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Coso by AROBS: Business Automation and Educational Software

Business automation is one of the key points of CoSo by AROBS. With more than 26 years of experience in this field, CoSo by AROBS is specialized in software development, highly skilled in the fields of process automation, TMS and more recently educational software.

Alpega, Emerson, BASF and Schneider are among the most important clients of CoSo by AROBS.
Our office is in Ulvenhout (Breda-The Netherlands), with a subsidiary in Belgium.

CoSo by AROBS is active for more than 26 years in the field of automation software. The origin of the company lies in the field of technical automation, more specifically production automation. In recent years, CoSo by AROBS has grown strongly in the field of software development while keeping up with our technical automation origin.

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We solve business automation challenges through state-of-the-art SCADA, PLC, DCS, Batch or other control manufacturing systems and technologies.
Also, we pride ourselves that at CoSo by AROBS, process control engineers strive for a high-quality system integration for chemical, oil and gas, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.

Similarly, we offer knowledge on diverse technology options: DCS, PLC and ESD, ATEX, Wireless, ISA S88/Batch and SIL (TUV certified), knowledge and experience with Fieldbuses, including Profibus, HART and Foundation Fieldbus.
Both our company and our engineers are VCA-certified.

Our expertise in software for industrial process automation brings new possibilities for our clients, We optimize their logistics and with our software, we strive to gain time and effort optimization, to deliver in the end a full business automation solution.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT – Tailor-made software solutions

Our developers will gladly grant their support to search for the best, tailor-made solution in business automation and further more.
We create software accessible from wherever you may roam. No internet connection needed.
We develop apps for mobile, iOS and Android devices.
Likewise, we will help you develop any stand-alone solution, either connected or not to existing systems.
Our software is based on modern design methods available in the Microsoft .NET environment.

Electronic Data Interchange
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standard for the electronic exchange of certain company documents: orders, accounts, certain messages or confirmations. This is an important aspect to be optimized for many businesses in the freight fleet management area.
Also, we are highly specialized in conversing different standards available for EDI.
A fixed rate package is available, on a yearly rate, for translation, regardless of the number of documents.

Successful projects


MiCS (My Competence Score) is our market tested product, an application created for schools focused on children with special needs. In collaboration with a Dutch special school, we followed the precise necessities of the pupils and their teachers and in the end, we developed this solution. Moreover, MiCS managed to save that school by optimizing its activity as the exigences of the national ranking system and the other institutions threatened to close its doors.
As a result, MiCS will be the first educational software on this market that will ensure the communication among pupils, parents and teachers and it will insure online connection with the integrated national education reporting system.
The product will be marketed to the 125 special schools in the Netherlands and will be easily replicable at regional level.


Stagezuil matches students with companies for the identification of the perfect internship.
All available companies offering internships are shown on the map, allowing the students to filter on routes and other criteria.
The Stagezuil is able to operate independently, however it is also possible to operate it as an add-on of MiSC.

The TransWeb

TransWeb is a cloud-based solution for logistical service providers which, in collaboration with Wolters Kluwer TAS-TMS, makes your logistical operations available online.
Also, it gives customers the possibility to sign up transport files online.
The templates of your TransWeb documents are easily customizable.
Besides this, it allows extensive search options and insights on the status of every transport entry.
It is connected to Wolters Kluwer TAS-TMS with no other operations needed.

CoSo by AROBS - Job Opportunities

CoSo by AROBS wants to expand its team. We have 5 new sys admin positions.

If you speak English fluently, in both spoken and written and you have a graduate degree in Computer and Information Systems Technology or an equivalent level of qualification, then this is for you.

Your goal will be to ensure that our technology infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently. As the job implies a mid-level difficulty, you need to have experience in:

  • the administration of VMWare versions 5.5 and up
  • the administration of Microsoft Windows Servers 2008/2012/2016
  • the operation of SCCM
  • implementation and maintenance activities of Active Directory and Federation Services in large enterprise environments consisting of multiple interconnected and federated Active Directory Domains and Forests.
  •  implementing configuration and security settings through AD Group policies
  • implementing solutions in public cloud environments


Extensive knowledge of secure information systems can make a difference.

If you are interested, you can find more information by sending an email at

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The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)76 520 2405
M: +31 (0)6 51589627

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