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AROBS  Life Sciences – Healthcare Software Solutions division has build its expertise in the past years around long-term collaborations with major companies in the pharmaceutical industry – USA and Canada. During this period of time, we developed medical software that simplifies the clinical trial management system’s process for medicines, from the research point to the approval, before reaching the consumer.

The clinical trial market requires constant optimization. So our target is to come up with solutions that make the methods applied in research more efficient and effective. In other words, we strive to be ahead of the market’s needs and develop custom software solutions. As a result, this contributed to the successful completion of several large projects.

Although our path has unfolded mostly in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare software development for medical devices, we have also worked on projects that concern the entire health industry. For example, we can mention fitness apps, efficient patient monitoring system, as well as special applications that are crucial for the environment, like the responsible forest management app.

Healthcare software development for the
biggest corporations in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Why AROBS for Life Sciences:

Industry Expertise
Working with large pharmaceutical corporations from the US has given us valuable market insight and expertise in important areas that concern the entire health industry. Thus, we can offer efficient software solutions based on the highest quality standards of the Food and Drug Administration Compliance and the best technologies applied to this domain.

Save time
Technical solutions can save a lot of time when it comes to complicated processes that imply a lot of data.  As a result, developing a software solution that significantly reduces the time of complex processes leads to efficiency, faster results and competitive advantages on the market.

Save money
Furthermore, reducing the time-frame for long and complex processes results in the immediate drop of costs by important percentages. Meanwhile this favors new investments and opportunities in the industry, for your business.

Featured Products:

1. Clinical Trial Data Management
This is a customizable Food and Drug Administration compliant software used by manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in order to manage the large volumes of data generated during clinical trials. In short, its functionalities lead to the reduction of process time from the research point to the end-consumer by up to 75%.

2. Cancer Treatment Management
iPhone and Android app created to replace the classic medical record with a modern, smart system, specifically created for oncology patients. It generates treatment worksheets, calculates dosage, manages drug and supply inventories, monitors outcomes and alerts for critical indicators.

3. Responsible forest management software
The software offers cloud-based data, collaboration and workflow automation services to small and medium-sized forestry companies in Finland. In addition to that, the provided solutions improve efficiency and ensure better visibility and control, at each stage of the forest life-cycle, from forest to mill and from land acquisition to product delivery.

Life Sciences
Case study

In clinical trials, time is money and time is life

3 years of clinical trials cost up to 450 million dollars. AROBS Life Sciences Solutions collaborated on the project that succedeed to drop the amount by 75%. And when we are talking about Pharma industry, time is also a question of saving lives.

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