Fleet Management Solutions by AROBS

AROBS became one of the top fleet management solutions provider in the Eastern Europe. growing organically and by aquisitions.


TrackGPS is a complete management fleet solution, using a GPS system, special devices and proprietary software, improved during 13 years of experience. The solution has been designed to cover your fleet’s essential needs, providing vehicle information in real time.

By processing the big data, the application generates reports, graphics and tables, which allow analysis and comparison according to specific parameters. The services are customized according to client’s specific needs

The solution also provides TrackGPS Mobile, an application developed for smartphones and tablets that operate on Android and iOS.

The benefits of using the TrackGPS fleet management solution:

  • Operating and maintenance costs reduced by up to 20%;
  • Real-time sensor-based data about security events;
  • Automatic reports for fleet costs reimbursement;
  • Real-time location and door-opening alerts;
  • Up to 15% less road incidents.

Why TrackGPS fleet management solution by AROBS Transilvania Software?

  • Over 4000 clients;
  • Over 50.000 tracked vehicles;
  • Over 100 reports;
  • Application in 6 languages;
  • Own intervention team;
  • Over 80 partner services;
  • Google, Here, OSM and local maps providers integrator.

TrackGPS platform may be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

TrackGPS solution is a highly scalable platform with an application available in 6 languages: Romanian, English, Hungarian, Russian, French and Indonesian. It comes in a SaaS version and supports different GPS hardware trackers, open for integration with other systems through dedicated API.

The flexible design covers all type of business, from various industries like public services, refrigerated transport, agriculture, road transportation, IT & telecommunications, courier services, banking & insurance.

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SAS Grup-alarma.ro, one of the top fleet management solutions in Romania


AROBS acquired, in 2018, a company very well known in Romania for it fleet management solution and platform – SAS Grup, headquartered in Bucharest.

More about SAS Grup – read on alarma.ro 

Skyshield Hungary is one of the companies in the AROBS Grup

At the end of 2019, AROBS Pannonia, our Hungarian branch, acquired Skyshield, with a strong client base, with a very good fleet management solution, and impecable services in fleet management. Read more about the aquisition here

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