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Travel Software and Hospitality DevOps Solutions

Travel Software and Hospitality Solutions business line of AROBS creates any type of custom travel industry software, from property management software to Hotel Channel Manager, from OTA software to corporate booking automation.

How can our IT professionals help your business?
Our Travel Software and Hospitality Solutions vertical brings high expertiseindustry knowledge and an innovative approach to your business. Combine our know-how and IT professionals with your business needs and deliver successful projects.

Clients in major countries

Therefore, the combination of industry know-how and technical skills helps us, AROBS, build strong, as well as, long-term partnerships with our customers. So far, we have designed and delivered end-to-end solutions – Travel software and hospitality solutions – for customers in the USA, France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands.

Over 18 years of industry know-how for your service
Based on our 18 years of experience in travel software and hospitality solutions we worked closely with our customers to understand their needs. As a result, we identified relevant solutions that will sustain their business strategy.

Working together, we create future-proof
travel software and hospitality solutions. These offer
performance, scalability, reliability, cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance for the new-normal travel.

Why AROBS for Travel Software & Hospitality Solutions

Our experience in travel software and hospitality solutions industry gives us a relevant overview about the market. In other words, we can envision how the future of travel software and hospitality will be shaped by technology. Furthermore, we put this powerful insight in the service of your business.

Custom business solutions
We gathered years of experience in working with top stakeholders in the industry. This gives us the power of innovation and creative mindset for the best, tailor-made solutions  for our client. If you are looking for Travel software and hospitality solutions experts, you will find them at AROBS. Our experience is extended over more than 18 years of custom projects on Property Management System, Hotel Channel Manager, OTA Software, Property Management Software, and many other.

Quality work
The success of our previous projects can be more than a guarantee for the quality of our work. Whether your business is an OTA software, Hotel Channel Manager, Hospitality solutions or Property Management System, AROBS helps you sustain, grow and, especially, scale your company. As a result, this will improve revenue, asset utilization and reduce costs.

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Our core capabilities are:

Property Management Software - Hospitality Solutions

This powerful property management system was created to solve hoteliers’ needs. The management tool offers a clear view of all the reservations, guest information, invoices and other specific operations. In other words, a Property Management Software is the ultimate solution for automatized hotel operations, maintaining all the information and efficiently optimizing room assignment. Furthermore, the Property Management System incorporates comprehensive features, being used worldwide by industry leaders.

Hotel Channel Manager for Hospitality solutions

Hotels require a channel manager to be able to develop online distribution strategy and hotel revenue optimization.
Due to a hotel channel manager that assigns the real-time inventory to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) – thru the OTA software-  and to the Global Distribution Systems, the costs and efforts of the workforce are minimized. For instance, a hotel channel manager allows hoteliers to administer rates and availability with a single real-time source. Consequently, it removes the demand for room allowance and manual arrangements on an individual channel basis.

Online Travel Agencies (OTA Software)

There is a need of adapting online travel agencies to the evolution of the market. The only way is by working with tailored travel software, in short OTA software. The travel industry has become a supply chain that has a high potential for growth opportunities. In order to sustain this evolution,  OTAs need to develop relevant travel technologies for the targeted market.

New Distribution Capability

NDC or New Distribution Capability is a concept for which AROBS is fully onboard, working on global sized projects already. It is sees as the most inportant global standard for the Travel software and hospitality solutions industry.

NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program (NDC Program) launched by IATA for the development and market adoption of a new, XML-based data transmission standard (NDC Standard). The NDC Standard enhances the capability of communications between airlines and travel agents. 

The program will enable the travel industry to transform the way air products are retailed to corporations, leisure and business travelers, by addressing the industry’s current distribution limitations: product differentiation and time-to-market, access to full and rich air content and finally, transparent shopping experience. 

Corporate booking automation

All travel businesses should consider booking automation due to the benefits that come with it. It is the next level in travel software and hospitality solutions. 

Automatizing corporate booking improves the communication with the guests and sets online distribution under control.


Any business that processes and transmits sensitive information, such as customers` credit card information, is highly recommended or even mandatory to have Data Security Standards. Due to this, we are continuously working on several projects that require PCI Compliance implementation. We acknowledged how important it is to offer our own expertise in cybersecurity and we decided that an essential next step was to train our own experts. 

Our security specialists in the Travel Services Department attended the Certified Ethical Hacker Training and became a Certified Ethical Hacker. This certification helps us identify and oversee vulnerabilities in a much simpler manner, so that the projects we are delivering are now more secure. As a result of our expertise, in the last 2 years we succeeded to achieve the PCI Compliance Certification for 3 of our projects. 

Any company that starts to work with Travel software and hospitality solutions needs to make sure that the customers sensitive data is well take care of, whether is Property Management Software, Hotel Channel Manager,   or OTA Software.

Read more about PCI Compliance Expertise.

Custom Hotel Channel Integration Software

We can interface your solution with any complementary service, whether they are global distribution systems, the Pegasus switch system, or ERP systems. Listed below is a brief excerpt of the integration services we have experience with: GDS, CRS, OTA Software, Property Management System, Hotel Channel Manager, Payment and Billing.

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Looking for experts in travel software and hospitality solutions?
Custom Hotel Channel Integration Software or Property Management System
Hotel Channel Manager or OTA software
Hotel booking solution
Case study

Travelport Hotelzon

Travelport Hotelzon is a leading corporate online hotel booking company offering booking services and hotel distribution technology to corporate clients, hotels and agency partners.

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Splendia, a luxury brand

“Thanks to AROBS’ commitment and their expertise on the travel industry, the platform they developed for us, Splendia, was acquired by Voyage Privé.”
Elie de Cogniac, Founder and Managing Director Splendia

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Case study

RentYourCrane : We truly recommend them

With 120 years of expertise in this business, our client needed an innovative solution for this industry, in terms of implementing an online renting platform and build a back-office application. Read more about the solution we build for them!

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Looking for experts in travel software and hospitality solutions?
Custom Hotel Channel Integration Software or Property Management System
Hotel Channel Manager or OTA software

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