their ideas and help you through the whole process. The communication was good and Claudiu, the Business Manager, is a great guy who understands the business.

We wanted a new booking platform – front-end development and back-end development – so, from all the potential suppliers, we chose AROBS. They gave us the confidence we were looking for, through their experience and energy.

Everything was casual and simple, so we truly recommend them.”

Niels Wouters, Finance manager,

Study case

Lifting jobs are no easy jobs. Finding your best lifting solution is no easy job either, but RentYourCrane will assist you through the process. 

If you are looking for a lifting solution, RentYourCrane allows you to order easy and quick; determine the location, date range and product. 

Business Challenge: front-end and back-end development

Our client, with 120 years of expertise in this business, needed an innovative solution for this industry, in terms of implementing an online renting platform and build a back-office application that allows them to easier manage their products and get in touch with their customers and being able to advise them. 

If at first the platform was dedicated to manage only our client’s cranes inventory, now the challenge is to extend this platform to help as well other suppliers from this industry to rent their cranes through this rental system, making customers life easier by having a single point of searching for the most suitable crane for every lifting job, whether this involves the lifting of an enormous work of art, moving to a location that is difficult to access or the logistical organization of a construction project. 

A mobile renting solution has also been designed and is currently under implementation with the challenge to cover all functionalities that the website RentYourCrane offers, but also keep the renting process as light and fast as possible.

AROBS Approach on RentYourCrane

To make sure we understand our client business and to be able to propose the best solutions, we have started our collaboration by involving a Business Analyst.  Our team member helped us transpose the client’s needs into mockups  and created use cases that gave us a more complex view on the application workflows, both front-end and back-end development specifications kept in mind. 

Based on these requirements, an UX Designer built an attractive design for both the website and the mobile apps, keeping ease of use in mind.

Having all these established, the development team started the actual implementation, following a SCRUM Agile approach, offering the flexibility to improve the initially described requirements and proposed design, up as the project goes along.

Technologies & Tools use for front-end development and back-end development

• JavaScript, React Native

• Laravel – PHP

• MySQL, Redis

• HTML 5 / CSS 3, Bootstrap

    Thinking about creating your own project in this field or related fields? Be sure we can help you with that. 
Just send an email at:

Curious about other projects we’ve worked on? Read about them here.

Looking for specialists in front-end and back-end development?

back-end development

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Technology books

Technology books that marked me

Technology books, especially the great ones, have a huge effect on our software development careers. Even though there are so many tech books written in this domain, there are only a few that really mark us.

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GIATA – We appreciated the “hands-on and always looking forward” approach


GIATA - We appreciated the “hands-on and always looking forward” approach: travel industry software project

GIATA, our partner, is a major player on the Travel solutions, Hospitality software and Travel industry software market.

We chose to work with the AROBS team because you proved to be the qualified developers that we were looking for. We highly appreciated the “hands-on and always looking forward” approach.

The quality of delivery during the initial preparations and the ongoing cooperation was, and remained, high. We gained great speed in the development process as soon as our collaboration started.

The communication process has always been lean.

What can I say: great company, great guys.

Andreas Posmeck, Managing Director – GIATA Gmbh, Berlin, Germany

Project overview

Travel solutions, Hospitality software and Travel industry software market is a very competitive and sophisticated industry.

For AROBS, GIATA project is one of the biggest collaborations that we’ve put our expertise and resources into. We’re glad to say we involved our technical contribution and our industry expertise in this multi-year and complex project.

More on our travel solutions & hospitality solutions expertise here

Technology challenges of this travel industry software project

By its nature, the project attracted a series of challenges. One of these is to work on many layers and components as front-end, back-end, databases and infrastructure. Having to work with a wide range of new technologies such as Typescript, ReactJs, Kafka, and more, we have proven that our team was eager to learn and to perfect these concepts.

This project and its challenges expanded our experience tool-belt a great deal.

We are doing our best to put in place all the processes, as a good development team should have. AROBS team respected all the agile/scrum ceremonies and applied the best practices in coding, by continuously deploying and testing the new features and changes. Tools like Jenkins and Sonarqube were configured in order to ensure that all processes are in place and automated. The development of travel solutions and hospitality solutions require a great deal of knowledge and skills.

The results

After AROBS collaboration, the platform is more powerful, it supports and works better with larger amounts of data used for travel solutions.  The new version will support any number of custom hotel facts, it will be more reliable, and the customers will find the UI more dynamic and much easier to use.

Work with us

We are experts in Travel solutions, Hospitality software and Travel industry software

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Technology books

Technology books that marked me

Technology books, especially the great ones, have a huge effect on our software development careers. Even though there are so many tech books written in this domain, there are only a few that really mark us.

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AROBS was the ideal software partner for a multi-year project

software partner

You have found your ideal software partner for your project

Our partner and collaborator is a global software development company headquartered in New York. For their project, AROBS was the ideal software partner.

Our client has offices in the US, Europe and South America.  INC 5000 listed them more than 7 times as one of America’s fastest growing private companies.

The Lead Software Architect of our client, about our collaboration as software partners: 

“AROBS was the ideal partner for a multi-year project. We build a legacy replacement project for a major global music publishing system. The complexity of the business domain along with the technical complexities of moving a mainframe enterprise system to a cloud-native platform required a team that could take ownership of the vision. And at the same time, to be a true partner at every level.”

