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The Life Sciences and Healthcare Software Solutions division has built its expertise in the past years around long-term collaborations with major companies in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly in the USA and Canada 

Shorter way from research to approval
In this time frame, we developed medical and healthcare software  products that simplify the clinical trial management system’s process for medicines, from research to approval, before reaching the consumer.

Clinical trial processes need optimization
The clinical trial market requires constant optimization. So our goal is to come up with healthcare software solutions that make the methods applied in research more efficient and effective. In other words, we strive to be ahead of the market’s needs and develop custom software solutions. As a result, this contributed to the successful completion of several large projects.

From complex projects to various apps
Although our path has unfolded mostly in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare software solutions for medical devices and specifically in clinical trial management system, we have also worked on projects that concern the entire health industry. For example, we can mention fitness apps, efficient patient monitoring system, as well as special applications that are crucial for the environment, like the responsible forest management app.

Healthcare software for the
biggest corporations in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Why AROBS for Life Sciences:

Industry Expertise
Working with large pharmaceutical corporations from the US has given us valuable market insight and expertise in important areas that concern the entire health industry. Thus, we can offer efficient healthcare software solutions based on the highest quality standards of the Food and Drug Administration Compliance and the best technologies applied to this domain.

Save time
Technical solutions can save a lot of time when it comes to complicated processes that imply a lot of data, like in the case of  a clinical trial management system.  As a result, developing a healthcare software solution that significantly reduces the time of complex processes leads to efficiency, faster results and competitive advantages on the market.

Save money
Furthermore, working with experts in healthcare software development will create the product that will be reducing the time-frame for long and complex processes results in the immediate drop of costs by important percentages. Meanwhile this favors new investments and opportunities in the industry, for your business.

Featured Products of healthcare software solutions we worked in:

1. Clinical Trial Management System
This is a customizable Food and Drug Administration compliant software used by manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in order to manage the large volumes of data generated during clinical trials. In short, its functionalities lead to the reduction of process time from the research point to the end-consumer by up to 75%.

2. Cancer Treatment Management
iPhone and Android app created to replace the classic medical record with a modern, smart system, specifically created for oncology patients. It generates treatment worksheets, calculates dosage, manages drug and supply inventories, monitors outcomes and alerts for critical indicators.

3. Responsible forest management software
The software offers cloud-based data, collaboration and workflow automation services to small and medium-sized forestry companies in Finland. In addition to that, the provided solutions improve efficiency and ensure better visibility and control, at each stage of the forest life-cycle, from forest to mill and from land acquisition to product delivery.

Healthcare software services development
Healthcare software services development

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While we were in lockdown in our homes last spring, others remained in the front line fighting with the situations. Among them, the life sciences companies deserved to be mentioned. Though economic problems were hanging over most industries and everybody was cutting costs to maintain balance, they did the opposite – they used their resources for research to facilitate the advancement of science and technology. That lead to obvious progress in producing vaccines and other innovations.

The evolution will continue in 2021 with probably more scientific breakthroughs, as Mike DeLone, US life sciences leader, Deloitte LLP writes in his article. Life Sciences companies have changed the way they create new drugs, and vaccines especially, reducing drastically the time assigned to clinical trials and the whole operational chain of placing them to the mass market. Other improvements were also made in manufacturing, testing, digital supply chains, and logistics. The pressure of the context has also accelerated the knowledge process that will create a new set-up for the years and decades ahead. The whole industry has developed a stronger position to future similar situations.

One of the most important changes continues to be virtual healthcare. Its potential continues to have an impact worldwide, now that people solve their primary health problems through online platforms or apps. It has the power to multiply the traditional healthcare systems’ capacities and open new business branches. Technology is a great support in improving care-management and creating a better experience for patients. This new unfolded path draws investors interest who are looking closely at tech companies that have the expertise to create new healthcare software solutions.

More on the topic here.

Piles of files, hours spent completing forms and searching through if you need an information – all these could be transformed into history with the merge of blockchain in the medical system, as an innovative Healthcare Software Solution.

Patients data, logistic inventory and all the back-office management can all be brought in one place and administrated much simpler. Blockchain technology arises as one of the best Healthcare Software Solution to respond to the challenging medical field.

The healthcare supply chain is complex and brings together pharmaceutical companies, distributors, manufacturers and has multiple transactions happening as we speak. All the could benefit from the blockchain tracking methods. Everything is recorded and validated, making the data transfer easier.

The medical personnel enrollment and contracts can have a simplified process once the necessary data is uploaded in real time. Payments, and other financial transfers which are delicate matters can go from manual check to blockchain storage.

The complex data regarding patients can be held in one place and distributed to third necessary parties while they can keep ownership of their personal data.

Healthcare Software projects can take a big leap also regarding the need for compliance. The implementation of blockchain would help companies have a better control and track over audits, product recalls, tracking the distribution of products and so on.

Even so, blockchain can’t be implemented overnight. Still, a good start can be made with small steps and with consideration for the entire ecosystem. This kind of change can impact not only the medical system, but all stakeholders of the healthcare infrastructure.


Since keeping distance is a must, many companies in the life sciences niche have developed innovative diagnostic tools for home use. The infrastructure for virtual healthcare was already in place when the world pandemic stroke, because trends for already predicting the increasing use of smart devices in healthcare. Easy access to online platforms and diagnostic tools, will make patients more open to monitor their health at home. According to a Deloitte survey, up to 42% of the respondents used in the last year healthcare software apps and devices to keep track of health issues.

In the process of consumers taking control over their health, there’s also the benefit of health equity. Virtual healthcare is now at the fingertips of a larger pool of people and it’s empowering them to act on concrete data. Though, there is still a challenge to overcome – integrating virtual healthcare into the old school medical data records.

At this point, Artificial intelligence (AI) is benefiting from a favorable context of being integrated into healthcare software. Its abilities of advanced analytics, automation, natural language processing play an important role in expanding the companies’ capabilities. However, its value is still underused. A better capitalization of it would mean integrating it at an organizational level, in all its departments. With all the processes digitized, it would be much easier to add AI for collecting information and making improvements.

More details about how healthcare software and smart devices change consumer behavior here.

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