Cloud applications development for Enterprises

Our Cloud applications development for Enterprises expertise will bring your ideas to life.  
The use of proven methodologies, technological mastery and expertise in software development will assure your satisfaction with the end-product.

Plug into over 20 years of experience of understanding business requirements and turning them into software solutions, whether your idea needs proficiency in cloud-based applications, near-real time or reactive applications, Big Data, NoSQL or any other advanced software technology.

While technological knowledge is essential, sharing values like professionalism, innovation and commitment are pivotal to a rewarding collaboration.
Consequently, our partnership goes beyond execution. Our clients are from USA, UK, Germany, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands.

Custom-made software solutions for company-specific challenges,
created by a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience.

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Why AROBS for Enterprise Solutions:

Tailor-made solutions
Cloud applications development for Enterprises with company-specific challenges, created by a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience.

User-focused products
Intuitive, easy-to-use products that serve user experience.

Experience has shown us that the key to success is in the human factor. Hence, we encourage you to meet the people in charge of shaping your idea or business model.

Featured Products:

Our expertise on cloud applications development for Enterprises includes, but is not limited to organizing and planning applications, industry-based aggregators and various information-processing platforms. Here are some of our past projects:

1. Modernization in the music industry

We replaced the 20-year-old system of one of the biggest music publishers and created a global publishing system that brings improved business functionality and efficiency, facilitating business transformation and further centralization of some core business functions like song-management, contract briefing, copyright, registration, portal, royalty processing and tracking/reporting.

Therefore, in collaboration with an external partner we created a modern, cloud-native application using innovative technology. Together we combined smart adaptive solutions for load and scalability, Big Data NoSQL solutions and high availability, while maintaining the stability of the system, to get near real-time updates and minimize delivery time.

As a result, it allowed new requirements to quickly and easily adapt to the latest business and market requirements.

Read more about this project, here.

2. Intellectual property management tool

Intellectual property is an issue of growing interest. Given this epidemic of new brands, the scarcity of original names is increasingly high.

Therefore, the business challenge was to offer users a platform with real time information on the singularity of their brand names in a conglomerate of different data formats.

As a result, we managed to bring diverse data to the same format integrating intellectual property offices on a global level. Hence, the created aggregator enables users to check the level of safety of a business decision concerning intellectual property.

3. Cyber-attack and malicious application detection and protection, for iOS and Android devices

We oversaw the testing of a revolutionary engine, based on machine learning that diagnoses threats faster than cloud based mobile security solutions, regardless to the user`s connection status to the network. Getting its data right from the behavior of the mobile device, it cannot only identify the specific malicious attack but supply essential information about it. Also, it protects against known malicious applications based on an up-to-date database.

Our professionals contributed with know-how based on extensive experience and network simulated attacks using specific tools running on Linux.

Cloud applications development for Enterprises
Case study

Project management application for agriculture

Social impact is one of our core values. Working on projects that reflect our values is a privilege. This is the case with this project, a cloud-native application for an NGO that help other worldwide NGOs prosper in the agriculture industry.

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Case study

Modernization in the music industry

Unquestionably, music has a huge impact on people’s lives. Influencing this industry that affects the daily lives of the global population was as challenging, as it was a great source of pride.

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