MonePOS, contactless payment solution for mobility services

AROBS Transilvania Software has launched a contactless payment solution, MonePOS. Being an mPOS solution, MonePOS addresses the mobility industries such as taxi, courier, food delivery and more.

After 22 years of experience in technology and business optimization, AROBS Transilvania Software launches a contactless payment solution, MonePOS. The payment solution brings new elements on the Romanian market: MonePOS, a small device that interconnects directly with the charging systems and allows any payment in just 10 seconds. The product is already launched on the taxi market in Cluj-Napoca and in important urban centers in the country, in collaboration with one of the main banks in Romania, Banca Transilvania.

Cluj-Napoca is the first city in Romania to announce that starting with March 2021, taxis will have to be equipped with contactless equipment and payment solutions.

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MonePOS is already used by mobility service providers in several urban centers, especially in the taxi sector

In the last months, mobility solutions for payments became increasingly important, with a rapidly changing consumer perspective on the importance of contactless payments. In addition to the obvious benefits of protection and hygiene for operators and customers, MonePOS supports the complete digitization of operations for companies in several industries: passenger transport, taxi, FMCG, or any type of business in the distribution area.

The MonePOS solution is Visa and Mastercard certified.

What are the benefits of MonePOS?

  • Making contactless payments.
  • Any payment takes only 10 seconds.
  • Direct integration with other software and hardware solutions.
  • It’s a small device (MP200 from Castles Technologies).
  • Makes payment methods more efficient and flexible.
  • Mobile application easy to install and use.

Why is MonePOS different from other pos or mPOS on the market?

MonePOS integrates easily and quickly with other software or hardware solutions, eliminating the need for other intermediate devices.

The connection methods are diverse and adaptable:

  • Bluetooth,
  • WiFi or
  • USB cable.
modus operandi
Hardware and software solutions for payments
The power of a business lies in its adaptability. The harmonization of all the vital systems to work together determines a maximum profitability. For many companies, process efficiency begins with an integrated payment system.
Why do we need these solutions?
Integrated payment systems include both hardware and software solutions needed to accept payments safely and securely. Secure and reliable payments, that preserve the confidentiality and integrity of data, are essential to protect your business and customer trust. MonePOS encompasses both the hardware part that facilitates the transaction and the software part that ensures the security of payments.

Why MonePOS by AROBS?

MonePOS by AROBS is a new contactless payment solution, which consists in a direct interconnection of a POS device with the charging systems, through which any payment is made in just 10 seconds.

MonePOS is the modern and affordable solution that supports the process of complete digitization of operations in companies in various industries.

Our mission is to make innovation and the latest technologies available to companies that want to streamline and make payment methods more flexible. With MonePOS, users have a quick way to make any payments.

MonePOS for taxi companies

Nowadays, when health and safety  are key factors, many companies had to change the way they relate to business. Even if the POS card payment method was widely used before, the mobility solutions for payments were imposed especially during this period due to the urge to use the banknotes as little as possible. Thus, companies aligned themselves with this new trend, making card payment easier for customers.

At this time, there is no reason why the clients of a taxi company should not be able to pay for any trip with a credit card. Therefore, taxi companies must provide passengers with an integrated, private and secure way to pay for any journey by card.

Looking ahead, this simple way to pay for any trip can change the way travelers relate to taxi ride. Knowing that they can quickly pay for the trip, users will no longer spend time looking for cars available on taxi applications, but will simply take any car from the taxi stand and go where they need to.

The success of any business lies in customer satisfaction. Implementing a card payment system such as MonePOS by AROBS, offers a great opportunity. That of not wasting any more time, money and customers. With MonePOS any payment takes only 10 seconds.

MonePOS partners

The digitalization of processes in both private and public companies generated the need to develop products that facilitate the implementation of digital processes. MonePOS emerged as a result of the process of modernizing payment mobility solutions.

In collaboration with Banca Transilvania, AROBS created MonePOS solution, which can be used by service providers in many areas of activity.

Regarding mobility services such as taxis, the implementation of such a solution is easy and efficient. In any endeavor, strong partnerships are needed, based on trust and mutual help. AROBS has established partnerships with some of the most well-known taxi, assembly, and equipment manufacturers in Romania, SC Microwat SRL, SC ELITE LUX (The Good Cab), SC Altrix SRL, and Elitax – Selirom to facilitate the distribution and installation of MonePOS devices.



SC Microwat SRL



The Good Cab



SC Altrix SRL





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MonePOS application

MonePOS App

The MonePOS application can be easily downloaded to any phone or tablet. 

For any payment made through MonePOS, the application will issue a POS receipt and send it to the user by SMS or e-mail.

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While a point of sale or POS is a broad term, an mPOS simply means a mobile point of sale. These modern mobile solutions are designed to facilitate and simplify payments by using mobile devices to the detriment of fixed ones. Typically, mPOS systems are connected to traditional transaction peripherals, including credit card devices, receipt printers, taxis, or scanners.

Contactless payment systems consist of credit and debit cards, smart cards, including smartphones and other mobile devices, which use radio frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication, abbreviated NFC (eg Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, or any mobile banking application that supports contactless mode) for making secure payments. The chip and built-in antenna allow consumers to move their card, fob, or portable device over a card reader and pay. Contactless payments are actually made by the physical proximity of the card or devices to the card reader, as opposed to mPOS or mobile payments, which use mobile or WiFi networks and do not involve physical proximity.

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