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AROBS  Life Sciences – Healthcare Software Solutions division has build its expertise in the past years around long-term collaborations with major companies in the pharmaceutical industry – USA and Canada. During this period of time, we developed medical software that simplifies the clinical trial management system’s process for medicines, from the research point to the approval, before reaching the consumer.

The clinical trial market requires constant optimization. So our target is to come up with solutions that make the methods applied in research more efficient and effective. In other words, we strive to be ahead of the market’s needs and develop custom software solutions. As a result, this contributed to the successful completion of several large projects.

Although our path has unfolded mostly in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare software development for medical devices and specifically in clinical trial management system, we have also worked on projects that concern the entire health industry. For example, we can mention fitness apps, efficient patient monitoring system, as well as special applications that are crucial for the environment, like the responsible forest management app.

Healthcare software development for the
biggest corporations in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Why AROBS for Life Sciences:

Industry Expertise
Working with large pharmaceutical corporations from the US has given us valuable market insight and expertise in important areas that concern the entire health industry. Thus, we can offer efficient software solutions based on the highest quality standards of the Food and Drug Administration Compliance and the best technologies applied to this domain.

Save time
Technical solutions can save a lot of time when it comes to complicated processes that imply a lot of data, like in the case of  a clinical trial management system.  As a result, developing a software solution that significantly reduces the time of complex processes leads to efficiency, faster results and competitive advantages on the market.

Save money
Furthermore, reducing the time-frame for long and complex processes results in the immediate drop of costs by important percentages. Meanwhile this favors new investments and opportunities in the industry, for your business.

Featured Products:

1. Clinical Trial Management System
This is a customizable Food and Drug Administration compliant software used by manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in order to manage the large volumes of data generated during clinical trials. In short, its functionalities lead to the reduction of process time from the research point to the end-consumer by up to 75%.

2. Cancer Treatment Management
iPhone and Android app created to replace the classic medical record with a modern, smart system, specifically created for oncology patients. It generates treatment worksheets, calculates dosage, manages drug and supply inventories, monitors outcomes and alerts for critical indicators.

3. Responsible forest management software
The software offers cloud-based data, collaboration and workflow automation services to small and medium-sized forestry companies in Finland. In addition to that, the provided solutions improve efficiency and ensure better visibility and control, at each stage of the forest life-cycle, from forest to mill and from land acquisition to product delivery.

Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Case study

In clinical trials, time is money and time is life

3 years of clinical trials cost up to 450 million dollars. AROBS Life Sciences Solutions collaborated on the project that succedeed to drop the amount by 75%. And when we are talking about Pharma industry, time is also a question of saving lives.

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Bionic neurons have been created
With the support of technology and healthcare software development, great discoveries arise. Recently, scientists have Generated Artificial neurons which may be implanted to overcome migraines, restore neglecting brain circuits, even link the human mind to machines.This life sciences breakthrough came while the researchers were trying to simulate neurons, then recreate their firing patterns with precision with a new healthcare software solution. The new solution used data gathered from rat neurons from the hippocampus, an area that's vital for learning and memory.The researchers claim that with the new healthcare software solution are now able to construct neurons according to some of the nerve cells located in even the distant parts of the the brain.With the healthcare software development industry creating incredible solutions medical problems like paralysis and other diseases can be overcome.
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The life sciences breakthrough winners of 2019
The breakthrough prize this year in Life Sciences has been offered for the discovery of a brand-new endocrine system by which adipose tissue indicates the brain to modulate food intake. Jeffrey Friedman has started to study the molecular pathway that regulates body fat in 1994 intending to put a stop to fat-shaming. Douglas Coleman (Jackson Laboratory) his research partner demonstrated an appetite-suppressing chemical circulates in the blood and indicates another molecule to suppress hunger. Jeffrey M. Friedman (Rockefeller University) isolated the gene which encodes the hunger suppressant and demonstrated that fat cells discharge it. Their research and following findings determined a big ground-breaking discovery in life sciences by demonstrating that this compound, leptin, plays the fundamental role within a self-regulating circuit: as fat accumulates, it arouses leptin, which leads to a receptor in the brain which quells the urge to consume. Coleman and Friedman have established fresh understandings of obesity and ailments that result from perturbed leptin action. Individual people eat roughly a million calories annually, however most people's weight stays stable over long spans.
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The impact of IoT in Healthcare Software Development
The predictable merge between IoT and Healthcare Software Development has given birth to Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). A term that comes to define the beneficial connection between the two domains that are shaping the new approach in medicine and Healthcare Software Solutions. The medical field offers a great space of exploration to the IoT technologies. Furthermore, they can gather information from patients and can create algorithms that predict the appearance of possible diseases. The impact is even more important, when it comes to creating treatment programs custom made for patients. The advantages of integrating IoT in Healthcare Software Development bring a lot of benefits to both companies and patients. You have lower expenses if people’s health is monitored constantly with carry-on gadgets, because they don’t need doctor visits that often. They even can be treated at home through telemedicine. Such Healthcare Software Solutions allow doctors to collect data in real time about their patients and adapt their treatment along the way. That leads to faster and better results in healing health conditions. Even more, establishing the diagnosis in the first place can become a more precise process, with all the segmentation, data and analysis that these new methods of doing Healthcare Software Development bring. We can have better drug management, hospital management, better medical device maintenance and an increase trust in the medical system that can be more reliable in this new context.
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The future of Healthcare Software Solutions: Blockchain
Piles of files, hours spent completing forms and searching through if you need an information – all these could be transformed into history with the merge of blockchain in the medical system, as an innovative Healthcare Software Solution. Patients data, logistic inventory and all the back-office management can all be brought in one place and administrated much simpler. Blockchain technology arises as one of the best Healthcare Software Solution to respond to the challenging medical field. The healthcare supply chain is complex and brings together pharmaceutical companies, distributors, manufacturers and has multiple transactions happening as we speak. All the could benefit from the blockchain tracking methods. Everything is recorded and validated, making the data transfer easier. The medical personnel enrollment and contracts can have a simplified process once the necessary data is uploaded in real time. Payments, and other financial transfers which are delicate matters can go from manual check to blockchain storage. The complex data regarding patients can be held in one place and distributed to third necessary parties while they can keep ownership of their personal data. Healthcare Software Development can take a big leap also regarding the need for compliance. The implementation of blockchain would help companies have a better control and track over audits, product recalls, tracking the distribution of products and so on. Even so, blockchain can’t be implemented overnight. Still, a good start can be made with small steps and with consideration for the entire ecosystem. This kind of change can impact not only the medical system, but all stakeholders of the healthcare infrastructure.
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