Why IT outsourcing with AROBS?

When considering an IT outsourcing in Romania project, either nearshore or offshore, AROBS could be the key to business success.

Within the last decade, Romania has been one of the main IT outsourcing countries of Eastern Europe and it is the home of top outsourcing software development companies. No global business can ignore the benefits related to outsourcing in Romania.

At least 5 very strong reasons for choosing AROBS for IT outsourcing

AROBS is on the IT outsourcing, offshore or nearshore, market for more than two decades and it is expanding since 1998. We started as an IT outsourcing company in its early years and became a reliable partner in offshore and nearshore software services projects.

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Overview of the benefits of IT outsourcing in Romania

Outsourcing in Romania is the main subject of the study released by Business Service Leaders in Romania and KPMG, which places Romania to the 1st place amongst mature outsourcing markets, with more than 265 companies. It has a motivated, well-trained workforce, very good foreign-language speakers and is competitive at costs. The cultural level is close to Western  European values. These are some of the main reasons for which the industry’s potential would be up to 300,000 employees.

Clients of outsourcing companies come mainly from the following sectors: banking, insurance, and financial services, technology and telecommunication, professional business services and industrial and consumer goods.

IT outsourcing

AROBS has 900+ highly-skilled professionals involved in IT outsourcing in Romania, offshore and nearshore projects

The 5 very strong reasons for choosing AROBS, one of the top outsourcing software development companies are:

1. 900+ Highly-skilled professionals

We are extremely fluent in an extensive range of technologies, therefore able to transform any idea into reality.

If you consider IT outsourcing in Romania, choose AROBS for its flexibility and its continuous care for training and creating a space for developing expertise.

2. We speak Global

AROBS team is English, French, German and Italian proficient. Efforts are continuously being made to offer diverse foreign language courses, from beginner to expert level.

Studies show that openness to new languages and cultures is one of the most attractive feature when looking for outsourcing software development companies.

Work with us, in nearshore and offshore IT projects

IT outsourcing in Romania

3. Open, less hierarchical, innovative – pure gold culture

Our culture is based on colleagues first! Being one of the top Romanian outsourcing software development companies, our culture reflects and sustains our thrive for perfection.

Growing people, thus growing specialists is part of the AROBS culture. Nevertheless, until reaching that point, keeping employees in your company is a continuous challenge when you compete in a global market of IT outsourcing and exquisite expertise in software services.

4. Quality of 20+ years from  IT Outsourcing projects in Romania

AROBS specialists continuously adapt to the requirements of the IT outsourcing sector, taking the next step from simple execution to offering extensive business expertise.

Therefore, outsourcing in Romania and outsourcing with AROBS, whether it is nearshore or offshore, offers global companies the source of cost-effective solutions.

5. Flourishing business environment: AROBS and IT outsourcing in Romania

AROBS is thriving in one of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe, ranking 7th in the EU, with over 21 million inhabitants. We grow and expand internationally, taking advantage of the flourishing Romanian business environment, that offers a solid ground for any project that considers IT outsourcing in Romania. 

Work with us, in nearshore and offshore IT projects

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About the global IT market - forecast - nearshore, offshore and on-shore

According to Statista’s IT Market Model Survey, the revenue of the global software market amounted to 481 billion U.S. dollars last year. This grows is unstoppable, because, today, everything is software.

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Why choose IT outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a part of the business process and business economics since 1989. It helps businesses to grow. It allows the employees to focus on other tasks leading to improved efficiency and productivity.
Do you want your company to be successful? Read the information below and see what you should look for when searching for the best IT outsourcing in Romania company.

First, we must define outsourcing. According to the mighty internet, the outsourcing definition is: Outsourcing is a business practice that implies hiring someone (a group, a team) outside the company to perform services or produce goods that were usually done in-house by the company’s employees.

• Cutting labor costs including salaries, equipment, technology, etc.
• The company can focus on the core aspects of the business
• The company has access to the expertise and knowledge of professionals
• Things are getting done fast
• Sharing the risks with the partnered company

IT outsourcing meaning is strictly related to the outsourcing definition. So, IT outsourcing means using outside service providers for IT-related business processes, infrastructure solutions for companies or application services. If a business needs help in creating an application or maybe just a website, it may subcontract the services offered by IT outsourcing companies to work on the project.

National outsourcing – this means working with a local (in the same country) service provider for the IT-related work needed

Nearshore outsourcing – to improve communication and travel, companies choose to utilize IT outsourcing companies’ services located in countries that share a border with their own

Offshore outsourcing — this means working together with businesses located in politically and economically stable countries, rather with lower prices and tax savings.

Typically, companies decide to outsource services such as software, application and web development, technical or application support, hardware or software infrastructure, telecommunication, data storage, data management, and a couple more.

A company can have many reasons to outsource but the most important can be associated with improving the companies’ focus, having control over the operational costs, increasing the efficiency for time-consuming jobs or sharing the risk with the partnered firm. This leads us to another question.

The first reason that comes to mind is cost reduction. By using outsourcing services, an organization can save money by not having to buy the equipment, it is provided by the IT outsourcing company. Labor is another important aspect. Normally, companies choose to work with enterprises located in countries where the workforce is less costly but still professional with expert-level knowledge and abilities.

If the company does not have the required workers to develop the necessary software or program in-house, the ideal solution would be to opt for an outsourcing company. This way, the business has access to specialist knowledge and expertise, and it does not have to pay for the instruction of its own employees. Fortunately, the IT companies can offer equipment and services at lower prices than an investment would demand.

For all the reasons mentioned before, outsourcing is the optimal solution for short to medium size projects. Rather than hiring new workers for a temporary job, a business should use the services offered by IT outsourcing companies.

Work with us, in nearshore and offshore IT projects

The advantages of IT Outsourcing in Romania: offshore or nearshore projects

  • Access to a global talent pool. IT Outsourcing, offshore or nearshore, allows you to reach professionals which could be in short supply or unavailable locally.
  • Ability to upscale and deploy quickly. You’ll have the ability to work with new customers and take on new projects without needing to spend time on the recruitment and training.
  • Uninterrupted workflow. Your business will function round the clock Because of the time gap between the in-house staff and the outsourcing vendor’s team
  • You get to enjoy considerable cost savings when you outsource to a country with lower manufacturing prices but be aware to always have the quality under control.
  • Considerable time savings. Once you partner with an IT outsourcing vendor, offshore or nearshore, you do not need to advertise for, interview, select, and train new in-house workers, all which can be quite time-consuming.

Types of IT Outsourcing

Aside from IT outsourcing (offshore or nearshore) types depending on the location of the outsourcing firm, in addition, there are a couple of outsourcing models that can explain the relationships between the customer and the IT outsourcing company.

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Work with us, in nearshore and offshore IT projects

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44-46, Henri Barbusse Street
Cluj-Napoca, 400616

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