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FastPath Automation and CoSo by AROBS will support your digital transformation by RPA adoption, by outsourcing, team extension and fully implemented UiPATH RPA projects. 

Our expertise in Robotic Process Automation

RPA outsourcing and resourcing will allow you to access highly skilled professionals, ready to develop any type of RPA project.

Whenever a company decides to reshape the business processes by implementing new technologies such as RPA, a question arises: Should you build your RPA team and develop in-house, or you should use RPA outsourcing and hire a software development team to create and implement the new processes?

If you choose to use RPA outsourcing for your RPA projects, you gain a lot of important advantages such as the possibility to access a huge talent pool of experienced developers, avoid extra costs and you get an efficient development and implementation. When you use RPA outsourcing and team extension, you will have time to focus on the core business, funneling your workforce to solve the strategic tasks that will certainly prove to be beneficial to your company.

Access to highly qualified RPA developers

Cost savings in the digital transformation process

Effective Robotic Process Automation 

RPA Resourcing & team extension

FastPath Automation for UiPATH projects


Are you new to RPA and in need of guidance?
Or you already are familiar with RPA and you want to scale up?

RPA outsourcing, resourcing and team extension

Our team consists of experienced and motivated RPA developers, with a passion for automation, many years of experience in development, and several successful RPA projects. Our RPA developers are UiPath certified.

The business analyst combines the process with RPA knowledge. A business analyst must understand the process, the business, and the technical requirements, in detail. Together with the SME (process expert) the RPA business analyst models the processes in detail and optimizes them if necessary. The RPA business analyst establishes which processes are suitable for automation and makes a detailed plan for the automation process.

Our RPA business analysts are UiPath certified and can help you with:

  • establishes whether a process is eligible of not for RPA.
  • in-depth analysis of the process and the applications used.
  • drawing up a Process Definition Document (PDD) and following it.
  • monitoring the RPA process

The RPA developer is responsible for designing, developing, and testing workflow automation. The RPA developer also offers support during the implementation of the RPA solution. The RPA developer works side by side with the business analyst to document all the processes involved in detail and assists the team in implementing, testing, and maintaining the RPA solution.

Our RPA developers are UiPath certified, and can help you with:

  • the development strategy and technical design.
  • interim and final code review.
  • drawing up a Process Design Instruction (PDI) and following it.
  • monitor and register changes

The RPA solution architect is the one who defines the architecture of the RPA solution and oversees it from start to finish. The solution architect supports both the development and implementation phases of the RPA solution. The solution architect selects the appropriate set of technology tools and functions and ensures that the RPA solution complies with the company’s guidelines.

Our RPA solution architects are UiPath certified and can help you with:

  • designing an RPA solution that can follow all the functional requirements and security and compliance requirements
  • fulfilling a bridging function between the business and IT

The RPA infrastructure specialist is mainly responsible for infrastructure support, for the installation of the necessary servers, and for technical support for troubleshooting. Together with the solution architect, this specialist also contributes to the completion of the RPA solution.

Our infrastructure specialists are UiPath certified.

The RPA administrator is responsible for the process once it is put into production. An RPA administrator is monitoring, alerting, and does the maintenance of the RPA project.

Our RPA administrators are UiPath Certified and can help you with:

  • identifying and solving problems that occurred in the RPA process.
  • drafting “changes” if necessary.
  • maintaining users (robot accounts) and changing credentials.
  • monitoring the process

The RPA project manager guarantees the quality of the RPA project and makes sure that everything is delivered on time, by working closely with the RPA team, the business, and the client.

Our project managers are UiPath certified, and can help you with:

  • drawing up and implementing the project’s plan.
  • testing the plan.
  • project consultation and communication.
  • monitor timeline and budget.
  • ensure that the right information is available for the project at the right time
  • ensure a timely and correct transfer of the RPA project to the client


Would you like to see where the opportunities lie in your organization and which business processes are eligible for RPA outsourcing?

With the free RPA consultation, we identify, qualify, and select based on criteria, such as volume, frequency, and error sensitivity, which process has the most RPA potential.


Developing and managing an RPA project can be quite a complex task. But not when you choose to completely outsource your project.

Doing this, our certified UiPath developers can develop, implement, and support the entire project.

You can just enjoy your brand-new software robots that can make any company thrive even in the hardest times.

FastPath Automation, specialized in UiPATH RPA

Robotic process automation is now the key focus of CoSo by AROBS; our Netherlands company launched its main business line in RPA – FastPath Automation.

With more than 27 years of experience in software development, CoSo by AROBS is highly skilled in the fields of process automation, TMS and many more. Our team of RPA experts in The Netherlands and Belgium are backed up by 900+ colleagues of extensive tech knowledge in Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Serbia.

CoSo by AROBS is active for more than 27 years in the field of automation software and it has growing expertise on RPA (Robotic Process Automation). The origin of the company lies in the field of technical automation, more specifically production automation.

Alpega, Emerson, BASF and Schneider are among the most important clients of CoSo by AROBS. Our office is in Ulvenhout (Breda-The Netherlands), with a subsidiary in Belgium.

FastPath Automation

We use UiPath RPA to put your business on the fastest lane to digital transformation

Find out more about Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation has its roots in company process automation. It’s a technology that permits the automation of these procedures throughout the setup of their own software.

Governed by business logic, Process Automation (RPA) is designed to carry out a huge selection of actions without any errors. An RPA program robot never gets tired. The robot can operate continuously with no fractures and it costs are very low.

Software Development – Tailor-made software solutions

Our developers will gladly grant their support to search for the best, tailor-made solution in business automation and further more.
We create software accessible from wherever you may roam. No internet connection needed.
We develop apps for mobile, iOS and Android devices.
Likewise, we will help you develop any stand-alone solution, either connected or not to existing systems.
Our software is based on modern design methods available in the Microsoft .NET environment.

Electronic Data Interchange
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standard for the electronic exchange of certain company documents: orders, accounts, certain messages or confirmations. This is an important aspect to be optimized for many businesses in the freight fleet management area.
Also, we are highly specialized in conversing different standards available for EDI.
A fixed rate package is available, on a yearly rate, for translation, regardless of the number of documents.

Successful projects by CoSo


MiCS (My Competence Score) is our market tested product, an application created for schools focused on children with special needs. In collaboration with a Dutch special school, we followed the precise necessities of the pupils and their teachers and in the end, we developed this solution. Moreover, MiCS managed to save that school by optimizing its activity as the exigences of the national ranking system and the other institutions threatened to close its doors.
As a result, MiCS will be the first educational software on this market that will ensure the communication among pupils, parents and teachers and it will insure online connection with the integrated national education reporting system.
The product will be marketed to the 125 special schools in the Netherlands and will be easily replicable at regional level.


Stagezuil matches students with companies for the identification of the perfect internship.
All available companies offering internships are shown on the map, allowing the students to filter on routes and other criteria.
The Stagezuil is able to operate independently, however it is also possible to operate it as an add-on of MiSC.

The TransWeb

TransWeb is a cloud-based solution for logistical service providers which, in collaboration with Wolters Kluwer TAS-TMS, makes your logistical operations available online.
Also, it gives customers the possibility to sign up transport files online.
The templates of your TransWeb documents are easily customizable.
Besides this, it allows extensive search options and insights on the status of every transport entry.
It is connected to Wolters Kluwer TAS-TMS with no other operations needed.

Work with us for your RPA projects!

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