Business mobility solutions: Optimall SFA, CRM+, WMS, SMIS, Microsoft Suite

Our expertise in business mobility solutions created Optimall SFA, a complete optimization suite. SFA, WMS, TMS and CRM solutions. 

From sales and distribution automation, warehouse inventory management, TMS systems to business intelligence software, Optimall SFA has them all.

Launched in 2003, Optimall SFA Android was the very first product AROBS launched for the Romanian market.

Since then, Optimall has developed 6 different solutions dedicated to manufacturing and distribution companies across 10 industries.  Therefore, Optimall serves more than 300 clients.
All these business mobility solutions are compatible and can be integrated with more than 73 ERP systems.

Business mobility solutions

Optimall SFA – sales force automation system

Optimall SFA provides automated workflows that create a streamlined sales process to manage business leads, sales forecasts and team performance.

Optimall SFA (Sales Force Automation System)  is a software application designed to bring efficiency in sales activities and to automate the sales process especially within distribution companies such as: beverages, dairy etc.

It is the most successful product among our business mobility solutions.

Find out more about Optimall SFA:

sales force automation system
tms systems

Optimall Logistic – TMS systems

Optimall Logistic is a TMS Systems solution. It ensures the automation of the delivery process, for distribution companies delivery drivers.
In conclusion, the Optimall Logistic Web and Mobile applications offer the ideal solution for delivery planning. From store keepers, to dispatchers as well as to delivery drivers, Logistic takes care of the smooth and fast delivery process.

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optimall wms bi sfa

Optimall SMIS

SMIS (Smart Mobile Inventory System) is a software application that improves the quality of asset inventory operations within an institution with the help of barcodes.

The solution also automates asset inflow and outflow operations, as well as the transfer of fixed assets and inventory objects between various locations and inventories.

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smart mobile inventory system
warehouse management system

Optimall WMS – Warehouse Management System

Optimall WMS is our warehouse management software.
The WMS (Warehouse Management System) software provides help for easier management of warehouse workflows.  From the reception of goods, the output of goods and inventory to the barcode validation system, our WMS has them all.

It is the second most used product among our business mobility solutions.

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Optimall WebAPI

Optimall WebAPI facilitates the synchronization of orders, invoices, prices, new customers and stocks between and the management system. The implementation of this solution optimizes order processing times because the data synchronization is made fast and effortlessly.

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Business optimization is one of the main goals of digitalization. Optimall was the first product designed for this and launched on the Romanian market by AROBS, at it’s very beginnings. Find out who are the people behind the project in the article.

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