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An intelligent home automation system or building monitoring system can considerably increase the life safety and efficiency so vital for having protected home and building environments. Therefore, developing intelligent IoT systems has become a core value that defines our more than 10 years of proficiency in finding the perfect solutions for our clients.

We remain connected to the human needs and strive to design and implement complex systems that respond to them. In addition to that, we integrate the latest technologies and our expertise into the process.

Thus, our projects include developing software applications and systems for clients worldwide, from USA, Finland, Italy, Germany, Canada.

We remain connected to the human needs and strive
to design and implement complex IoT systems that respond to them.

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Why AROBS for IoT systems:

Industry Expertise
We have a complex understanding of your needs and a comprehensive approach, due to our proficiency in the industry. Furthermore, w
e focus to meet the requirements by developing innovative, secure and efficient software solution that unfold around the user experience.


When it comes to the functionality of a home automation system or building monitoring system,  we design for your business, life safety and security. In other words, these are core priorities in the development process.

The IoT systems we create are intuitive, user friendly by using familiar language and interface with optimized processes. Nevertheless, although we have special expertise in home automation systems and building monitoring systems, we can provide software solutions that bring efficiency to various business models.

Featured Products:

1. Forestry platform
The platform provides a centralized management environment for the various functions of forest planning in a modern user interface. For instance, the software offers cloud-based data, collaboration and workflow automation services to small and medium-sized forestry companies in Finland. As a result, the solutions provided improve efficiency and provide better visibility and control at each stage of the forest life-cycle, from forest to mill and from land acquisition to product delivery.

It can also be used to update customer forest plans and forest stand data.

2. Intelligent thermostat
A downloadable application that enables you to control the temperature of your home from your smartphone with manual control, locally or remotely. It can manage several thermostats, even localized in different buildings due to the 
geolocation function; also it includes a replacement for the old thermostat.

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