Some of our industry-changing projects are proof of our quality as software partner

The complexity of the project  gave birth to problem-solving strategies. Even in this technology driven era of communication, our teams got together periodically for a better understanding of the challenges of the industry. So they developed the best possible solutions.

“We had a global team of peers working together to solve difficult problems from development to QA to DevOps, to design/architecture and project management. The success of the project is a confirmation of the skills and dedication of the entire team.”

Our collaboration continues with even more ambitious projects in the near-future.

AROBS is one of the most important Romanian IT outsourcing and software company and a reliable partner for software services for industries as competitive as Automotive, Travel & Hospitality, IoT, Life Sciences and Enterprise Solutions. AROBS grew to an extended team of 950+ colleagues and collaborators in three continents. Software services are rooted in the heart of Romania and our DNA.


telemarketing solution

A Complete Telemarketing Solution

Overpass, a US-based tech company with offices in NY & NJ, has developed a telemarketing solution that optimizes a business’s call center activities and expenses, providing an out-of-the-box alternative to the traditional brick and mortar model.

The old business model has always been plagued with nagging issues: high overhead, lack of transparency, inconsistency with brand messaging, poor customer service, etc. By consolidating the entire customer engagement process and moving it to the cloud, Overpass has created the first call center marketplace that makes it easy to hire, set up, and monitor any type of campaign from end-to-end. All the talent and tools are in one place to tailor a campaign to its exact needs.

The collaboration between Overpass and AROBS software development team started with the need to find talented JavaScript developers to scale up the US team. In a discussion with Yamen Bendit, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer @Overpass, he said:

"A key factor for our product development team's success is having the ability to work cohesively. After visiting AROBS' offices and meeting some of the staff, I was impressed by their dedication to delivering quality services and their overall flexibility. This was very important for us when looking to expand our team. The developers and QA team members from AROBS were able to easily work with our in-house team and contribute to the overall development flow."

Talented JavaScript developers

The most important outcome of our collaboration was the creation of a great product. AROBS specialists have helped Overpass build an amazing platform that will enable companies and contractors looking for remote work to excel in their business goals. As Yamen Bendit said, “The development of a successful product starts with cultivating a great team.” He considers the team that Overpass and AROBS have built one of the key competitive aspects of our collaboration, a complete telemarketing solution. We are looking forward to work on our common growth!

More about Overpass here

Work with us

Photos by Junior Teixeira from Pexels/ Mateusz Dach from Pexels/

Splendia, a luxury brand


Splendia - Luxury Hotel Booking Solution

Splendia is a luxury hotel booking solution and it is an award-winning online travel agent platform that offers an exclusive curated selection of exceptional hotels worldwide and exquisite services to passionate travellers. It exceeds it’s basic functionality as an online travel agent by establishing a trustworthy relationship with the selected hotel partners and offering the end-customer the best options for an unforgettable experience. The concept was brought to life by Elie de Coignac and Benoît Durand, who met in Marrakesh and found a common passion for e-commerce and luxury travel. Together they built up a website dedicated to discovering and traveling to the most hidden gems, in terms of accommodation. At this moment, Splendia is based in Barcelona, with 40+ members team, a strong portfolio of 3,000 hotels placed worldwide. Spendia serves more than 1,5 million customers.

“Traveling is not just going in (on) a journey, that’s why I created a platform, Splendia, that offers you a travel experience that is easy to manage and enjoyable. Thanks to AROBS' commitment and their expertise on the travel industry, the platform they developed for us, Splendia, was acquired by Voyage Privé”
Elie de Cogniac
founder and Managing Director Splendia

The Business Challenge for the Splendia booking solution

Luxury travel requires higher standards starting from the place where a customer books his journey. And the journey starts online, asking for a positive impact from the first click – the booking solution is vital. When we were approached by Splendia they had several important aspects that needed to be optimized or replaced overall. One was the legacy code spread in various sub-domains. The challenge for our team was to gather the data in one place, into a single platform with high functionality and responsiveness. Also, AROBS needed to create a new design to it and build a central console that could be easily used by hotel owners, market managers, customer support and Splendia administrators. Another important part of the challenge was to improve the security of the payment methods required by industry standards.

AROBS Approach for Splendia Booking Solution

Our solutions involved from the beginning the implementation of the latest technologies. We have improved page load speed, redundancy and managed to drop the offline time of the website up time to 99.99% for the entire year of 2017. We attained PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) level one compliance by implementing API at REST standards. Compliance with PCI standards helps to alleviate vulnerabilities in the card-processing ecosystem. This  included mobile devices, computers and servers, and protect cardholder data. In addition, we redesigned the server’s infrastructure and moved it from the US to the UK.


  • RedHat
  • CentOS
  • Database
  • Mongo DB
  • Mysql
  • Cache
  • Memcached
  • Php 7
  • Symfony FW
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS FW
  • AngularJS
  • Sphinx

Benefits and impact

The user experience reached an optimized level for both direct hotel partners, as well as for end-customers, with a responsiveness of 2-3 seconds per click.

Due to the underlying API structure of the entire application, the integration for various and new partners has become easier. The payments transactions are made at the highest security level of the industry standards.

The hotels registered on the website, using the Booking Solution, could be easily advertised on various platforms due to the improved connectivity.

Above all, the most important milestone in our collaboration was the purchase of Splendia by Voyage Prive, one of the top travel market leaders in France, due to the added value brought by AROBS’s contribution through the latest technologies and business expertise.


Work with us