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AROBS Transilvania Software is European by birth, International by culture.

AROBS Transilvania Software is one of the most important software development companies in Romania

AROBS thrives as a custom software development company since our inception in 1998, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, combining excellent specialists with well-tuned, but flexible processes, in order to consistently deliver software development solutions and software products of top quality. The excellence of our services and the dedication shown by our specialists helped us establish strong, long term partnerships with hundreds of companies from all over the world. 

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Vehicle monitoring & fleet operations optimization

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AROBS Transilvania Software was born in 1998 in Cluj-Napoca and, today, it is one of the most important IT and software development companies in the country. It is expanding since 1998, as it started as an IT outsourcing company in its early years, in Romania. Today, AROBS has software development teams and offices in 7 countries, in Europe, America, and Asia.

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AROBS Transilvania Software – we are present in our Romanian offices in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Targu Mures, Iasi, Suceava, Baia Mare and Arad and in our international branches: Germany, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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AROBS Culture - Client and employee-centered

In over 20 years, AROBS Transilvania Software developed a culture based on a secret recipe that manages to focus on the client as much as on the employee. AROBS culture is now shared by over 950 employees and clients from over 14 countries.
Mixing software products and custom software development services transformed AROBS into a global company. At the same time, it managed to stay true to its roots that lead back to the heart of Transilvania, Cluj-Napoca.
Starting with its inception in the academic center of Romania, it combined leading technologies to maximize the value offered to the customer.
Today AROBS is leading the way stronger, faster, better, into the future – spreading the software-creating gene to Europe and beyond.

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AROBS Culture

Be a partner of AROBS in Custom Software Development and Software Products

AROBS is one of the most important software development companies in Romania, and it is expanding since 1998, as it started as an IT outsourcing business in its early years. Today, AROBS has software development teams and offices in 7 countries in Europe, America and Asia, and it owns several software products used by companies in Central Eastern Europe and Asia. mentions AROBS as one of the top software development companies in Romania, in its October 2019 review. The Manifest also writes about AROBS in the article Best 15 local custom software development companies.

AROBS is also included in a research made by, named Top Python, PHP and Java development Firms for June listed us as a trusted partner among software development companies.

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Our partners about AROBS

Long-term projects and collaborations are one of our greatest assets. We put energy and focus on each software development project, and we have achieved strong professional relationships with our collaborators since 1998. Our partnership brings value to both sides. Nevertheless, we are thankful for the knowledge we collected with each project, and we are privileged that some of our partners were open to give us their truthful opinion. Read more testimonials from our partners here.

Our expertise as a custom software development company

We have extensive and consistent expertise in software development and engineering for Automotive, Travel & Hospitality, Life Sciences, IoT, and Enterprise Solutions. Read more about our software services expertise and find out what clients say about our projects.

Our TechZones are:

  •  AI
  •  DevOPS
  •  ML
Software Development
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AROBS is your trusted partner among the global software development companies


  • Body & Security
  • Access Systems
  • ADAS, Multimedia
  • Telematics
  • Power Train
  • Gateways
  • Instrumentation, Toolset, Instrument and Clusters
  • Displays & Engineering Systems

Travel & Hospitality

  • Property Management Systems
  • Channel Manager
  • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
  • Corporate booking automation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Custom Hotel Channel Integration Software

IoT & Life Sciences


  • Pharma
  • IoT
  • Home Automation
  • Forestry
  • Document management

Enterprise solutions


  • Workforce Management
  • Event planning
  • Jobs platform
  • Payment tools
  • Agriculture

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AROBS is your trusted partner among the global software development companies​

AROBS: it started as a custom software development company, and it became the creator of market-leading software products

We have learned step by step and, often by mistake, what tools or applications we need to ensure our business’s stability. AROBS has grown in the Romanian business ecosystem, so we know precisely what a Romanian business needs to overcome difficult times and even prosper during challenges.

AROBS Innovation Hub holds a successful track record in handling projects for the private sector. Still, it also has extensive experience in delivering reliable municipal and national solutions to the public authorities in Romania.  Additionally, our Innovation Hub supports the education sector as well as the smart city concepts by digitizing existing processes and services. Read more about the Innovation Hub here

AROBS became among the most significant fleet management solutions provider in Eastern Europe, growing organically and by acquisitions.  TrackGPS is a complete management fleet solution, using a GPS System, special devices, and proprietary applications, enhanced during 13 years of experience.  The solution was designed to cover your fleet’s essential needs, providing vehicle information in real-time. 

