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Offshore Software Outsourcing. When and Why?

Going offshore rarely comes easy, as this decision has a myriad of consequences both at a company level and nationwide. While India is the number one destination for software outsourcing due to its resource availability and relatively low cost, countries from Eastern Europe become increasingly popular with companies in need of highly skilled specialists.

When would offshore software outsourcing to Romania be justified?

You might look towards Romania for offshore software outsourcing when you need a level of involvement that is atypical for Asian providers. The Romanian culture is far more similar to that from developed countries than the Indian one, for example. Our specialists feel no cultural pressure to follow guidelines blindly, even when it is obvious they would lead to failure. You might also want to choose Romania for the excellent software developers it produces in high numbers, its modern IT infrastructure, reliable security systems, and the excellent linguistic abilities of its software developers. The time zone difference and costs are the most sensitive issues mentioned by our prospects, but most of the times we can find ways to overcome them.


Why would AROBS Software be a good choice for offshore software outsourcing?

As a reputed IT company in Romania, AROBS provides access to a large pool of highly skilled developers, attracts fresh talent easier than many of its competitors, has perfected its procedures while dealing with hundreds of outsourcing projects over more than 15 years, can cover a wide area of industries, areas of applications, and technologies. Please visit the page for a more comprehensive list of reasons.



Nearshore Software Outsourcing to Romania. When and Why?


The answers to these questions are similar to those for offshore outsourcing with one major exception: the time zone difference, which is insignificant in nearshoring. Companies in Western Europe discovered in AROBS an attractive and reliable outsourcing partner and keep commissioning projects to us.