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AROBS acquired UCMS Grup, opening a new bussines line based on the HR solutions markets. The acquisition is an important stage in AROBS Transilvania Software’s growth strategy, adding UCMS Romania’s two recognised HR products to its offering–True HR and dp-Payroll. One key aim for the company is further developing the customer experience for users of the products, in addition to enhancing response times during implementation and improving applications through state-of-the-art technologies. 

“We are delighted to be adding two recognised HR products to our offering, adding expertise, cementing growth and providing even better services and products for our clients. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our market position and product lines for international and domestic markets.”

Voicu Oprean, Founder and CEO of AROBS, said: Tweet

Digitize the entire recruitment process
with #TrueHR

True HR is a professional solution for human resources management and a recruitment software that covers the management of all the processes specific to this field: the recruitment, administration, evaluation, and training of employees, as well as the administration of timesheets or other processes, meant to support the activity of the human resources department.


The True HR application holds the following #modules:

You should use the application to: manage and record employee data; get standard, predefined, and ad-hoc reports; always on hand; record all the details regarding all the positions in the company;  has complex and complete management of the training processes; get scheduled warnings about upcoming events; help employees to fill their time sheets and to plan their days off; organize regular evaluation sessions, according to the company policy. 

True Employees Administration
It allows the verification and approval of certain requests such as leave requests, requests for overtime, contract changes, changes of personal data or requests for various certificates, while also providing you with a series of standard reports to make your work more efficient.
True Time & Attendance
It allows the collection and management of timekeeping data, exchange schedules, and work schedules. It also allows access to the attendance data of the employees in real-time, through a set of standard reports.
True Recruitment
It automatically saves the data of the candidates who upload their CV on the company website, as well as through specialized recruitment sites (ejobs, bestjobs).
True Training & Career Management
It elaborates on the plans of the personnel and professional development of the employees.
True Performance Management
It ensures the monitoring of the employee’s evaluation history and the definition of future development areas according to their results and performance.

dp–Payroll: payroll and reporting in one application

dp-Payroll is a professional solution for payroll management that covers the complete and efficient management of personal and contractual data about the employees. At the same time, it efficiently manages the organizational structure of the company, it collects, and it processes the attendance data.

The dp-Payroll application holds the following #modules:

Use dp-Payroll app to: create integrated reporting; automate the payment of employees’ salaries; plan and record the prepayment sessions; create a unified data consolidation database; manage the payment sessions within one month; generate the payment status of the employees; keep a coherent employees’ history; distribute the salary expenses to several cost centers;

dp-Standard Calculation
It ensures the functionalities needed for a company to ensure the monthly salary calculations and to send complete reports to the fiscal state authorities.
dp-NS Calculation
It allows negotiating the salaries of the employees and keeping their data, giving the employer the possibility to enter the net values negotiated directly in the application.
It supplies a complex reporting system, consisting of a set of predefined reports, but at the same time giving the user the possibility to define new ad-hoc ones.
It allows the generation of the monthly attendance files from all the units of organizational structure within which data is collected: units, teams, departments, cost centers and so on.
dp-Cost Center
It distributes the salary expenses to the cost centers.
dp-Financial Link
It allows the definition of the accounts planning, the formulas, and the specific accounting notes, as well as their generation and the export towards the accounting system.
dp-Financial Correction
It allows the definition of the accounts planning, the formulas, and the specific accounting notes, as well as their generation and the export towards the accounting system.
It will produce and export the file in the format requested by banks, through which the company transfers the salaries to the employees.
It allows the generation of export files, standing for electronic payments of the taxes of the employees and the employer, directly in the state’s budgetary payment accounts.
dp-Salary Retains
It defines all types of salary deductions needed.
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dp-Electronic Payslips (via e-mail)
It offers the possibility to send payslips to employees by email.
It allows the visualization of the complex information database and the unified version of the reports, in which the data about the payroll process is consolidated for all the managed companies.
dp-Complex Reports
It allows the automatic generation of a set of reports already created using dp-Reports and / or the automatic creation of charts based on system data.
dp-Advanced Payments
It allows the user to plan and record various advance payment sessions, depending on the salary policy of the company.
dp-Unified Declaration D112
The application allows the unification of the xml file related to the 112 declarations, generated either from other applications or from another dp-Payroll database, or from the file made available by the Fiscal Administration.
dp-Unified Declaration D205
The application allows the unification of the xml or rvs file related to the employees’ registers declaration, generated either from other applications, from another dp-Payroll database or from the file made available by ITM.

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