SAS, one of the top fleet management solutions in Romania, is a part of AROBS Grup

AROBS acquired, in 2018, a company very well known in Romania for its fleet management system and solution – SAS Grup, headquartered in Bucharest.  More about SAS Grup – read on

Skyshield Hungary – part of the AROBS Grup

AROBS Pannonia, our Hungarian branch, acquired, in 2019, the company named Skyshield, with a solid client base, with an excellent fleet management solution, and impeccable services in fleet tracking.  

Our experience in business mobility solutions created Optimall SFA, an entire optimization suite. Optimall SFA covers the digitalization needs of over 300 Romanian companies, with modules supporting sales force automation, warehouse inventory management, TMS systems.

Launched in 2003, Optimall SFA Android has been the very first product AROBS launched for the Romanian market.  Since then, Optimall has developed six distinct solutions dedicated to manufacturing and distribution companies across ten industries.  These business mobility solutions are compatible and can be integrated with over 73 ERP systems. 

AROBS acquired UCMS Grup, opening a new business line based on the HR solutions markets.  AROBS Transilvania Software added UCMS Romania’s two recognized HR solutions to its offering – True HR and dp-Payroll.  One principal aim for the company is to further develop of the experience for the users of the products, besides enhancing response times during implementation and improving applications through state-of-the-art technologies.

UCMS Group Romania is active in the Romanian HR software market for 23 years. Our software solutions, True HR, and dp-Payroll are being used for more than 160 businesses. With time, the reliability of the two software products, True HR solutions, and dp-Payroll, has been continuously improved to meet the challenges of these businesses we are working with, such as banking, IT, medical services, productions, retail, and a lot more. 

AROBS established this line of business in 2008 at the launch of its own Smailo digital products distribution brand. Now, the Smailo portfolio comprises dashboard cameras, car radios, hands-free car kits, navigation systems, and much more.  Furthermore, the brand is in constant development, adapting to technological challenges and new market requirements.  The latest partnership of AROBS Distribution is with SONY.

AROBS Transilvania Software, a global player on the custom Software development market, took over the majority of stocks of SoftManager SRL Ploiesti. AROBS added to its software products portfolio, a new one – SoftManager CRM+.

SoftManager CRM+ is an Enterprise solutions product. Its acquisition by AROBS is an essential step that complements the expertise of more than 20 years in software development of the Cluj-based company.  SoftManager CRM+ has over 300 clients – companies involved in sales, medical services, constructions, warehouses, and other industries.  SoftManager CRM+ streamlines interactions between businesses and clients.

Robotic Process Automation is the leading business focus of CoSo by AROBS.   With more than 27 years of experience in software development and process automation, CoSo by AROBS is also specialized in UiPath RPA tools. Our team of RPA experts in The Netherlands and Belgium is backed up by 950+ colleagues with extensive software development knowledge in Romania, Moldova, Hungary, and Serbia. 

Alpega, Emerson, BASF, and Schneider are among the most valuable customers of CoSo by AROBS.  The headquarter is in Ulvenhout (Breda-The Netherlands), with a subsidiary in Belgium. 

AROBS thrives on the global software development market

In this thriving environment, here we are, not just another custom software development company. Our passion for technology and technological novelties, combined with sustained efforts to acquire new skills and align with market trends, turned AROBS into one of the leading players on the global IT outsourcing market and a reliable custom software development company for your project.

As stated in the Statista’s IT Market Model analysis, the worldwide software services business amounted to 481 billion U.S. dollars in 2018.
The analysis shows excellent potential for the entire IT community, but it also seems obvious, because everything is software, nowadays. Software is the new holistic element; it is in almost every device, from your kitchen to your office, your car. Would somebody be able to cut all these and live in a world with no technology?

The question arising in this conversation might be: where all this software is being made? We have a proposition: consider IT outsourcing with AROBS, a global custom software development company.

Since 2005, Romania is considered to be the most attractive IT outsourcing destination of Eastern Europe. The industries looking for software development companies should not exclude Romania from a market prospection.
Studies show that Romania is the most mature software development outsourcing market, with more than 265 companies – it has involved, well-trained personnel, exceptional foreign-language speakers and is viable as costs. The educational level is close to Western Europeans. The outsourcing industry potential would be at 300.000 employees.

Read more about our IT outsourcing expertise

The World Bank created The ease of doing business score, where economies are ranked on their ease of doing business, from 1–190. A high ease of doing business ranking means the regulatory environment is more conducive to the starting and operating a local firm. That was nice, finding out that New Zealand is No. 1 regarding the ease of doing business, but Romania has a very good ranking too, compared to the neighboring countries: 52.

In the EF English Proficiency Index studies, Romanians holds the 16th place in Europe. It is the de facto language of communication for all types of international exchanges—goods, services, and ideas. And so it is for IT outsourcing. English breaks down barriers, fosters international exchange, and exposes individuals to the broader world. The other 17% of the Romanian population speaks French.

