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AROBS has extensive expertise in IoT systems: home automation system products, smart city, building monitoring system projects.

Developing IoT systems and Home automation system projects has become a core value that defines our more than 10 years of proficiency in IoT operating systems and in finding the perfect solutions for our clients.

Industry knowledge and software development teams
An intelligent home automation system or building monitoring system can considerably increase the life safety and efficiency so vital for having protected home and building environments. Therefore, 
developing intelligent IoT systems has become an important business objective for AROBS. With our industry knowledge and teams creating software for IoT your business can easily meet its goals. 

We remain connected to  human needs and strive to design and implement complex IoT systems that respond to them. In addition to that, we contribute to IoT Software projects with software developers working with the latest technologies as well as our industry expertise.

Clients in major countries
Thus, our projects include developing IoT Software projects – IoT operating systems for clients worldwide, including countries like
the USA, Finland, Italy, Germany, Canada.

We remain connected to human needs and strive
to design and implement complex IoT systems that respond to them.

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High expertise in IoT software, whether a home automation system project, building monitoring system or IoT operating systems

Why AROBS for IoT systems:

Industry Expertise
We have a complex understanding of your needs and a comprehensive approach, due to our proficiency in the industry of IoT software. Furthermore, w
e focus to meet the requirements by developing innovative, secure and efficient software solution that unfold around the user experience.


When it comes to the functionality of a home automation system, building monitoring system or any IoT operating systems,  we design for your business, life safety and security. In other words, these are core priorities in the development process.

The IoT systems we create are intuitive, user friendly by using familiar language and interface with optimized processes. Nevertheless, although we have special expertise in home automation systems and building monitoring systems, we can provide software solutions that bring efficiency to various business model

Featured Products and IoT systems:

1. Forestry platform
The platform provides a centralized management environment for the various functions of forest planning in a modern user interface. For instance, the software offers cloud-based data, collaboration and workflow automation services to small and medium-sized forestry companies in Finland. As a result, the solutions provided improve efficiency and provide better visibility and control at each stage of the forest life-cycle, from forest to mill and from land acquisition to product delivery.

It can also be used to update customer forest plans and forest stand data.

2. Intelligent thermostat
A downloadable application that enables you to control the temperature of your home from your smartphone with manual control, locally or remotely. It can manage several thermostats, even localized in different buildings due to the 
geolocation function; also it includes a replacement for the old thermostat.

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High expertise in IoT software, whether a home automation system project, building monitoring system or IoT operating systems

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IoT systems
Home automation system 1

If you believe that cities are busy today, simply wait. In only 15 decades, over 5 billion people will live in urban surroundings. As the urban growth boundaries are getting smaller, we are forced to think vertical. Vertical expansion is the answer to increasing urban density. Nowadays, about 3 billion individuals include the global middle class, accounting for two-thirds of the planet’s consumer spending. The middle class’s life has changed significantly, and they need public agencies and dwell lifestyles that consume more resources such as energy or water compared to individuals who reside in poverty.

To handle this extensive population growth and to improve life in the big cities, the IoT Software industry will help the cities to save money by reducing costs with energy consumption, spatial management through building monitoring system and home automation system.


IoT is wearable and mobile, developing a connected world by changing surrounding physical objects to an ecosystem of information which quickly changes the way people live.

With progress in connected technologies, the home automation system and the building monitoring system has changed considerably, and we can find exciting new programs that are becoming mainstream now. Smart home technology entails connecting all smart electronics and appliances in your house to a single home automation system.

The IoT operating systems affects all sides of individuals’ lives, and cars are no exception The upswing of linked and self-driving automobiles, controlled through intelligently crafted technologies, smartphones, Wi-Fi, and voice, is in full stream. The situations which were formerly seen as fiction are becoming a reality.

Aside from private life advantage, there are various ways in which IoT operating systems will help companies, factories, and individuals on the job.


Worldwide, there are 26 billion devices connected to the internet. We have to ask ourselves, are we responsible for the exponential explosion of Internet-connected machines? What exactly does this huge network imply from a safety standpoint? What are the related threats and risks of IoT systems and devices, surrounding everything from wearables into the industrial management systems supporting electricity grids?

Many of these devices are subject to malware software. We are starting to be more conscious of the fact that we must do something about this.  However, we are facing some technical challenges that must be overcome by the developers.

The IoT operating systems have the capacity to dramatically change our own lives. IoT systems are driving radical cultural and technological influences, transforming our present IT landscape.


Why is DevOps necessary in IoT Software projects?

The “always-on” character of the IoT systems signifies that organizations can always update applications based on opinions coming from connected devices. That is precisely what DevOps facilitates. But, DevOps automation is not only complementary to IoT operating systems, home automation system or building monitoring system but it is also crucial to its success.

It is easier to understand with an example. Now, if your car starts making a strange sound, you need to bring it into a repair shop. A mechanic will evaluate the car in an effort to find the place that sound comes from, and then decide how to resolve it and in the end, fix it. Compare this to a contemporary, highly instrumented vehicle with detectors throughout it along with a communications device that could send info to the repair shop or even to a mobile application. The car will alert you about the issue and also inform the repair shop so the mechanic knows exactly what the issue is and may have the part prepared.


Some predictions for IoT Software in 2020

The industry will focus on security. Over 26 billion devices are internet-connected. The IoT operating systems are already a target for hacking and the operators must take precautionary measures. Another focus point will be the IoT system implementation in manufacturing through sensors that can identify machinery issues. It will ease the work in factories. The trend in 2020 regarding AI and machine learning will be the integration of data streams leading to a better home automation system or building monitoring system. The cities will adopt the IoT operating systems because of its power to make it smart. By using IoT systems, the urban living will be improved socially, environmentally and financially.


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High expertise in IoT software, whether a home automation system project, building monitoring system or IoT operating systems

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