Foreign language proficiency is a must when working for a  custom software development company. Therefore, AROBS has an ongoing training program for English, French and German learning.

The Outsourcing Review states that Romania has an IT headcount of 125.000. Annually, there are 17000 young IT related field graduates here.
Those are only a few of the benefits of working with Romanian software development companies. Romania offers a stable business environment, with well-cultured and prepared IT specialists and with thriving local business partners.

Software & IT Services in Romania – 2018 Edition, commissioned by ANIS Romania and conducted by Pierre Audoin Consultants, shows that taking into consideration the business of software development – the country will continue its growth with over 14% per year, reaching €6,880 billion in 2021. The total number of IT employees will reach 124 750 in 2021, and the study evaluates that the productivity per capita will be €55 150. Over 70% of the software development created here is for the global market, and this percent is to reach 80% in 2021.

Read more about our expertise as a custom software development company here .

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AROBS, a top custom software development company, always in the pursuit of quality

Europe is not a cheap area for software development, as compared with certain Asian countries. The global companies looking for partners for long term projects should consider the quality of the software development companies in Romania. 

You cannot ignore the potential of Romanian software development: more facts to help you decide.​

Technology is the crucial evolution driver for our country. The IT&C services area is forecasted to range to EUR 6.3 bn by 2020. The IT business represented 6.2 percent of its GDP in 2017 or $12.6 Billion, up from 5.5 percent in 2016. Since 2000 the IT sector has grown by 15-20 percent each year. 

One of the nation’s key strengths is the competitive costs of the workforce. Since 2013, IT’s salaries increased by 11.5 percent. Nonetheless, the salary of IT experts in Romania is over 50% lower than in Germany or the USA. Generally speaking, Romanian rates for software development are lower than in other European countries like the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland, or the Czech Republic.

Almost every custom software development company and the entire ecosystem offers an ever-growing complexity of skills, with lower labor costs than Western and Central Europe. Therefore, the country is up five ranks in the A.T Kearney Global Services Location Index for 2016, to position 13.

  • the best ratio for IT&C professionals per capita among CEE countries.
  • Approximately 20,000 companies are operating within the IT&C services domain, with over 100 large IT&C players.
  • Over 110,000 IT&C professionals and approx. 8,500 IT graduates per year and approx. 1,800 telco graduates.

Talent, as stated in a Brainspotting study, is spread among 12 cities, with four large hubs, two secondary and six small contenders for marginal talent, which are targeted more and more for either small operations or secondary centers. Although highly competitive and with higher labor costs, Bucharest has the best mix of skills and competencies and the most substantial number of IT&C talent.

Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, and Timisoara established themselves as talent hubs with good pipelines of graduates and a strong tradition in IT and Telco. Sibiu and Brasov come next – they provide 500 graduates per year and already accommodate large employers with teams of up to 100.

Craiova, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Galati, Constanta, and Targu-Mures have smaller talent pools but are becoming more attractive for employers who are looking to build small teams in less competitive cities.

AROBS has 7 Romanian offices, in Cluj-Napoca, Baia Mare, Arad, Suceava, Iași, Oradea and Târgu Mureș.

Furthermore, the government adopted a law on the taxation exemption for software development activities. This is a powerful incentive that triggers and supports the growth of the IT sector.

It also enables software development companies to supply competitive prices to their clients in Western Europe or the USA.

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Outsourced jobs run smoothly because of the flexible time zones. The Eastern European time zone is compatible with the Western one (maximum of two hours difference). The developers can also operate effectively with USA clients throughout the day (2-3 hours of overlap). Thus, a Romanian developer can work during Daytime with worldwide customers. The high-speed broadband internet ranked fourth worldwide is another crucial part that makes the process convenient.

Read what our clients say about our collaboration

Romania is also well known for its Internet infrastructure and quality. It ranked 5th in the world in 2018, with an average download speed of 38.6 Mb. To compare, the U.S ranked 20th, the U.K. 35th, and Germany 25th.

The IT infrastructure strongly supports the striving Romanian IT industry, formed by the numerous software development companies, both local and international.

It is effortless to get here with many flights from any major global city. Several international airports are present in the big cities (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, and Brasov, among others). Also, since the nation joined the European Union, traveling within its boundaries is simple. This keeps transportation costs low, reducing the prices of software outsourcing services in the long run.

The most important cities that are harboring AROBS, the Romanian born custom software development company, are very well connected with Western Europe and the Americas.

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Business optimization is one of the main goals of digitalization. Optimall was the first product designed for this and launched on the Romanian market by AROBS, at it’s very beginnings. Find out who are the people behind the project in the article.

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